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Introduction to Yog-1

(1) Yog is a particular time period which is made up two or more special occasions coming together jlointly, such as when there is Kaarttik Poornimaa, Krittikaa Nakshatra and it falls on Monday or Thursday, it is called Mahaa Kaarttikee Yog. Here there are three occasions which make up Mahaa Kaarttikee Yog - Kaarttik Poornimaa, Krittikaa Nakshatra and Monday or Thursday day - here unless these three occasions are not together Mahaa Kaarttikee Yog will not be there.

(2) In astrological and astronomical charts, when particular stars, planets and Nakshatra are in a particular fashion, then only there is a certain Yog, such as Raaj Yog, Sarvaarth Siddhi Yog etc

Yog are of two types of Yog in Indian astrology - Nitya Yog (see the List of all Nitya Yog) and Planetary Yog

Yog in Panchaang or Nitya Yog
These Yog are called Din Yog or Nitya Yog and they occur everyday because they are formed by angle-distance between the Sun and the Moon which is always there - day-in and day-out.

Yog is a part of Panchaang. In Jyotish these are 27 in number and come through out the month in a specific sequence. They are like Nakshatra which also come throughout the month in a specific sequence. In fact they are based on Nakshatra. As the Zodiac is 360 degrees and Yog are 27, each Yog takes 13.20' degrees. Naturally, when you are born, you are in one of these Yog. So this Yog is one data point that gives just a clue on the quality of the individual taking birth on this Earth.

Method of Calculation of Nitya Yog
The method of calculating of the Nitya Yog is --
Sun's Sidereal Longitude + Moon's Sidereal Longitude / 13.30' = The result quotient will tell which of the 27 Yog is active at that time.
For example if the quotient is less than 1, then the 1st Yog is active.
If both the Sun and the Moon are within 13.20' of each other -
The Sun is at 5 degree and the Moon is at 1 degree = (5 + 1) / 13.20' = .45, then it is Vish Kumbh Yog,

Method of Calculating the Sun and the Moon's Longitude
See in which Sign is the Sun or the Moon. Since every Sign is 30 degrees, for the Sun, if he is the 1st Sign, the longitude is the same, but if, for example he is in the 4th Sign, add 30 X 3 in the existing longitude (because 30 x 4 = 120 degree have already been crossed). For example if the Sun is 15 degree Gemini, and the Gemini Sign is the 3rd Sign, add 30 x 2 = 60 degree to existing 15 degrees, which means 75 degrees is the ,longitude of the Sun.

For calculating the Moon use the formula -
The Existing degree + 30 X the number of Signs behind the present Sign.
If the Moon is in Leo, there are 4 Signs behind it. otherwise add

Names of Nitya Yog
(1) Vish Kumbh,  (2) Preeti,  (3) Aayushmaan,  (4) Saubhaagya,  (5) Shobhan,  (6) Atigand,  (7) Sukarmaa,  (8) Dhriti,  (9) Shool,  (10) Gand, (11) Vriddhi,  (12) Dhruv,  (13) Vyaaghaat,  (14) Harshan,  (15) Vajra,  (16) Siddhi,  (17) Vyatipaat,  (18) Vareeyaan,  (19) Parigh,  (20) Shiv,  (21) Siddh,  (22) Sadya,  (23) Shubh,  (24) Shukla,  (25) Brahm,  (26) Indra,  (27) Vaidhritti. Thus one Yog stays for just a little over a day like Nakshatra.

The first Yog commences from Nakshtra Pushya (the 8th Nakshatra from Ashwinee).
This is the reason that we add to the sum of Moon and Sun , 93.20' to get the location of 1st Yog.
You have heard the saying that Jeev (Jupiter) was born in Pushya Nakshatra.
Jupiter (Jeev) is the combination of Sun (Aatmaa) + Moon (Manah).
Vish Kumbh means - Vish-Brahmand or Jagat + Kumbh is pot.
This is a good Yog -Those who are born in this Yog, according to "Maansaagaree"
Are beautiful, lucky, wise wealthy and knowledgeable"
On any Thursday, if Pushya Nakshatra is ruling, it is considered auspicious to commence new undertakings.
The knowledge of Yog gives immunity from diseases. The Kaark of all Yog is Jupiter and its Tattwa is "Aakaash".
The Lord of Yog are counted as per Vinshottaree Dashaa. Thus the Lord of the 1st Yog - Vish Kumbh Yog, is Saturn.
The Dashaa of a planet who is Yog-Pati (Lord of the Yog) in a nativity yields auspicious results if it is placed in good houses and sign.

Inauspicious Yog
The following 9 Yog are considered inauspicious - (1) Vish Kumbh,  (6) Atigand,  (9) Shool,  (10) Gand,  (13) Vyaaghaat,  (15) Vajra,  (17) Vyatipaat,  (19) Paridh,  (27) Vaidhriti.
These inauspicious Yog also give auspicious results. If you perform any maleficent act, then these Yog will give you good results. Therefore, you can reap benefits according to the Yog.

Vish Kumbh Yog - It is believed that if Vish Kumbh Yog is there the native suffers under 12th, 5th, 6th and 8th Lords' Mahaa Dashaa.

Nitya Yog and the characteristics of the natives born in them

Nitya Yog and Their Devtaa

Yog Lords of Yog
1 Vish Kumbh Yam
2 Preeti Indra
3 Aayushmaan Jal
4 Saubhaagya Sarp
5 Shobhanaa Agni
6 Atigand Soorya
7 Sukarmaa Bhoomi
8 Dhriti Rudra
9 Shool Brahmaa
10 Gand Varun
11 Vriddhi Ganesh
12 Dhruv Rudra
13 Vyaaghaat Kuber
14 Harshan Aditi
15 Vajra Vishwakarmaa
16 Siddhi Mitra
17 Vyateepaat Kaartikeya
18 Vareeyaan Saavitree
19 Parigh Kamalaa
20 Shiv Gauree
21 Siddh Ashwinee Kumaar
22 Sadya Pitar
23 Shubh Yam
24 Shukla Vishwedev
25 Brahm Chandramaa
26 Indra Brahmaa
27 Vaidhriti Guru

2. Other Types of Yog - Dridh and A-Dridh Yog and Their Remedies
Since Yog are already in the birth chart (Janm Kundalee), it means that one cannot change them. They are the status of our Karm. These are two types of Yog - Dridh and A-Dridh Yog. Dridh Yog can't be changed. Maximum, they can take remedies to manage it, like people take for High Blood Pressure; while for A-Dridh Yog, one can do more a surgery or artificial support can be given to give near of full functionality for the disabled. And in all cases, age, Yog, Bal (strength), Karm balance in the birth chart of the Native, any plus points added now or made worse in this life will finally change the outcome for any remedy. Jyotish is about hope, and not deterministic or fatal subject like all our Shaastra are based on Karm Siddhaant and its consequences. We can make some changes that is possible in our charts else why will we have a Vaalmeeki, Pundareek, Yogee Vemmana, Kabeer Daas, Soor Daas, Meeraa Baeei, Basheshwar ....  Shaastra have never claimed that one can repair beyond the scope of the Karm balance sheet (Jaatak). Because change, at times gives you the required strength to forbear adversities, than loose heart, confidence etc.

The injury and accidents can't be prevented if destined. By timely first aid you can bring the infections to some control till we get to a good doctor, hospital. the first aid kit doesn't fix it but prepares you to receive better aid later. For example, in Horaa Ratn Maalaa, Bhaagya Sookt Jap and Yantra are given; but that doesn't mean that a poor person or one with Daridra Yog by doing it will be a Bhaagyaadhipat, still it will clearly add a support, with the condition if Bhaagya Yog is present in a Jaatak, under some obstacle, or weak status. Similarly Santaan Yog, if the 2nd, 5th, and 9th Houses are afflicted to a mild level, remedies can work, just like assisted fertility or simple medication etc but if a clinic can claim that they can make a barmen or a women or with no chance for a child in a couple to have children, they too are misleading the people to make money.

An instance of previous Shankaraachaarya of Kaanchee, Chandrashekar Saraswati who was asked by his devotees of trying to help his Grihasth Aashram sister who was in utter poverty. He said - "No let her wash away all her bad Karm in this life only, her future is very good.

All hard times are fire place for our bad Karm to them burn away and make way for the good ones. There may be some instances where we may, out of emotional level, get carried away and do many things - to seek quick, short cuts and get caught with some frauds in the remedies line. any good astrologer who gives remedies will give you a mixed path of prayers routine and may also do a Hom or Havan or both if he does it on his own and leaves you with nothing else to do to clean your bad Karm then it is less likely that the remedies have come from a good person.

Vinay Jha says
Remedies do not work properly when the Yajamaan continues in his/her sinful ways and expects only the Pandit to wash his sins in exchange of some money.
Remedies do not work when the Pandit are inefficient or insincere.
Remedies do not work when the Yajamaan does not offer proper Dakshinaa without compelling the Pandit or astrologer to ask for it. Asking for a Dakshinaa reduces the power of Remedies, and absence of Dakshinaa kills the power of Remedies.

Inder Vohra says
When for a Native, his 1st House is closely linked to 9th House, for him such remedies and Parihaar and other super natural ways etc work in beautiful ways. Even simple prayers or Reiki etc also provide fast cure. But if the 1st House is closely connected with the 5th House, in that case Yoga and breathing exercises works very well. During transits also, if the 1st or 6th or 10th House etc come in contact with 5th and 9th or 11th Houses, with stars or sub linking , there is much relief from many problems. Linkage with 8th or 12th may aggravate the problems and native is likely to commit foolish or sinful works.

Leela Sastry says
A Dosh. when it is indicated in a chart, will also indicate in some cases that it is going to be redeemed by proper remedial measures or not. When Saturn or Raahu or Mars as the 8th or 12th Lords in Lagna or in the corresponding Bhaav do not show much promise in this respect ,except in the cases of Libra ,Taurus or Capricorn or Aquarius ----Saturn ---- for the former two (Libra and Taurus), being Yog Kaarak and for the latter two (Capricorn and Aquarius) being Lagnaadhipati and the same way Mars gives some relief as Yog Karak or Lagnaadhipati as the case may be for Cancer and Leo and Scorpio and Aries. Raahu is said to be the Kaarmik planet and acts according to its placement, ts aspects, associations etc. He is a catalyst. They say in case of one famous person, all had to face violent deaths in the family, because of the
curses incurred by the family, and they even though declined to accept in public their belief in astrology and remedial measures, had resorted to the remedies in private domain. Jupiter, when strong and is of Benefic nature  for a particular Lagna shows the fructification of the remedial measures.



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