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Chapters 20-23



20-Vaaman Measures Two Feet Land

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Raajaa Bali said - "Hey Guru, You have advised me rightly. A Grihasth's Dharm is the same by which the four objectives of life - Dharm, Arth, Kaam and Moksh are not disturbed, but I am the grandson of Prahlaad and have vowed once to give something to this Braahman. Now I cannot say "No" to Him just because of my greed. Prithvi says, "There is no A-Dharm greater than a lie.",  so I can bear everything but I cannot bear the burden of a lie. I am not afraid of Narak (Hell), poverty, sorrows, loss of kingdom, even death as much I am afraid of deceiving a Braahman. Whatever things leave this body's company, such as wealth etc, after the death, if those things cannot make a Braahman happy then what is the use of those things? Dadheechi, Shibi [see their biographies] etc have done good to others even by giving their lives, then what is this Prithvi? He is the same to whom you worship with great respect. So whoever He is, I will surely donate His desired thing to Him. So even if He, in spite of being my innocence, ties me by A-Dharm then also I cannot not wish Him harm. Because in spite of being my enemy, He has come to me in disguise of a Braahman being afraid of me. If He is Vishnu, He would not like to lose His fame, besides He will otherwise also take His desired thing. He could have even killed me in fight and take Prithvi from me otherwise; and if He is not Vishnu then I will kill Him."

Guru had made out that Bali would not obey me, so he gave him Shaap - "O Fool, Although you are ignorant, but you think yourself very learned. You are disobeying me therefore you will lose all your wealth." Raajaa Bali was a very stable and religious person. He did not get scared of his Guru's Shaap. He worshipped Vaamaan Bhagavaan and read Sankalp of three feet land to give to Him. At that time his wife Vindhyaavalee came there and gave a golden Kalash (pitcher) to wash Vaaman's feet. Bali washed His feet and touched that water with his forehead. All Devtaa, Gandharv, Siddh etc admired him for this action that he gave Tri-Lok to Vaaman Bhagavaan, knowingly fully well that He was his enemy.

Now Vaaman started expanding His body so much so that, Prithvi, sky, directions, Swarg, Paataal everything was now in His body. Bali also saw this Roop with other Braahman. All Daitya got afraid to see Bhagavaan's this Roop. Then He measured Prithvi with His one foot, Swarg with His second foot, and the sky was covered with His body. Now Bali had nothing to give Him to set His third foot. Bhagavaan's second foot reached up to Satya Lok through Mahar Lok, Jan Lok and Tap Lok."

21-Tying Bali With Varun Paash

Shuk Dev Jee said - "When Bhagavaan's foot reached up to Satya Lok, light became dim there and Brahmaa Jee himself also could not see any thing in the light of Vaaman Bhagavaan's foot's nails. Mareechi, Sanakaadi Muni etc Rishi welcomed His foot, Brahmaa Jee worshipped it, washed it, and prayed it. The same water which Brahmaa Jee used to wash Bhagavaan's foot flowed as Gangaa River. When Bhagavaan shortened His Swaroop a bit then Brahmaa Jee and his Lokpaal offered Him some gifts. Riksh Raaj (King of bears) Jaambvaan announced Bhagavaan's victory in all directions.

Daitya noticed that Vaaman had snatched the whole Prithvi by asking only three feet land. They talked among themselves - "This is not a Braahman, this is Vishnu, let us kill Him." So they picked their weapons and got ready to attack Him. When Bhagavaan's Paarshad (Nand, Sunand, Jaya, Vijaya, Bal, Prabal, Kumud, Kumudaaksh, Vishwaksen, Garud, Jayant (Indra's son), Shrut Dev, Pushpdant and Saatwat - they are very powerful like 10,000 elephants' power each) saw Daitya coming towards Bhagavaan, they stopped them and started killing them. Then Bali had to intervene and he stopped his people addressing Viprachitti, Raahu, Nemi etc, and said - "Kaal has the power to make people happy or sad. He cannot be won by any means - power, minister, intelligence, forts, Mantra, medicines etc. He gave us victory before, now he is giving us defeat, so accept it." Hearing this Daitya left for Rasaatal.

Then Garud tied Bali with Varun Paash. At this people felt very sorry for Bali, but since Bali's understanding was in order, people were praising him. Bhagavaan said - "Hey Asur,  You promised me to give me three feet land, you have given me only two feet land, now give me the third foot land. Your Guru had already warned you for this, so now you go to Narak because you have not fulfilled your promise."

22-Bali's Prayer and Bhagavaan is Pleased

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Bhagavaan insulted Bali to make him impatient but Bali was a very stable and religious person and his understanding was superb, so he said - "Hey Bhagavaan, You are thinking that I am lying, but it is not so. I will fulfill my promise. Kindly keep your third foot on my head. I am afraid of neither going to Narak, nor losing my kingdom, nor of tying me with Varun Paash, nor of your punishment. I am only afraid of your defame. You are our secret Guru whose punishment is very respectful. My grandfather chose you only, in spite of knowing that you are the killer of his relatives and friends, because he knew that after death everything else abandons us except you." Bali was saying thus that Prahlaad also arrived there. Because of being tied Raajaa Bali could not welcome him as he used to do before. He lowered his eyes because of shame. He greeted him only by bending his head. Prahlaad saw Bhagavaan present there with His Paarshad.

Prahlaad said - "Hey Bhagavaan, Only you gave Bali Indra's status, and today you have taken it away. As your giving is beautiful, so is your taking away. It is good that you have taken away this wealth from him. Because of the pride of this wealth, even the learned people become greedy." Brahmaa Jee wanted to say something to Bhagavaan in front of Prahlaad, then Bali's wife Vindhyaavalee greeted Bhagavaan by bowing at His feet. She said - "Hey Prabhu, You have created this world for your pleasure. Who think that they are the doers, do not have a good wisdom. What can they give to you?" Brahmaa Jee said - "Hey Prabhu, You have already taken his everything, now you free him, he is not worthy of your punishment. While giving you his wealth, he maintained his understanding and he did not forget his Dharm. Who worships you even with a leaf, or offers only water on your feet, you give him a higher Gati. Then Bali has given you all his Tri-Lok, then how can he be assigned sorrows?"

Bhagavaan said - "When I am pleased with somebody, I take away his wealth, because when man becomes mad after wealth, he disrespects me. This Jeev takes birth in many Yoni according to his Karm. He gets the Manushya Yoni (human being body) with great difficulty. In Manushya Yoni, if somebody is not proud of his nobleness, Karm, status, Roop (beauty), Vidyaa (education) etc then he should be grateful to me. This Bali will expand the fame of Daitya and Daanav Vansh. You can see, that he is not moved with all these things - I took his wealth, I took away his kingdom, I tied him with Varun Paash, even his Guru scolded for vowing to give me three feet land and gave him Shaap, but he did not change his vow. Therefore I have given him that status which is not available even to Devtaa. He will be my dear devotee Indra in Saavarni Manvantar. Till then he will live in Sutal Lok created by Vishwakarmaa. There he will not feel any kind of illness, physical or mental; or tiredness; or defeat etc. Mahaaraaj Indrasen, Be happy, now you go to Sutal Lok with your relatives and friends. Even Devtaa desire that Lok. Even the great Lokpaal will not be able to defeat you. Whosoever Daitya will not obey you, my Chakra (Divine disc) will kill him. I will guard your servants and pleasures and you will never feel any Daitya Prakriti (nature) in yourself."

23-Bali Goes to Sutal Lok

Shuk dev Jee said - "Hearing this Bali got tears in his eyes. He said - "Prabhu, I did not even bow to you properly. I only tried to bow to you and then I got so much as you give to your devotee. You did not favor anybody as you did to me." As Bali said this he got untied from Varun Paash. Then he bowed to Brahmaa Jee and Shankar Jee and went to Sutal Lok. Thus Bhagavaan took the Swarg from Bali and gave it to Indra. When Prahlaad saw that my descendent is free now, he also got very happy and prayed Bhagavaan. - "Even Brahmaa Jee, Lakshmee Jee or Shankar Jee did not get such Prasaad. All pray to your feet, you are the guard of Asur's city." Bhagavaan said - "Son Prahlaad, Now you also go to Sutal Lok and live there comfortably. You will see me there daily with Gadaa. And my this continuous Darshan will free you from all Karm bondage." Prahlaad Jee also went to Sutal Lok. Shree Hari asked Shukraachaarya Jee to complete the incomplete Yagya.

Shukraachaarya Jee said - "Hey Bhagavan, Who has offered you all his Karm, his Karm cannot be at any fault. Because all faults - of Mantra, of place, of Kaal (time), of Paatra, of things - get corrected by pronouncing your name. Still I will complete the Yagya to obey you." Brahmaa Jee appointed Vaaman Bhagavaan as Upendra. Indra took Him to Swarg. So Hey Pareekshit, I have told you only Bhagavaan's one Leelaa. His Leelaa are numerous. His glory is limitless. Whosoever wants to know all, it is like counting all the Paramaanu on Earth. Maharshi Vashishth says in Ved that such a man has never been, is not there, and will never be."



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