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Ganesh Jee

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Ganesh Jee
See also    Padm Puraan, 1-Srishti-25

Ganesh Jee is one of the five Devtaa who should be worshiped daily - Soorya, Devee, Shiv, Vishnu and Ganesh. He is the younger son of Shiv Jee and Paarvatee Jee (their elder son is Kumaar or Kaarttikeya or Skand) and the husband of Bhaaratee, Riddhi and Siddhi. [According to Padm Puraan, 1/25, Ganesh is the elder son] In North India Ganesh Jee has two wives - Buddhi (wisdom) and Siddhi (success). In fact it should be understood well that no Devtaa has any kind of wife. They are all called consorts. And they are their aspects or Shakti. 'Ga' symbolizes Buddhi (intellect) and 'Na' symbolizes Vigyaan (wisdom) and Eesh means the Lord or master. Ganesh is thus considered the master of intellect and wisdom.

He is also called Vinaayak in Maraathee, Malayaalam and Kannad languages; Vinaayagar and Pillayaar in Tamil, and Vinaayakudu in Telugu language. Typically, his name is prefixed with the Hindu title of respect, "Shree" or "Sree". In South India he is known as pure Brahmchaaree. His ride is mouse

He is worshipped first in all Poojaa performed. Ganesh Jee is supposed to be the most intelligent and kind Devtaa among all. He is the Devtaa of wisdom and remover of all obstacles. He has an elephant's head with one tusk. He loves to eat Modak (Laddoo - an Indian sweets).

A description of all of the characteristics and attributes of Ganesh Jee can be found in the Ganapati Upanishad (an Upanishad dedicated to Ganesh) of the Maharshi Atharvaa, in which Ganesh is identified with Brahm and Aatmaa. There is a Puraan also in his name - Ganesh Puraan.

In temples all around the planet Ganesh's Moorti (images) appear in many forms. Normally he is depicted as a big-bellied, yellow or red god with four arms and the head of a one-tusked elephant, riding on, or attended to, by a mouse. He is frequently represented sitting down, with one leg raised in the air and bent over the other.  But Mudgal Puraan, an ancient text on Ganesh Jee, lists 32 images in addition to those of eight images listed under the "Names of Ganesh Jee". All the 32 images are given on this page here. From among them, 16 images (Shodash Ganpati) appear at Shree Shankar Mandapam, Raameshwaram, Chennai, South India.

1. Ganesh Jee's Names-1
2. Ganesh Jee's Names-2
3. Ganesh Jee's Names-3
6. Ganesh Jee's Mantra-1
7. Ganesh Jee's Mantra-2
8. Mayooresh Stotra - story of Ganesh Jee
10. Ganesh Poojaa
See some more Mantra here.

Stories About Ganesh Jee
There are many stories about Ganesh Jee. His legends are given in Brahm Vaivart Puraan. Some are given here.

1. Birth of Ganesh Jee - Story-1 - Paarvatee Jee created him from her body's dirt
2. How Ganesh Jee Got an Elephant's Head - Story-1 - Shani's gaze,
3. How Ganesh Jee Got an Elephant's Head? - Story-1 - Shani's gaze, Kashya's curse, elephant headed goddess drank Paarvatee's bath water
4. How Ganesh Jee Got an Elephant's Head? - Story-2 - Story of Gajaasur
5. Ganesh Jee is the Leader of All Devtaa
6. Ganesh Jee Wins the Race Story-1
7. Ganesh Jee Proves Himself the Most Intelligent - Story-2
8. Ganesh Jee and Talaasur
9. Ganesh Jee and Raavan
10. Ganesh Jee and Chandramaa
11. Krishn Also Worshipped Ganesh Jee<br> 12. Ganesh Jee Wrote Mahaabhaarat
13. Why Ganesh Jee Has Only One Tusk?
14. Ganesh Jee's Insatiable Appetite
15. Ganesh Jee and Devaantak and Naraantak
16. Why Ganesh's Head Was Chopped Off?
17. Ganesh Jee and Gajmukhaasur
18. How Kaaveree River Came on Earth?
19. Ganesh Jee Wins the Race - Story-3
20. Why Ganesh Jee is Called Vighneshwar
21. Ganesh Jee and Tulasee
22. Why Ganesh Jee's Head is of an Elephant - Story of Gajaasur

Ganesh Puraan
This section gives Ganesh Puraan in brief.

Asht Vinaayak Tales
This section, "Asht-Vinaayak - Ganesh's eight Avataar", lists eight tales of the incarnations of Ganesh Jee. By incarnated in these forms he killed eight Daitya.

Folk Tales About Ganesh Jee
There are many folk tales about people who have worshipped Ganesh Jee and got many good things from him. Some of them are given here:

F1. Ganesh Jee and an Old Blind Woman
F2. Ganesh Jee's Kheer

Miscellaneous Materials About Ganesh Jee
1. Ganesh's 32 Forms
2. Uchchhisht Ganesh
3. How to Meditate upon Ganesh
4. Ganesh Mantra for Diabetes
5. Ganapati
6. Ganeshaayanee
7. Ganesh Pradosh
8. Meaning of Vinaayak
9. Mouse
10. Symbolism
11. Ganesh Poojaa
12. Meaning of Ganesh
13. Ganesh Moorti
14 Ganesh Temple - Ganesh Temples in Japan
15. Ganesh Atharv Sheersh

16. Ganesh Jaap

99. Quiz

Ganesh Festivals
Ganesh Chauth
Panch Ganapati
Sankat Chauth Vrat Kathaa




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