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8-Glory of Shani

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Glory of Shani Dev

After this presentation, Vikramaaditya asked for the presentation about the 7th planet - Shani (Saturn). Shani's Pandit was tall, dark and dressed in a traditional manner. He started his speech in a low harsh voice - "O King, Shani is the most terrifying planet among all the planets. All people fear him, because he rules bereavement and misfortunes. If he is pleased, he can give you kingdom, or otherwise he can take away everything from you in a moment. He can ruin a person to such an extent that his name is forgotten by the world completely. He determines the longevity and death because he is the Lord of Time. Even Devtaa are panic when he is nearby.

He is very cruel and even his gaze is utterly terrifying and inauspicious. By caste he is Shoodra and thus rules servants. By trade he is an oil-presser who worships Kaal Bhairav. His metal is iron, and his gem is blue sapphire. He is the Lord of the West direction, and Capricorn and Aquarius constellations. He is known as Mandaa (slow), Son of Shadow (Chhaayaa's son - see Soorya), and Endless (as Time is endless).

He is the son of Soorya Dev and his wife Sangyaa's shadow Chhaayaa. As soon as Shani was born his gaze fell on his father Soorya Dev, and he got white leprosy. When his gaze fell on his father's charioteer Arun, he fell and broke his thigh; and when his gaze fell on Soorya Dev's chariot's seven horses, they all went stone blind. Soorya Dev tried numerous remedies but nothing worked. It was only when Shani's gaze left them, then only Soorya's skin got cleared, Arun's thigh was healed and his horses regained sight. Who is that who is not affected by him.

Shani Dev and Ganesh Jee
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Not only this he is responsible for Ganesh's elephant head also. He pleased Shiv Jee through his penance in Banaaras, and got the status of a planet; still he did not spare him. When Ganesh Jee was born to Mahaadev and Paarvatee Jee, they celebrated his birth. All Devtaa came to congratulate the couple of their son's birth and brought presents for the child. When the celebrations were over they started going to their homes after giving their presents to the child. Shani Dev intentionally stood at the end of the line. When his turn came, he congratulated the couple and blessed the child turning his face opposite to the child. This seemed odd to the couple and they insisted him at least to have a look of the child before giving his blessings to him. But Shani Dev also insisted not to look at the child. Shani Dev pleaded that everybody knew that his gaze was not auspicious so he did not want to create any bad environment for the celestial child.

But Paarvatee Jee did not like this and insisted him several times at least to look at the child. At last Shani Dev said - "If you are insisting so much, I can cast a look at the child, but then I am not responsible for whatever happens afterwards. So he cast only a partial look with one eye only at the child still with a turned head opposite to the child. Instantly Ganesh's head was reduced to ashes. Seeing this Paarvatee Jee started crying. Shani Dev was very sorry at this incident but could do nothing as he was not at fault at all. Lowering his eyes, he said politely - "I told you before not to insist on my looking at the child, but you were adamant." And he walked away from Shiv's residence.

Shiv Jee was also very sad at this incident. He consoled Paarvatee Jee and sent his Gan all around to find a mother and child who were sleeping facing opposite to each other. They could not find such a mother and child (because every mother was sleeping with her child clinging to her breasts) except a she-elephant who was sleeping facing opposite to her newborn child. His Gan immediately cut the baby elephant's head and brought it to Shiv Jee. Shiv Jee also immediately fixed it on Ganesh's trunk. Thus Ganesh Jee got his elephant head - that is because of Shani Dev's gaze.

So if you want Shani Dev not to mangle with your life, make regular offerings of black sesame seeds (Kaalaa Til), sesame oil, and sugar on Saturdays to an iron image of Shani Dev. Also make Saturday donations of sesame seeds and iron to the needy. I obediently bow my head to Shani Dev - the god of Righteousness and Death.



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