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6-Glory of Shukra

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Shukra (Venus)
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The Pandit of Shukra (Venus) was expected to be refined, sophisticated, and sociable. So he was - accommodating, friendly and loving. He started telling about his chosen planet - "Brihaspati is a very powerful planet, nobody can challenge this, but Shukra has some other quality which even Brihaspati does not possess." People looked at him with a questionable look. "That is Sanjeevanee Vidyaa (the knowledge of raising people from dead). That makes him superior to Brihaspati, and that is why he is the mightiest among all the planets. He is the Guru (teacher) of Asur. They are very obedient to him because he can revive them whenever they die. In fact his capabilities cannot be described in full. By worshipping Shukra one can save himself from all kinds of worries and diseases, because he can finish the negative Karm. He is a true Braahman and is very learned. Those who worship him can get all their desires fulfilled. Those who observe his night-vow for one year become happy, strong, get children and good fortune and go to Shukra's Lok after death.

He is very handsome, sensuous and is snow-like complexioned. He is very fond of juicy things and music. His metal is silver, and his gem is diamond. Although Shukra himself has one eye [read the story of Bali], but he is the significator of eye in the chart. Whose Shukra is good in his chart, he is supposed to have good beautiful eyes.

He is the Lord of semen (Shukra in Hindi) and ova, South-east direction, Friday, and of Tulaa (Libra) and Vrishabh (Taurus) constellations. He is known by the names like Ushanaa and Kavi too. His name means "white" and "semen". He is the son of Rishi Bhrigu - one of the 10 Maanas Putra of Brahmaa  [6]  and his wife Pulomaa. Bhrigu was born directly from Brahmaa's semen like Rishi Angiraa. This means that Shukraachaarya and Brihaspati are first cousins.

Shukra is Shiv's Son Too

Once Bhrigu was doing severe Tap on Mandaraachal mountain and Shukra who was then merely a boy, was looking after his father's needs. One day when Bhrigu was busy in his Tap, Shukra was just looking up to the sky and was appreciating its beauty, that he saw Vishwaachee Apsaraa in the sky. Seeing her beauty he just sat there looking at her without blinking his eyes. To distract his attention from her he thought about Indra where he was welcomed warmly. But there also he saw many beautiful Apsaraa. Vishwaachee Apsaraa was also there, she got attracted to him, so Shukra built a hut to fulfill his desire in a corner of Heaven. Then he covered it with darkness. They both lived there making love with each other for eight Chatur-Yug period. After this Shukra's good Karm got used up and he fell down on the Moon. Then his soul reached the Earth through rains which fell on a rice paddy. A Braahman ate that rice and through his semen he reached in his wife's womb. Shukra was born in that Braahman's family.

As a Braahman's son, he did Tap for one Manvantar (71+ Chatur-Yug), but by chance he again came across with Vishwaachee Apsaraa who had been cursed to live as a female deer. He fell in love with that female deer, mated her and produced a son who did not allow him to meditate. That Braahman's son who was Shukra, died by a snake bite and then was reborn as the King of Madra kingdom and ruled for many years. After that he was born many times, bamboo forest, python, until he was born to a Rishi on the banks of Gangaa River. His original body had dropped on Earth long time ago and was exposed to wind, rain and sun, but the power of Bhrigu's Tap kept it preserved from being decayed.

After 1,000 Divine years of Tap, when Bhrigu opened his eyes, he did not find his son living but only his worn out body nearby. Small birds nested in the wrinkles of his skin, frogs have started living in the hollow of his stomach. Seeing all this Bhrigu thought that his son had died premature death, so he became very angry and was about to give Shaap to Yam Raaj, that Yam appeared before him and said - "Don't waste your Tap to give me Shaap. All creatures are my food, but your son has reached this condition by his own Karm." He further said - "See, he is doing Tap on the banks of Gangaa River." Yam then revived Shukra's old body and the boy worshipped his father. Bhrigu then told him about his past lives and showed the road to spiritual success.

Shukra Becomes Shiv's Son

Shukra worshipped Shiv for 5,000 years but with no favorable results. Then he decided to live on smoke alone for 1,000 years more. Then Shiv appeared before him and blessed him that he would eventually become his son. He also taught him Sanjeevanee Vidyaa which is known only to Shiv, Paarvatee, his wife and his two sons - Kaartikeya and Ganesh. He further said - "You will be the best planet in the sky and as you will rise there, all auspicious rituals will follow you." That is why marriages etc all auspicious ceremonies are performed only when Shukra is rising in the sky. Shukra has several wives and children. Thus Shukra became Shiv's son.

Once Paaravtee Jee covered Shiv's eyes in a playful mood. Paarvatee's this action plunged the whole Universe into darkness. So she removed er hands from his eyes in hurry. The whole cosmos was lighted and Paarvatee Jee saw a young boy before her. She asked Shiv Jee - "When this boy came here?" Shiv Jee said laughingly - "You created him by creating darkness. So he is your son. Since he is born in darkness, his name will be "Andhak"." But Paarvatee Jee refused to accept him as her son, so Shiv Jee gave him to Hiranyakashyap to bring him up as his adopted son.

Andhak soon grew up into a terrible Asur and started troubling Devtaa. Once he got defeated by Devtaa, so he took shelter with his Guru Shukraachaarya Jee and Gueru Shukraachaarya Jee acknowledged him as his own son. Shiv Jee got furious at this and he captured Shukraachaarya Jee and swallowed him. This made Asur lost in Dev-Asur war. Shukraachaarya Jee remained wandering inside Shiv's body for 100 Divine years. There he saw all types planets, seas, universes, Devtaa, even the war which was going on that time. He could not find any way to come out of his body, so he entered Shiv's penis and worshipped him immediately. Shiv Jee got very impressed with his action, named him "Shukra" and acknowledged him as his son.

This is Shukra, the son of Shiv Jee, and I bow to him." After saying this that Pandit became silent and sat down.



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