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People search for many types of information on the Internet. Some are very common to every normal household. Here are some of those common sites which are searched by every normal person at one time or the other.

Many a time people are not sure that they can find such an information on the Internet. Those people can be benefited just by looking at these pages as what they can find on the Internet.

1-General Sites -
lists some general sites, such as Indian sites, time and date sites,

2-Health Sites -
lists some health-related sites, Homeopathy sites and alternative medicine sites, pharmacy etc

11-Hindi Films Sites -
Lists a site where you can watch many Hindi films free

12- Hindi Gazal Music Sites -
lists some Gazal sites

13-Hindi Film Music Sites -
list some Hindi Film Music sites.. enjoy them

14-Hindi Film Music-2 Sites -
Rajesh Khanna's songs

21-Panoramic Views Sites -
Beautiful panoramic views of some places

22-Travel Sites -
lists some traveling-related sites, time and date sites, Airlines sites etc.

Religious Sites -
lists some Hindu religious sites for serials filmds etc.



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