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Page 30:  Sarg 77-81

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Sarg 77-Agastya Muni Tells A Gandharv's Kathaa 

Agastya Muni said - "Once in Tretaa Yug, wandering around, I arrived in such a wild space where there was no living creature around - no human being, no animals, no birds. In that space, I came to a pond which was four Yojan wide and lots of lotus flowers were blooming in it. Beside the pond there was an old but beautiful Aashram. I spent the night in that Aashram and went to take bath in that pond in the morning. But what I saw there, it was really surprising - a healthy dead body was lying there. That body was clean and gracious.

After a few minutes I saw a Vimaan coming down. Apsaraa were singing and dancing in that Vimaan and amidst them was a very graceful man. That graceful man came out of the Vimaan, ate the flesh of the dead body according to his appetite, and did Aachman from the pond water and got ready to board the Vimaan, that I stopped him and asked - "I am surprised to see your grace from your face, then why do you eat such dirty food? Is it good for you to eat human flesh?"

Sarg 78-Muni Agastya Frees King Shwet

Hey Raam, When I insulted him thus, that divine man bowed and said - "Hey Maharshi, I tell you the story of my previous life. My father Sudev was the king of Vidarbh Desh. He produced two sons from my mother. My name was Shwet and my brother's name was Surath, After my father died I ruled for 1,000 years. Then knowing my death was near, I handed over the kingdom to my younger brother and I came here in this lonely place where nobody lived to do Tapsayaa.

I did very intense Tapasyaa for 3,000 years and got Brahm Lok. But I was hungry and thirsty in Brahm Lok too. Then I asked Brahmaa Jee - "Hey Bhagvan, Nobody feels hungry or thirsty in your Lok, then what is the reason that I feel hunger and thirst here and feel weak without eating. This is the result of my which sin? Tell me what should I eat?"

Brahmaa Jee said - "When you were doing Tapasyaa you did not pay any attention to keep your body's strength. You did not give anything to anybody as charity, that is why your food is only your healthy body's flesh. When Maharshi Agastya Muni will come to this Aashram, then you will be free from this. Hey Maharshi, since then, I come here daily to eat this dirty food. Kindly save me from this sin. Kindly accept this jewelry along with the food, clothes and gems etc and free me from this sin." I felt pity on him and took the jewelry. As I took the jewelry, that man disappeared and went to Swarg. So Hey Raam, These are the same jewelry.

Sarg 79-Dand Had Shukraachaarya's Daughter

Hearing Agastya Muni's this surprising story, Raam said - "Kindly tell me this also, that where Shwet did his Tapasyaa? Why didn't even the birds and animals live here?" Agastya Muni said - "There is an interesting  story of this, listen to it. There was a king named Manu in Sat Yug. He had a son named Ikshwaaku. One day he said to his son - "Hey Putra, You are very intelligent, now you start ruling he kingdom, but there is one teaching before that, that never punish anybody without any crime. The Raajaa who does justice and then prescribes appropriate punishment, he goes to Swarg." Thus advising him Raajaa Manu went to Brahm Lok and his son Ikshwaaku started ruling. He did many religious activities and had 100 sons. His youngest son was a great fool. He neither studied, nor served elders. Raajaa Ikshwaaku thought that he should be punished some time for this.

So he named him as Dand. He appointed him as the king of a terrible place which was in the middle of Vindhyaachal and Shauval Parvat. Dand appointed Shukraachaarya Jee as his Purohit and habited a beautiful city there. He named it Madhumatt and very mighty people lived there. He ruled there for a long time.

Sarg 80-Dandak Goes to Shukraachaarya's Aashram

At one time he went Shukraachaarya's Aashram. He saw a very beautiful girl there. She was the daughter of Shukraachaarya Jee. He asked her - "I am very much attracted to you. Whose daughter are you?" Shukraachaarya's daughter said politely - "Hey Raajan, I am the eldest daughter of Shukraachaarya and my name is Arajaa. If you wish to marry me then you should talk to my father. He can marry me to you. If you touched me forcefully, then my father won't leave you alive." 

Now Raajaa was blind in her love, so he said joining his palms - "O beautiful, I am dying without you. Kindly fulfill my desire, even if I will have to bear the greatest sin, or I will be killed. I am so much mad after you that I can tolerate everything for you." After saying thus Raajaa Dand had her forcefully and went away to his city Madhumantaa. Arajaa started waiting for her father crying bitterly.

Sarg 81-Shukraachaarya and Dand 

Shukraachaarya Jee came there quickly with his disciples hearing Arajaa's trouble and got very sad seeing Arajaa's condition. He told his disciples, that evil man will have to bear its consequences now because of this sin. Within seven days his all wealth and family will be destroyed. And after seven days Indra will rain dust and that dust would destroy everything in his kingdom. Shukraachaarya's eyes were red because of the anger. He asked his Aashram people to move to some other place and said to his daughter - "Here a one Yojan long and one Yojan wide pond will be formed. You stay here and bear the result of your Karm and wait till your sin's period is over." So Arajaa stayed back in the Aashram and Shukraachaarya Jee left that Aashram. 

As Shukraachaarya Jee cursed, Dand's all kingdom, wealth, grains, army, conveyances etc destroyed. Hey Raam, Because of that Dand, this Van is called Dandak Van. Since some Tapaswee have come here to live, this place is called Jansthaan too. Now is the time of Sandhyaa. All Rishi are doing Soorya worship after taking bath, you also go and worship after Aachman.






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