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Chapter 78-79

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78-Krishn Kills Dantavakra and Vidoorath and Balaraam Kills Soot Jee

Shuk Dev Jee said - "After Shishupaal, Shaalv and Paundrak were killed, foolish Dantavakra came alone there to take revenge of their killing. He had only one weapon - Gadaa. He was on foot and people saw that he was so mighty, that the land beneath him was shaking because of his load while he was walking on it. When Krishn saw him coming like this then Krishn also jumped out of His chariot and stopped him where he was. Dantavakra said - "It is good that you have come yourself in front of me. You are my Maamaa's son, therefore I should not kill you, but one, you have killed my friends, and two, you want to kill me too, so today I will kill you with my Gadaa." and he hit Him with his Gadaa. Krishn also hit him on his chest with His own Gadaa named "Kaumodakee". He started vomiting blood and in a few moments, he fell down lifeless. As it happened at the time of Shishupaal's death, it happened at this time also - that a light came out of Dantavakra's body and entered Krishn's body.

Dantavakra's brother's name was Vidoorath. He became very sad hearing his brother's death, so he also came with his sword and shield with the intention to kill Krishn, but He cut his neck also with His Chakra. Now after killing all these invincible people, He entered Dwaarakaa. There people of Dwaarakaa welcomed Him and prayed Him.

Once Balaraam Jee heard that Kaurav were preparing for a war with Paandav. He was indifferent and He did not want to fight from anybody's side, so he planned for Teerth Yaatraa (pilgrimage). He came to Prabhaas Kshetra, took bath, did Tarpan and fed Braahman. After that he went towards upward of Saraswatee River with a few Braahman. He went to Prithoodak, Bindusar, Tritkoop, Sudarshan Teerth, Vishaal Teerth, Brahm Teerth, Chakra Teereth and Poorv Vaahinee Saraswatee etc Teerth. Then he went to Naimish Aranya Teerth via Man Teerth on the banks of Yamunaa and Gangaa rivers. At that time many great Rishi were doing Satsang in Naimish Aranya. Seeing Balaraam Jee coming there, all Rishi got up from their Aasan and welcomed him and worshipped him. When he sat down on his Aasan, He saw Vyaas Jee's disciple Romharshan Jee sitting on Vyaas' seat. He got very angry to see this, because Romharshan Jee was of Soot caste and he neither stood up nor greeted him on his coming there. He said to himself - "This Romharshan, in spite of being of Pratilom caste is sitting on the Aasan above these learned Braahman, so this fool is worthy of death punishment. He has studied history, Puraan, Dharm as the disciple of Vyaas Jee but he does not have control on his mind." Thinking thus, he picked a straw of Kush and hit him with it. He died instantly. Well, it was destined like that.

As Soot Jee died, all Muni got sad. They said to Balaraam Jee, "Prabhu, You did a great A-Dharm. We gave him this seat and till this session ends, we gave him age also without any physical pain or sickness. Although you have unknowingly done this but it is like a Brahm Hatyaa (killing a Braahman). We know that you are Yogeshwar and even Ved cannot rule you, still we request you, that you have taken this Avataar for the welfare of people, so if you do the Praayashchit yourself, then people get this teaching from you."

Bhagavaan Balaraam Jee said - "I will definitely do the Praayashchit to educate people, therefore what is the best Praayashchit for this, please tell me that. Whatever you want to give this Soot - long life, strength, Indriya Shakti - tell me I will give everything to him with my Yog power. Rishi said - "Balaraam Jee, Do something like this that it should not waste your weapon and bravery and his death too and whatever Var we gave to him, they should be as they were." Balaraam Jee said - "Ved say that only soul is born as son, therefore Romharshan's son will tell you Puraan Kathaa in place of Romharshan. I give him long life, Indriya power and strength. Besides if you want anything else, tell me that too. I will fulfill your wish. The crime I have committed unknowingly, tell me its Praayashchit too."

Rishi said - "Balaraam Jee, There is one Daanav named Balval, Ilval's son, he comes on every mountain and spoils our session. You kill that sinner. This will be a great service to us. Then you go from one Teerth to another all around Bhaarat Varsh for 12 months. This will purify you."

79-Balaval Vadh and Balaraam's Teerth Yaatraa

Shuk Dev Jee said - "When the festival day came then a storm came, dust rain started, foul smell spread all over, dirty things started falling down from sky. After that the Daanav (Balaval) appeared carrying his Trishool. His size was enormous, complexion was black and hair was red. His face was was terrifying. Balaraam Jee called his Moosal and Hal. He pulled Balaval with the front part of his Hal and hit his Moosal on his head. He started vomiting blood and fell down and died. Braahman got very pleased and they gave many blessings to Balaraam Jee. They did his Abhishek, offered him Divine clothes and jewelry, a Vaijayantee Maalaa whose lotus flowers never faded.

Now Balaraam Jee came to Kaushikee River with Braahman, took bath there and went to that pond which is the source of Sarayoo River. Then he came to Prayaag Jee, there he took bath in Sangam, did Tarpan and went to Pulah Aashram. From there he went to Gandakee, Gomatee, and Vipaashaa Rivers, took bath in them and then came to Son River. There also he took bath and came to Gayaa. There he did Tarpan and went to Gangaa Saagar Sangam. Then he went to Mahendra Parvat and met Parashuraam Jee. Then he went to Godaavaree, Venaa, Pampaa and Bheemrathee Rivers. After that he did Swaamee Kaarttik Darshan and then he proceeded to Shree Shail to do Darshan of Mahaadev Jee. Then he did Darshan of the holiest place of Dravin Desh Venkataachal (Baalaa Jee). From there he went to Shree Rang Kshetra, via Kaamaakshee, Shiv Kaanchee, Vishnu Kaanchee and Kaaveree River. Bhagavann Vishnu is always present there in Shree Rang Kshetra.

Now he proceeded to Rishabh Parvat, Dakshin Mathuraa (it is not Mathuraa of UP) and Setubandh (Raameshwaram). There he donated 10,000 cows. He took bath in Kritmaalaa and Taamraparnee Rivers and went to Malaya Parvat (in Mysore). This Parvat is one of the seven Kul Parvat. There lives Agastya Muni, so he greeted him and went to Dakshin Samudra. There he did Darshan of Durgaa Devee in the form of Kanyaa Kumaaree.

After this he went to Phaalgun Teerth (Anant Shayan) and took bath in Panchaaps Ras Teerth. Here also he donated 10,000 cows. Now he came to Keral and Trigart Desh and then to Gokarn Teerth of Bhagavaan Shankar. Bhagavaan Shankar always lives here. Then he went to do Darshan of Aaryaa Devee in Chire Dweep. After that he went to Shoorpaarak Kshetra and later he went to Taapee, Payoshnee and Nirvindhyaa Rivers and took bath there. Then he came to Dandak Aranya (Dandak Van, where once Shree Raam was lived). Then he came to Narmadaa River. Maahishmatee Puree is situated at this holy river. There he took bath in Manu Teerth and came back to Prabhaas Kshetra. There he heard that many Kshatriya have been killed in Kaurav-Paandav war. He felt very light. The day Bheemsen and Duryodhan were fighting, the last day of fighting, he appeared there on that day.

Yudhishthir, Nakul, Sahadev, Krishn and Arjun greeted Balaraam Jee and stood silent. They were thinking as what he was going to say. At that time Bheem and Duryodhan were busy in a dual Gadaa fight, so he said - "Raajaa Duryodhan and Bheem, both of you are brave and both of you are equally mighty, but I understand Bheem is mightier than Duryodhan, but Duryodhan has more training in Gadaa-Yuddh. Therefore anyone of you does not seem to be defeated soon. Therefore now you stop fighting." Balaraam Jee's advice was good for both, but both did not follow his advice. Balaraam Jee thought that that is their destiny, so he came back to Dwaarakaa.

Everybody welcomed him in Dwaarakaa. He again went to Naimish Aranya Kshetra. There he did many types of Yagya with the help of those Braahman. Whatsoever Yagya are, all are parts of Balaraam Jee. Then he delivered the knowledge of Tattwa to those Braahman. Later he took Yagyaant Snaan (bath at the end of the Yagya) with his wife Revatee. Bhagavaan Balaraam himself is Anant. His form is beyond mind and speech."



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