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Chapter 58

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58-Other Marriages of Shree Krishn

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Pareekshit, Now it was known to everybody that Paandav were not burned in Laakshaa Grih. So once Krishn went to see them in Indraprasth. Saatyaki etc other Yadu Vanshee were also with Him. When Paandav saw them, they became lively and stood up to welcome Him. Krishn bowed to Yudhishthir and Bheem and hugged Arjun, and Nakul and Sahadev bowed to Shree Krishn. When Krishn sat on His Aasan, then came Draupadee and bowed to Him. Paandav treated Saatyaki like Shree Krishn. Krishn went to see Kuntee also. They both exchanged each other's welfare. Kuntee said - "Krishn, when you sent Akroor Jee to ask our welfare, we felt that somebody is there who is taking care of us." Yudhishthir said - "We don't know what good deeds we have done in this life or in our previous lives. Your Darshan are difficult even to great Yogee, but we do it here only sitting at home." and requested Him to stay there for some time. Krishn stayed there for four months of rainy season.

Once Arjun rode on his chariot with the flag marked with monkey figure (Hanumaan Jee) with Shree Krishn with his Gaandeev bow and two ever-full arrow boxes and went to a dense forest. There he killed several animals. Among them whichever were worthy of Yagya were taken to Yudhishthir. Arjun got thirsty so he drank water from Yamunaa River and saw a beautiful young woman doing Tapasyaa on its bank. Arjun asked her - "O Beautiful, Who are you? Where have you come from? And what do you want to do? It seems that you are looking for a husband. Tell us everything." She was Kaalindee, she said - "I am the daughter of Bhagavaan Soorya. And I wish Vishnu as my husband, that is why I am doing this intense Tapasyaa. Arjun, I cannot choose any other except Lakshmee Jee's Bhagavaan. Be Krishn please with me. My name is Kaalindee. My father Soorya has built a palace for me in the  waters of Yamunaa. I live there. I will stay here until I do Darshan of Bhagavaan." Arjun told everything to Krishn. Krishn knew everything before. He asked her to sit on the chariot and brought her to Yudhishthir.

On the request of Paandav, Shree Krishn asked Vishwakarmaa to build a city with wonders for Paandav to live. This time Krishn lived there for a longer period. During this period, He became Saarathee of Arjun to hand over Khaandav Van to Agni Dev. Agni Dev became very happy to get the food of Khaandav Van. He gave Gaandeev bow, four white horses, one chariot, two ever-full quivers and an unbreakable Kavach (armor) to Arjun. When Khaandav Van was burning, Arjun saved Maya Daanav from burning in it, therefore he became the friend of Arjun and he built a wonderful Court for Paandav. Duryodhan got confused with water to floor and floor to water in the same court.

After some time Krishn returned to Dwaarakaa. There He married Kaalindee in an auspicious Muhoort. Vind and Anuvind were the kings of Avantee (Ujjain). They were in Duryodhan's Vansh. Their sister Mitravindaa wanted Shree Krishn as her husband, but Vind and Anuvind didn't want this. Mitravindaa was the daughter of Raajaadhidevee - Krishn's father Vasudev's another sister. So Krishn kidnapped her from a court full of kings and nobody could do anything. 

Nagnjit was the King of Koshal Desh (Ayodhyaa). His daughter's name was Satyaa, but she was more popularly known as Naagnjitee. This King had a condition that whoever will put the rope in all the seven bullocks together he will marry his daughter to him, but nobody could do this so far, so nobody could marry her. Because the bulls' horns were very sharp and they could not tolerate any man's scent. When Krishn came to know this, He arrived there with a large army. When Naagnjitee saw Him, she just wished that Krishn should be her husband. Nagnjit welcomed Him, worshipped Him and asked - "What can I do for you?" Krishn said - "A Kshatriya who acts according to his Dharm, should not ask for anything, still to develop relationship, I ask for your daughter and we do not have a custom to give anything to you in exchange of that."

Nagnjit said - "You are the most appropriate husband for my daughter, but we have put a condition long before. We have these seven bullocks which are untrained. They have hurt many princes. One has to put the rope in their nose." So He took the rope and within seconds He put the rope in their nose. So Nagnjit married his daughter to Him. He gave 10,000 cows and 3,000 young maid-servants with beautiful clothes and gold necklaces in dowry. Besides he gave 9,000 elephants, 900,000 chariots, 90 million horses and 9 billion servants also in dowry. Many kings were defeated by this marriage so they came to fight with Krishn on the way. Arjun helped Krishn through his Gaandeev, and they came to Dwaarakaa happily.

Krishn's another aunt (Vasudev's sister) Shrutkeerti was married to the King of Kaikaya Desh. Her daughter's name was Bhadraa. Her brothers Santardan etc gave her to Krishn themselves. King of Madra Pradesh had a daughter named Lakshmanaa. Krishn kidnapped her from the Swayamvar as Garud brought Amrit from Swarg. Shree Krishn had thousands of other wives also besides them. They were the prisoners of Bhaumaasur and Krishn got them released. [They all wanted to be Krishn's wives so Krishn married them.]"



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