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Tripur Rahasya-4-6

4. Develop the Dispassion

Hearing he words of her loving husband, who was embracing her all the time, Hemlekhaa said - "O Prince, It is not that I do not love you, but just I am trying to find the greatest joy, which will never be distasteful, in my life; but I have not been able to find it yet. I have not yet reached at any decision yet as women do. Kindly tell me what it is?" Hearing this Hemchood laughed and said - "Women are silly. Even birds and beasts too do not know what is good and what is bad? That is why they cannot know good and escape from bad?" hemlekhaa said - "You are right, women are a bit silly and cannot judge rightly, so please teach me about it. When I will know the right answer from you then I will change my mind, and I will fully share in your pleasure with you. O King, the same object gives pleasure and pain according to the  circumstances. Fire gives pleasure and pain according to the season, place and its size (intensity). It gives pleasure in cold season and pain in hot season. Thus pleasure and pain from fire are functions of season, latitude and longitude. The same reasoning applies to cold, riches, sons, wife, and kingdom on. See how your father worries daily even though he is surrounded by his wives and children. Why do not others grieve like this? Certainly he is still looking for happiness. In spite of having so many things, a man doesn't seem to be happy. Why is it so that a man cannot live happily with limited things?

I tell you why not. Happiness is not that which is tinged with misery. And misery is of two kinds - external and internal. External is related with the body and is caused by nerve; and the internal is related to the mind and this is caused by desire. Mental worries are worse than the physical ones, because everybody suffers with desires and they never fail in their fruits. Even the Devtaa, who have drank Amrit and who live in so much pleasure still worry day and night. The problem is that as soon as one desire is fulfilled, another one takes its place. This is experienced even by insects, although their happiness is little better because their desires are not as complex as those of men. If the man had only one desire and it was fulfilled he would have happy."

"Do you mean that a man enjoys because of his sense of beaut?"
"Dear, Beauty is only a mental concept. I tell you a story about this ......

Story of a Handsome Prince
There was a Prince who was very handsome as Kaam Dev. He was married to a very beautiful woman who was equally beautiful to him. The Prince was very loyal to his wife, but that woman fell in love with a house servant. The servant got succeeded in deceiving the Prince. he served the Prince so much liquor that after drinking it, he became senseless and he was then sent for rest. The Prince used to play with other women in his intoxication condition and the Princess enjoyed her lover's company. This continued for some time.

Once so happened that the servant had to go for some other work, so he left the liquor on the table and he went away on work. Prince did not drink as much that day, so he did not lose his senses also. After drinking he went to his bedroom to take rest and there he enjoyed the company of a woman, but after a while he recognized that she was not his wife, so he asked her - "Where is my wife?" She got scared. The Prince understood that something fishy was going on. He drew out his sword and then asked her - "Tell me where my wife is, otherwise I will kill you." She told him the truth and took him to the place where that Princess was. There he saw his most beautiful beloved wife with an ugly dark servant of his. he was shocked to see this scene.

After a while he gathered himself and pondered on the whole situation - "Fie on me who is so addicted to drinking. Shame to those fools who love women more than themselves. I was a fool who loved her so much. Women are the means of enjoyment of fools only. One cannot trust them. I could not understand that to whom I loved so much, how could she love such an ugly treacherous man like a prostitute? I could not even suspect this? Who can be a greater fool than me who was deceived by an ugly servant in the game of love? But what did she find in him?" The Prince left his kingdom and went to forest. [This story is similar to Bhartrihari's story]

Hemlekhaa continued - "So see, beauty is a concept of mind. One feels beauty in one thing, while another person finds more beauty in some other thing. Thus it is the subjective concept. The mind draws an image of one's beauty in conformity of one's own repeated conceptions. these images become clearer and clearer until they become solidly as an object. An attraction springs up for that object by constant mental associations. The mind becomes restless, stirs up the senses, and seeks the fulfillment of his desires in that object; while a composed mind does not get attracted even to the fairest. No two people, whether they are children or self-controlled Yogee, are excited in the same way [because their mind settings are always different] Thus even ugly women find their way of beauty in the eyes of their husbands, Fie on human beings who praise the foulest part of the body as the most delightful.

If the idea of beauty had been natural, the children also could find it like sweetness in an edibles. The form, stature and complexion differ in different countries in different times, and all of them derive the same pleasure as you [are deriving in me] in those bodies. In the same way a man's body is also considered of the highest pleasure by women. A human being who finds pleasure in such a body which is full of phlegm, feces, urine, and blood and produced by semen, is not better than a worm."

Hearing all this Hemchood developed a hatred for earthly pleasures. He had never heard this type of discourse before. He was very amazed hearing this. His hatred towards earthly pleasures grew so much and so intense that he discussed it with his wife more and more and he was coming to understand the ultimate truth. He then became aware of the One and got self-liberated. And not even he, but he liberated his father and brother also by explaining the Truth. The queen was guided by her daughter-in-law and they guided their other ministers and chiefs and citizens also. It happened in the city of Vishaal where even the parrots also repeated - "Meditate". That is why, don't be confused, think of the One consciousness which illuminates all. Once the holy saints Vaam Dev and others heard this from parrots, wondered that how the birds could have such wisdom, and they named that city the "City of Wisdom".

Dattaatreya said - "That city is still called  by that name. Learn something from Hemlekhaa. Satsang is the root for salvation."

End of the Chapter 4

5. Bondage and Release

Parashuraam Jee got very pleased to hear the discourse on Satsang.
He said - "You are very right that Satsang is the gate of salvation. One's enjoyment is determined by the quality of his company. He (Hemchood) was benefited by the company of Hemlakhaa, although she was only a woman. But I want to hear what happened between them after that. Please tell me."

Dattaatreya Jee said - "Listen to, O Bhaargav, what happened later. Hearing such discourse Hemchood got disinterested in worldly pleasures and started living lonely. But his habits were not yet changed. he was too proud to accept all this in front of his wife. Because of his habit he still practiced his old ways, but later repented remembering his wife's words. Now he liked neither good food, nor beautiful girls, nor jewels, nor friends, nor horses. He became sad and had lost interest in everything. Neither he could check his habits, nor he could follow his new instructions religiously. This made him very sad, he was gradually growing pale.

Hemlekhaa was watching the change in her husband closely. One day she went to him and asked him the reason of his sadness, "You don't seem ill too, why are you getting so pale? Doctors see the diseases amidst the pleasures. Diseases are because of the loss of three tempers (Gun) of the body. They are always there in the body as the perfect harmony among all the three tempers of the body cannot be achieved all the time. Tempers are disturbed by the food, clothes, even by words heard or said, objects contacted, changes in seasons and traveling to other places. Although one cannot escape from this disharmony of the tempers, still it is not to be paid attention so much. There are remedies for them, so now tell me what is the matter with you?"

Hemchood said - "I tell you Dear, What is going on. What you have last said to me that is stopping me to enjoy any kind of pleasure, As a person who has got the life sentence, does not like anything, the same condition is mine. It is like that somebody has ordered me not to enjoy anything, not that I have stopped it myself. Tell me Dear, how can I enjoy my life?" Hemlekhaa thought - "This all is happening only because of me. Surely there is a good seed in the field, but if it does not get proper environment, it will get destroyed. This kind of dispassion only arises in one's mind who is already devoted to Tripuraa." Thinking thus she got ready to disclose the wisdom.

Story of Hemlekhaa
Hemlekhaa kept her own wisdom aside and spoke to her husband - "I tell you the story of my own past. My mother appointed a maid for me, she was good but later she got attached to another friend. Now this friend was very clever in creating new and wonderful things. I also associated myself with her without the knowledge of my mother. That maid became her very good friend and I also did the same for my friend what she liked as I loved her very much. And this association made me a part of her very soon. That maid was always close to that friend.

Now that maid secretly introduced her son (Mr Fool) to my friend. Her son was very ignorant and drank too much, still my friend used to enjoy with him in my presence. Although she enjoyed with him everyday but she never left me. After some time she had a son, Mr Inconstant, from him and he was also equally ignorant as his father. He grew up with qualities of his father and grandmother and became skilled in those qualities. He could negotiate the most difficult situations with no difficulty. In this way my friend who was of very good natured became afflicted because of the wicked company. For the love of her friend, devotion for her husband, and affection for her son, she tried to break up with me but I did not forsake her.

Her husband thought that I was like her, so he tried to misbehave with me, but he could not tackle me but I got defamed. My friend had given her son in my care and she was always with her husband. Her son grew up and in time got married (Unsteady). My friend had her husband under her control. She bore him 5 sons and all of them were obedient to their parents. Because I loved my friend, I brought all of them up with care. The eldest of them built a mansion in which sweet Ved music was played all the time. The father went to his 2nd son. There he found soft beds, fine clothes and various refreshing things. He went to his 3rd son. These he saw charming scenes with variegated colors, some pleasing, some not very pleasing. He went to his 4th son. There he had fruits, liquor, juices, sweet, pungent things. He tasted them all. Then he went to his youngest son. He welcomed him with fruits and flowers, scented grasses and herbs of different odors. Thus he enjoyed his all the sons in various ways. They were so obedient they would not touch anything in their father's absence. But that father used to steal some things and shared them with his wife.

Later one Madam Vorax fell in love with Mr Inconstant and he married her. They loved each other very much. Now that Mr Inconstant had started stealing more things from his sons' houses to satisfy his wife, but still his new wife was not satisfied with them, she wanted more and more. In a short time she gave birth to two sons - Flaming-mouth (Anger) and Mean (Greed). Both were very dear to their mother (Madam Vorax). Whenever Mr Inconstant wanted to see his new wife in private his body started burning by the anger of Flaming-mouth and whenever he wanted to play with his younger son he was hated by whole world. Thus his condition got very bad. Seeing all this my friend got very sad for her son. We all were feeling miserable. My friend's son then came to live with his grandmother. My friend's husband felt more miserable and he went to live with his 5 sons, but he did not find peace there also. I continued to live them otherwise my friend must have collapsed.

When my friend's son and all others had slept. On such occasions the city was guarded by Mr Motion who was always moving by two upper gateways. This Mr Motion is most powerful and keeps them alive. Although he is one but can manifest himself in many. He is the bond between all. I also could not come out from that family. How one can hope for happiness from such a bad company? So one day my friend called me in private and asked my advice. On my advice, she soon gained a good husband, killed her son and imprisoned her grandsons. She then embraced my mother. You can also do the same. Attain the mother and gain eternal happiness.

End of the Chapter 5

6. Merits of Faith

Hemchood was surprised to hear this story of his wife. Under the effect of his ignorance he laughed and said to her - "You might have invented this story. You are certainly the daughter of Apsaraa and Muni Vyaaghrapaad has brought you up. You are still very young, you are not even fully grown, but you are talking as if you are several generations old. I don't believe you. Tell me who is that your friend and who is that her son whom she killed? Where are those cities? Where is your friend? I know nothing about your maid. A clown once told a story that a barren woman's son mounted a chariot, saw himself in a mirror, armed with weapons made of human horn fought in the battlefield of the sky, killed the future king, took control of the city of the aerial hosts, enjoyed with the dream maidens on the banks of the water of a mirage. So I don't believe you."

His wife smiled and said - "How do you say that my parable is useless? I cannot tell lie. Telling lie destroys one's penance, then how can I do it being a sage? Why should I tell you lies? Why have you lost interest in some things after hearing me last? Some things gave you pleasure before, but now they don't. Because my words aroused that dispassion in your heart. He is a fool who misjudges good precepts as a lie. I now tell you about myself. Do not distrust your well-wisher. Faith is like a mother who can never fail her trusting son from dangerous situation. A man who is always suspicious about everything can never gain anything worthwhile. Confidence holds the world, otherwise how can a baby develop and progress if he does not have any confidence in his mother? How can a lover get pleasure from his beloved if he does not have confidence in her? People believe in law that such a cause produces such an activity, is this not faith? If you don't believe me, it is because that you believe that a certain end must be accomplished."

Hemchood asked - "Then how can the desired end be approached?" Hemlekhaa said - "You should always have faith in a competent person." Hemchood said - "I can only believe you after ascertaining your worth." Hemlekhaa said - "How to judge one that he is bad or good? Is it by reference? Or by some accepted standard? Then what is the authority of those standards? Are the authorities themselves worthy or unworthy? This course of argument will not take us anywhere. In this observer's competency should also be taken into account. Therefore life moves with faith. I tell you why do you need faith to attain the Supreme Goal?

Story of Sage Kaushik
Once there lived a sage by the name of Kaushik on the Sahya Hill near the banks of Godaavaree. He was pure, serene and had many disciples to be attended by. Once that sage had gone out, and his disciples were discussing philosophy according to their own understanding. In the meantime a sage appeared on he scene. he was very learned. His name was Soongaa. He by the skills of his logic refuted all their arguments Now he was a man without faith, but he was good debater. When they said to him that the truth must be ascertained by some standards, he gave many standards and refuted them. In the last he said - "Listen, O Braahman, Standards are not applicable for ascertaining for merits or demerits. First they themselves must be examined, and to examine them other standards are needed. And if we follow this, it is unending process, and therefore no tests are possible. That is why statement that all are void ends in void also." Hearing this logic some of them were impressed with Soongaa's logic and became the scholars of void.

When their Guru returned, some of them kept that logic before him and got enlightened by him and got peace. Thus be careful from such logicians. Use the holy books. That is the way for salvation." Hemchood said - "I have not understood your intelligence before. Blessed are you that you are so wise and blessed am I who is is in your company. You said the faith bestows the highest truth, how does it do that? Scriptures differ in their teachings, teachers differ in their interpretations, commentaries also differ from one another. So which one is to follow and which one is not to. In this situation I cannot decide for myself. You condemned the school of void, but why should it not be respected. It has its own adherents and its own system of philosophy. Explain this to me."

End of the Chapter 6



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