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Chapter 74

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74-Worshipping Krishn and Shishupaal Vadh

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Hey Pareekshit, Now Raajaa Yudhishthir, with the consultation of Shree Krishn, selected and appointed worthy Braahman for Yagya. They were Shree Krishn Dwaipaayan Ved Vyaas Jee, Bharadwaaj, Sumantu, Gautam Rishi, Asit, Vashishth, Maharshi Chyavan, Rishi Kanv, Maitreya, Kavash, Trit, Vishwaamitra Jee, Vaamdev, Sumati, Jaimini, Kratu, Pail, Paraashar, Garg, Vaishampaayan, Atharvaa, Kashyap, Dhaumya, Parashuraam Jee, Shukraachaarya Jee, Aasuri, Veetihotra, Madhuchchhandaa, Veersen, and Akritvarn. Besides he invited  Dronaachaarya, Kripaachaarya, Dhritraashtra and his Duryodhan etc sons, and Mahaatmaa Vidur. All kinds of people came there to have a Darshan of that Yagya.

Ritwij Braahman initiated Yudhishthir by ploughing Yagya Bhoomi (land) by a gold plough. As all pots were made of gold in Varun Dev's Yagya, in the same way all pots were made of gold in Yudhishthir's Yagya too. On Yudhishthir's invitation Brahmaa Jee, Shankar Jee, Indra etc Lok-Paal, Siddh and Gandharv with their Gan, kings etc with their wives came there to take their share. Everybody agreed, without any objection, that Yudhishthir was doing right, because it was not a big thing for Bhagavaan Krishn. Juice of Som Lataa (creeper) was extracted. 

Now all were thinking that who would be worshipped first in this Yagya. When they could not reach on any conclusion, then Sahadev said - "Bhagavaan Shree Krishn is the only person worthy to be worshipped first, because the whole Universe is in Him, and He is in the whole Universe. He is Brahm. Therefore we should first worship only Him. By worshipping Him we will worship everybody together." Sahadev knew the glory of Shree Krishn, so after saying this he became silent. All agreed on this and Yudhishthir worshipped Bhagavaan first. He washed His feet with his wife, brothers and relations and then touched that water with his head. Then he offered Him yellow clothes and precious jewelry.

Shishupaal was also there and he was watching all this. It was crossing the limit of his tolerance hearing the qualities of Krishn, so at one point he got angry and stood up from his Aasan. He started abusing Krishn in the court itself - "Shruti are right to say that Kaal is Eeshwar and whatever you do, it does its own work. We have seen this here, that hearing immature people's suggestions, mature people also get confused. I agree that you are capable of selecting the person to be worshipped first, but Sahadev's suggestion is not agreeable that only Krishn is worthy of the first worship. So many Tapaswee, learned people, Maharshi etc are present here. They can even point out the mistakes also in Yagya, so leaving them aside, how this Gwaalaa (milkman) can be worthy of first worship. Neither He is of any Varn, nor Aashram, nor His family is very respectable. He does whatever He likes. You know that Raajaa Yayaati has given Shaap to His Vansh, therefore noble people have prohibited even His family." Shishupaal continued with his abuse, but Krishn also continued to listen to him quietly. Some people in the court didn't like his abuse to Krishn, so they went outside. Some took out their weapons to kill him.

But Shishupaal was not scared of anything. He also took out his sword and shield and called people for fight. Then Krishn rose from His Aasan and cut his neck with His Chakra. A light came out from Shishupaal's body and entered Krishn's body. Shishupaal's enmity had been increasing since his three lives and thus with this enmity he became the Paarshad of Bhagavaan. Then Yudhishthir gave Pushkal Dakshinaa to Ritwij etc and took bath.

After this Yudhishthir completed his Yagya. Krishn stayed there for a few months. Then with the permission of Yudhishthir, He came back to Dwaarakaa. Yudhishthir respected all other people also accordingly and they also left the palace happily. But Duryodhan could not tolerate Yudhishthir's wealth, fame and glory, because he was a black spot on his family. He was a rogue and was determined to destroy his family."



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