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10-Beginning of the Universe

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In the Beginning of the Universe

After having heard all this, Vikramaaditya commented - "So it means that Lord Vishnu stole the Asuras' share of Amrit. That is bad, is it not bad a Karm?" Raahu and Ketu Pandit said - "Yes, Your Majesty, You are right. Eventually Devtaa had to pay for this deceit. As soon as Asur knew about this, they attacked Devtaa, but Devtaa had already become immortal after drinking Amrit, so they were not worried about anything. On the Asur' side, Asur were also not worried because Shukraachaarya Jee used to revive all Asur killed in battle including their King Bali. Although the King was defeated, still he was not grieved, because he was a great spiritualist and understood the mortality of worldly life.

So Bali took the advice of Shukraachaarya Jee and other members of Bhrigu family and collected great spiritual powers by doing severe Tap. At a moment, when the Time was good for Asur and bad for Devtaa, Bali conquered Tri-Lok (the three Lok). Seeing all this Indra went to his Guru Brihaspati Jee. Brihaspati Jee advised him that his Time was not good so he should go in hiding till their good Time comes. When Bali had conquered the Heaven, he liked Heaven very much and he did not want to come out of that place. Shukraachaarya advised him to perform 100 Ashwamedh Yagya to become permanently resident of Heaven. So Bali started performing these Ashwamedh Yagya.

On the other side, Aditi, the mother of Devtaa, was very distressed hearing that her sons were out of Heaven because of Asur (the sons of her co-wife), so she approached her husband Kashyap Jee and expressed her feelings. She asked him to give her a son who could kill Asur. Kashyap Jee advised her to perform Payo Vrat (milk fast) during the bright fortnight of the Lunar month of Phaalgun. This fast caused Vishnu to appear and bless her with a son. So Vishnu entered Kashyap Jee's semen and thus entered Aditi's womb. At an appropriate time He was born as her son in the form of Vaaman (dwarf). He showed His Divine form to His parents so that they might know the true identity of their child.

Devtaa performed His all ceremonies and named Him Vaaman. As soon as all the formalities were completed, Vaaman set out to Bali's palace where he was concluding his 100th Ashwamedh Yagya. After the completion of this Yagya he could get Indra's status and permanently live in Heaven. Bali was performing this Yagya at Bhrigu-Kachchh place (modern Bharaunch) on the bank of Narmadaa River. As Vaaman arrived at the gate of the place, everybody was stunned to see His beauty and grace. It was indeed captivating. He asked the gatekeepers that He had come there for some alms and He wanted to see the King himself.

The gatekeepers informed Bali that a short Braahman boy had come to ask for alms. Now during this Yagya, nobody must go empty-handed, so Bali immediately ordered them to send the boy in. As the boy entered the Yagyashaalaa, Bali and other Braahman rose to welcome him. They were also mesmerized to see Him. Bali offered Him an Aasan and asked Him what did He want? Vaaman said - "I am a Braahman boy, I need just three feet land to perform my daily worship." Bali got very surprise to hear this strange request. He laughingly said - "O Child, Do you know to who you are talking to? You are talking to King Bali who can give you as much as your next several generations cannot consume; and you are asking only three feet land? Ask for something which I should also be proud of by giving to you?" Vaaman said - "I am only a bachelor Braahman boy, what will I do of so much which even I cannot consume, I do not have any progeny. Just give me three feet land, that is enough for me."

Hearing all this Bali agreed to give him the three feet land, so he took the water jug to read the Sankalp for donating three feet land and poured the water in his hand. On the other side Shukraachaarya Jee understood with this conversation that there was something fishy in this, there was some kind of trick in asking only three feet land. So he came to know that He was not a Braahman boy but was Vishnu Himself. He always wished good of his disciple, so he immediately stopped Bali to read the Sankalp. He said to him - "Stop, O King, He is not a Braahman boy, He is Vishnu Himself, He has come to cheat you, so don't read the Sankalp."

Bali said - "No Guru Jee, I have already taken water in my hand, I cannot go back. And even if He is not a Braahman boy, as you say, and is Vishnu Himself, this is a great honor for me to give alms to Vishnu, because who gives to the whole world, He Himself is standing at my door to ask for only three feet land. Sorry Guru Jee, I cannot go back from my promise." Shukraachaarya Jee again explained him - "You don't know what is He up to? He will take Tri-Lok by measuring three feet land. So take back your promise. You can still do this and that is also according to our Shaastra only, so please stop, do not read the Sankalp, He has come to cheat you." Bali Said - "If He cheats me, that is His characteristic, but I will follow my rules, I cannot stop." And he read the Sankalp to give Him the three feet land.

When Bali did not listen to Shukraachaarya Jee, as Bali started pouring the water to read the Sankalp, Shukraachaarya entered the spout of the jug to close the passage of water. When the water didn't come out Vaaman said - "It seems something is obstructing the passage." He picked up a Kush grass blade and inserted in the spout of the jug to open the passage of the water. It pierced one eye of Shukraachaarya Jee. He got so much pain that he got shaken and the water got its passage to come out with Shukraachaarya's blood and Bali read the Sankalp.

As Bali finished his Sankalp, the Braahman boy assumed His Viraat (Great or Huge) form. Bali was surprised to see His this form, he had never expected this to happen, but still he was not sorry for his actions, he knew what he was doing. Bhagavaan measured the whole Prithvi by putting His one foot on Prithvi, the second foot in Heaven and the whole space by His body. After this He said to Bali - "O King, I have measured the three Lok with my two feet, now where should I measure my third foot?" Bali was still standing looking at His size. He just woke up from sleep and lay down on the floor facing down and said - "I have nothing left with me now. You are the Creator, You are the Destroyer, whatever You created, You have taken, now remains only my body, so You may keep your third foot on my body."

Vishnu Bhagavaan got very pleased hearing this, He said - "Since you lay facing down, I give you the kingdom of nether world. You indeed are a great donor. Your name will be taken with honor among the great donors of the world." At the same time his great grandfather Prahlaad also came there to have Darshan of Vishnu whom he saw in Nrasinh form at the time of killing Hiranyakashyap. He thanked Vishnu by depriving his great grandson with wealth. Vishnu said - "I deprive him with his wealth whom I wish to bless, because prosperity makes man proud and arrogant. Anyone who enjoys fortune, by birth or through efforts and yet remains free from pride does so only by my grace. Because this Bali has remained cool even in the most adverse situation, I grant him the boon that he himself will become Indra during the next Manvantar till then he should live in Sutal Lok in peace." Singing the praise of Vishnu Bali left for the Sutal Lok accompanied by his great grandfather Prahlaad. Shukraachaarya Jee completed Bali's Yagya for him so that is had no mistake in it."

Raahu and Ketu Pandit further said - "Thus Devtaa's victory was only temporary. What Vishnu took by embezzling, He had to beg later. O King, Even Vishnu's beggary has its own Kaarmik consequence, because as you know, Karm's theory is very deep and strong."



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