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Old Books of Folktale

This section covers those books, in full or in part, which are  written either

--around 1900 or before, OR
--are scarce or out of print OR see the list of these books
--are of Africa
--are not available in Hindi

Most folktales have been translated from various books and Web Sites but some folktales books have been translated in full. They have been selected from all the continents depending on their availability. The criteria of choosing them are one, the book is about rare folktales; and two, the book is old - normally around or before 1900, the book is out of print, all African books, and certainly those books which are not available in Hindi. A couple of more books have also sneaked in this list. The list of presently available titles are given here with the number of their stories contained in and translated.


African Folktales (18)
by Alessandro Ceni.  1998.  18 stories

Favorite African Stories (32)
edited by Nelson Mandela.  32 Stories.  List of Stories.

Fourteen Hundred Cowries: traditional stories of the Yoruba (29/31)
by Abayomi Fuja. Ibadan: OUP.  1962.  164 p.  List of Stories

The Orphan Girl and Other Stories (41)
by Offodile Buchi.  2001.  41 Stories.  List of Stories.

Zanzibar Tales: told by the natives of the East Coast Africa (10)
Translated by George W Bateman.  Chicago: AC McClurg.  1901.  List of Stories.



The Thunder Bird Tootooch Legends (38)
By ML Webber. 1936. List of Stories
Available in English at the Web Site :



Folklore and Legends: Oriental (24)
By Charles John Tibbits.  London: WW Gibbins.  1889.   List of Stories
Available in English at the Web Site

Chinese Myths and Legends (38)
By Joanne O'Brien. Translated by Kwak Man Ho.  38 Myths.
Available in English at the Web Site :

Folk-tales of Bengal (22)
By Lal Behari Dey.  London, Macmillan.  1883.  22 Stories. These stories from its 1912 edition.
Published by NBT, Delhi.
Available in English at the Web Sites :

Folktales of Kashmir (64)
By James Hinton Knowles.  London: Kegan Paul.  1887.  2nd edition.  List of Stories.
Available in English at the Web Site :

Folktales from the Punjab (43)
By Flora Annie Steel.  London: MacMillan & Co.  1894.  List of Stories.
Available in English at the Web Site :   

Wide Awake Stories
By Flora Annie Steel. London : MacMillan & Co.

Israel: King Solomon and Solomon and Markolf
Solomon and Saturn and Adrian and Rithues are the two medieval texts of widely spread genre in a number of languages.
Published with the title "Raja Solomon" by Prabhat Prakashan, Delhi. 2019.

Folk Tales From the Russian (9)
By Veera Xenophontovna Kalamatiano de Bluementhal.  1903.  List of Stories.
Available in English at the Web Site :

Russian Folk-Tales (73)
By Alexander Nikolayevich Afanasyev. 1889. List of Stories.
Translated in English by Leonard Arthur Magnus. 1916.
Available in English at the Web Site :

Russian Folktales
Retold by James Riordan. Oxford, OUP. 2000. 96 p.

Folktales of Serbia (26)
Translated by Madam Csedomille Mijatovies.  London: W Isbister.  1874.  26 tales
Available in English at the Web Site :




Georgian Folktales (38)
Translated by Marjorie Wardrop.  London, David Nutt in the Strand.  1894.  200 p.  38 Stories.
Available in English at the Web Site :

Italian Folktales : collected and retold by Italo Calvino. (125/200)
by Italo Calvino.  1889.  200 Stories.
Translated by George Martin. San Diego, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. 1980. 200 Stories.

Pentamerone (50)
By Giambattista Basile. Naples (Italy).  1634, 1636.  2 volumes.
Available in English at the Web Site :

Decamerone (100)
By Flora Annie Steel. London : Macmillan & Co.




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