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Page 20: Sarg 51-52

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Sarg 51-Durvaasaa Rishi Tells Future 

Sumantra said - "Durvaasaa Rishi used to come to Vashishth Jee's Aashram every year . One day your father Dasharath Jee went to do Darshan of Vaalmeeki Jee on his Aashram. Then he saw good gracious Durvaasaa Rishi sitting on the left side of Vashishth Jee. Seeing both Rishi, he greeted both of them. Muni also welcomed him and offered him Aasan to sit and fruits and flowers to eat.

During the talks, in some context, Dasharath asked Durvaasaa Muni - "Hey Bhagavan, For how long our Kul will continue? What is the age of Raam and my other sons? How many sons will Raam have and for how long they will live? Hey Maharshi, kindly fulfill my wish telling me about my future."

Durvaasaa Muni said - "Hey Raajan, All this is related to old history. Listen to that, I tell you about it. Long before, in Dev-Asur Sangraam when Daitya got defeated from Devtaa, they went to Bhrigu Muni's wife. She protected them and made them fearless. Vishnu got very angry to see Daitya protected like this by Bhrigu's wife. He cut Bhrigu's wife's head with His Chakra. Bhrigu Rishi got very sad at this incident and he gave Shaap to Vishnu - "Hey Janaardan, Woman is not to be killed. You did not think about it and separated me from my wife by killing her, therefore when you will incarnate in human form on Prithvi, you will also have to tolerate the separation from your wife."

In anger, Bhrigu Rishi did give Shaap to Him, but then he repented for that and prayed Vishnu Bhagavaan. Then Vishnu said - "For the good of the world, I accept your Shaap", so Hey Dasharath, the same Vishnu, to whom Bhrigu Jee gave Shaap, has incarnated in your house as your son Raam in this world. So because of Bhrigu Rishi's Shaap, He will rule Ayodhyaa for 10,000 years in spite of tolerating wife's separation. He will have two sons from Seetaa and after that Raam will go to Brahm Lok."

So Hey Lakshman, Hearing the description of the Vansh, Raajaa came to his home. Durvaasaa Muni's words cannot be a lie. Seetaa's sons will be born somewhere else not in Ayodhyaa. So Lakshman, stable your mind and heart keeping Durvaasaa Muni's words in mind and don't be sad for Raam and Seetaa uselessly. Lakshman got relieved a bit hearing Sumantra and both went to Ayodhyaa talking on the way back. In the evening they stayed out at Keshinee River.

Sarg 52-Lakshman Consoles Sad Raam 

After the night passed, Lakshman got up, did Pranaam (greeted) to the River and entered Ayodhyaa at noon time. Lakshman again got sad as what he will say to Raam. Thinking thus he found himself in front of the white palace of Raam. He got down and entered the palace lowering His head. He saw Raam very sad sitting on the throne. 

Sad Lakshman touched His feet and said carefully - "According to your orders, I have left Jaanakee on the bank of Gangaa, near Vaalmeeki Muni's beautiful Aashram, and I am coming back just now. Hey Raam, Don't be so sad. Kaal's Gati is like that. People like you should not worry too much. Treasures get empty, progress changes into fall, people meet to separate and the end of life is death. Therefore one should not have too much attachment to sons, friends wealth etc, because they are made for separation. You are able to teach to all Lok, then why you yourself are so unstable? Ideal people like you do not feel attachment on such occasions. When you can console other people then it is not a big thing for you to control yourself. therefore you be patient and feel strong.

Hearing such words from Lakshman, Raam said - "Lakshman, You are right. I should keep myself busy now in royal official affairs. You have opened my eyes, now I am in myself and I feel detached.



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