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Some Facts

The word Canada comes from a language of the St Lawrence Iroquonians meaning "village" or "settlement". It was introduced in 1535, but was started shown on the map from 1545.

Canada is the world's second largest country in the world by its total area.

It shares the border of United States from all the sides except North where it extends up to the Arctic Ocean.

Canada is so wide in area that it has been divided in five time zones - From West side - (1) Pacific Time Zone, (2) Mountain Time Zone, (3) Central Time Zone, (4) Eastern Time Zone and (5) Atlantic Time Zone.

Canada is composed of 10 provinces and three territories. Newfoundland is its Easternmost part and Yukon Territory is its Westernmost part. From West to East its provinces go like this -

Yukon --> British Columbia --> Alberta --> Saskatchewan --> Manitoba -->
Ontario --> Quebec --> New Brunswick --> Nova Scotia --> Prince Edward Island

The world knows that Niagara Fall is in Canada; and it can be best seen only from Canada.

It shares the waters of four of the five Great Lakes of Northern America with the USA.

It has the largest number of lakes than any other country in the world.

Canada's present Maple Leaf Flag was adopted in 1965.

Canada's Provinces, Their Capitals and Main Cities

Province Capital Main Cities
Alberta Calgary Edmonton, Lethbridge, Red Deer
British Columbia Vancouver Kamloops, Kewlona, Medicine Hat,
Prince George, Victoria Island, 
Manitoba Winnipeg Brandon, North Battleford,
Prince Albert
New Brunswick Fredericton Edmunston, Moncton, Saint John 
Newfoundland St John's Corner Brook, 
Northwest Territories -- --
Nova Scotia Halifax Amherst, Dartmouth, New Glasgow, Sydney,
Ontario Toronto Burlington, Chatham, Hamilton, Kitchener, London, Niagara, Ottawa, Peterborough, St Catharine,
St Thomas, Sarnia, Sault Ste Marie,
Scarborough, Stratford, Sudbury, Thunder Bay, Tonawanda, Windsor,
Nunavat (Territory) -- --
Prince Edward Island Charlottetown nnn
Quebec Quebec Montreal
Saskatchewan Regina Portage la Prairie, Prince Albert
Yukon Territory --- All Northernmost part of the land




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