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The two great epics of Hindu religion - Raamaayan and Mahaabhaarat, and one Mahaa Puraan Bhaagvat Puraan contain hundreds of names and their stories, but many a time some other information is also available at other places about them. It is very difficult for a person to assimilate all information about one character at one place. The objective of this document is to present all possible information about one character scattered at several places, at one place to facilitate the reader to find everything about him or her at one place. I earnestly hope that this source will provide useful and rare information to our readers.

There is already a section entitled Names under Religious Dictionary in which more than a 1,000 names are given, so technically there was no need to create this section, but this section is quite different from that "Names" section. This section gives very detailed information about many personalities and to acquire a good knowledge about the personality. All the names are arranged here alphabetically.

About Raakshas

Raakshas, Daitya, Daanav and Asur - although all the four terms are slightly different in their meanings but they are used interchangeably in Hindu mythological literature. Surprisingly enough Asur and Devtaa are half brothers. Both are the children of Maharshi Kashyap. Raakshas are Diti's children and Devtaa are Aditi's children. Being the children of Diti they were called Daitya. Since all Daitya were cruel, they were counted in the category of Asur or Raakshas. Raakshas are not always necessarily born in Raakshas or Daitya families, many Raakshas are the children of great sages also, but they do mean that they are bad by their Karm (actions) and hurt others.

Hindu Mythological literature is full of names of Raakshas. These Raakshas have always been the enemy of Devtaa and have always been fighting with them to take Devtaa's kingdom - Swarg (Heaven). Although Devtaa are good and and Raakshas are bad, but practically the good always doesn't win. Some Raakshas were so good that they became extremely powerful after getting extraordinary Var from Bhagavaan through their Tap that even Indra could not defeat them, or kill them, so they continually troubled Devtaa. Because of their troubles, Indra had to take help of Vishnu to kill them. In this process, Vishnu had to incarnate on Earth several times to kill them and to free Devtaa from their fear.

These Raakshas are so many that one may find difficult to keep track of all of them.
A separate list of Raakshas has been prepared to list all Raakshas names together.

About Rishi

There are five terms used for Rishi - Muni, Rishi, Maharshi, Devarshi, Raajarshi and Brahmarshi. All terms have their specific meanings as they are assigned to their specific progress levels -
Muni - Who has done Manan (thinking) on Bhagvaan, he is called Muni - this is the lowest level among all the spiritual levels.
Rishi - Who sees something special divine, he is called Rishi
Maharshi - Mahaa + Rishi
Devarshi - Dev + Rishi. Whoever Devtaa has the Rishi like qualities, he is called Devarshi. Only one Devarshi is known, that is Naarad Jee.
Raajarshi - Raajaa + Rishi. Whoever Raajaa (king) has Rishi like qualities, he is called Raajarshi. Most common name of a Raajarshi is Raajaa Janak - Seetaa's father.
Brahmarshi - Brahm + Rishi. Whoever Rishi has known Brahm, he is called as Brahmarshi. There are many Brahmarshi, but Vishwaamitra's story is famous as how he became Brahmarshi.

Among these terms normally Devarshi, Raajarshi and Brahmarshi are used specifically; while Rishi, Muni, Maharshi are used interchangeably.

All Braahman Rishi (except Raajarshi) are born from Brahmaa Jee. Brahmaa Jee, in the beginning had 10 Maanas Putra (sons from his intention) and they all were Rishi. All other Rishi are their children.
A separate list of Rishi has been prepared for all the Rishi, Maharshi etc.

About This Source

(1) Its sources for names are Tulasee's Raam Charit Maanas, Vaalmeeki Raamaayan, Mahaabhaarat, and Bhaagvat and other Puraan, and Upanishad.

(2) This work uses mainly two Raamaayan - Vaalmeeki Raamaayan and Tulasee's Raam Charit Maanas, Bhaagvat Puraan and Mahaabhaarat. Wherever it has been possible, references are made to clear the place from where that particular information has been taken. Vaalmeeki Raamaayan has been referred as "Raamaayan" or "V-Raamaayan" and Tulasee's Maanas has been referred to as "Maanas". Mahaabhaarat has been referred to as "MBH", other sources being referred to as they are named.

(3) Most entries are cross-referenced.

(4) Normally the whole text uses only one color but sometimes some comments are also provided for. Those comments are given under the heading "My Note" and are in Green color.

A-J, K-M, N-S, T-Z - All entries have been given on these pages. Where the entries are long, they are given on individual pages.

List of Names by Category - The list of the names of whose detailed biographies are given here, are listed here by category -
(1) Men or Kings; (2) Women;  (3) Devtaa;  (4) Daitya;  (5) Rishi;  and  (6) Others (Rivers, Monkeys etc)

Raakshas - Raakshas are so many that a new folder has been prepared for them. Check it out. It lists almost all the Raakshas or Daitya, or Asur with detailed, or short or none description.

Rishi - Rishi are also so many that a new folder has been prepared for them. Check it out. It lists mostly all Muni, Rishi, Maharshi, Raajarshi, Devarshi and Brahmarshi.

Biographies of Others - Here are some other biographies which are not related to our scriptures, such as historical and literary biographies or biographies for children and thus are given at other places in this web, those names are given on this page. These names are not found under Biographies also. They are given elsewhere in this web. Thus all biographical entries can be accessed by these 8 indexes.

Notes - This folder gives many articles arisen from the study of names,  Names ending in Dhwaj; Wise Women;  Discipleship;  Incarnations (not Avataar) etc.

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