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Hanumaan Jee is the most worshipped Devtaa in India and his temples are also in largest number. The most interesting thing about his temple is that one does not need to make a big temple for him. If one keeps even his small statue, one foot or above tall, in a small depression in any wall, it becomes his temple. Even his prayer "Hanumaan Chaaleesaa is also the most sung prayer after "Om Jaya Jagadeesh Hare..." Aaratee.

Hanumaan's 12 names --
(1) Hanumaan Jee,  (2) Anajanee-soon,  (3) Pavan-Putra,  (4) Mahaabal,  (5) Raamesht,  (6) Phaagun Sukh,  (7) Pingaaksh,  (8) Amit Vikram,  (9) Uditi-kraman,  (10) Seetaa Shok-Vinaashan,  (11) Lakshman Praan Daataa,  and  (12) Dashagrrev Darp-haar

1. Who is Hanumaan - His Early Life
---Birth of Hanuman
---Different birth dates
---Place of Hanumaan's birth
---Boons to Hanumaan
---Hanumaan's education

2. Less Known Facts About Hanumaan-1
---Miscellaneous information
---Hanumaan's education and marriage
---Birth of Suvarchalaa and Hanumaan's marriage
---Hanumaan has a son
---Hanumaan in other Raamaayan

3. Hanumaan Chaamar

2-Hanumaan in the Service of Raam

4. Hanumaan in Lankaa
---Hanumaan meets Raam
---Why Hanumaan was sitting alone?
---Hanumaan meets Vibheeshan and Seetaa
---Hanumaan meets Raavan
---Hanumaan burns Lankaa

5. Hanumaan in Battlefield
---Hanumaan saves Lakshman
---Hanumaan kills Kaalnemi Raakshas
---Hanumaan saves Raam and Lakshman from Ahiraavan
---Hanumaan meets his son Makardhwaj
---Hanumaan saves Raam and Lakshman from Naag Paash

6. Hanumaan's Qualities
---Hanumaan changes forms
---Hanumaan is ----

3-Parables About Hanumaan

1.  Hanumaan's Birth

2. Hanumaan and Shani Dev
---Hanumaan saves Shani Dev from Raavan
---Shani Dev troubles Hanumaan
---Why people donate mustard oil on Saturday
---Saadhe Saatee on Hanumaan

3. Some Parables About Hanumaan-1
---Hanumaan is still living
---Hanumaan wrote Raamaayan
---There are no Raam and Seetaa in these pearls
---Why Hanumaan's whole body is covered with Sindoor?
---Who has caught whom?

4. Some Parables About Hanumaan-2
---Hanumaan saves a king
---Why Hanumaan is present wherever Raam Kathaa is sung?
---Hanumaan's love for Raam

5. Some Parables About Hanumaan-3
---Hanumaan brings Raam's ring


11. Hanumaan in Mahaabhaarat
---Hanumaan and Bheem
---Did Hanumaan see MBH war?
---Hanumaan and Arjun

Hanumaan's Worship

12. Books About Hanumaan
13. Raam Charit Maanas

14. Hanumaan Chaaleesaa
15. Use of Hanumaan Chaaleesaa
16. How to Recite Hanumaan Chaaleesaa

17. Hanumaan Mantra

18. Temples of Hanumaan
19. Panchmukhaa Hanumaan


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