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Page-5: Sarg 11-12

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Sarg 11-Sumaalee Instigates Raavan to Take Lankaa

When Sumaalee came to know about the Var to Raavan, he came to Mrityu Lok with his four ministers - Maareech, Prahast, Viroopaaksh and Mahodar and said hugging Raavan - "Putra, After long time my wish is fulfilled today that you three brothers got Var from Brahmaa Jee. We ran away to Rasaatal because of him only. Before Rasaatal our living place was Lankaa, where your brother Kuber lives now. Take hold of this Lankaa by friendly behavior or by force, then Raakshas can live there like before and you will be their king."

Hearing Sumaalee's words, Raavan said "Naanaa Jee (maternal grandfather), Kuber is our brother, we cannot fight with him." Sumaalee got silent hearing this for a moment, but his minister Prahast said - "Hey Raavan, Your ideas about Devtaa are not right. See Diti and Aditi, both are sisters, both are the wife of Maharshi Prajaapati Kashyap. Aditi's sons are Devtaa and Diti's sons are Daitya. Both are brothers with this relation, but still Devtaa kill them by cheating them. Even at the time of Samudra Manthan, Vishnu offered Vaarunee (liquor) to Daitya and Amrit to Devtaa by cheating. Vishnu took away Prithvi also from us and gave it to Devtaa. (Read the story of Raajaa Bali). Therefore Hey Raavan, Consider Kuber as your enemy."

Prahast's logic changed Raavan's mind and he got happy. He said - "You are right." So Raavan sent Prahast to Kuber. Prahast said to Kuber - "Hey Kuber, Raavan has sent me here to tell you that Lankaa belongs to Raakshas, so you should leave Lankaa. This is the entertainment place for Sumaalee etc Raakshas, therefore only Raakshas will live here." Kuber said - "This gold Lankaa was empty [when I came here], but since Raavan is my brother and many Raakshas are still living here with my consent, Raavan can also live here enjoy the kingdom." But Raavan wanted absolute right on Lankaa.

After that Kuber went to his father Vishravaa - "Hey father, Raavan wants to take our Lankaa, so please guide us what we should do." Vishravaa said - "Hey Putra, We told evil-minded Raavan but he doesn't listen to us. He has gone mad after getting Var, therefore you leave Lankaa and go to Kailaash Parvat with your people. There flows Mandaakinee River full of lotus flowers. That place is good for you." So with his father's permission Kuber went to Kailaash Parvat. Prahast got very happy and told everything to Raavan. Raavan started living in Lankaa with his brothers as Indra lives in Indra Puree.

Sarg 12-Marriage of Three Brothers

After Raavan became king, he married his sister Shoorpanakhaa to Vidyujihvaa - Kaalak's son. After the marriage one day he went for hunting. As he was wandering around for hunting, he saw Diti's son Maya Daanav with his beautiful daughter. Raavan asked him - "Who are you and who is this beautiful girl?" Maya said - "She is my daughter. She is born from Hemaa named Apsaraa. I am in search of a groom for her. She has two brothers - Maayaavee and Dundubhee. Now you tell me about yourself." Raavan said - "I am the grandson of Maharshi Pulastya, and the son of Muni Vishravaa. My name is Dashgreev."

Maya considered Raavan from a noble Kul, so he married his daughter Mandodaree to him then and there. He gave one infallible Power also to Raavan along with Mandodaree. This was the same Power which wounded Lakshman in war. After Raavan had married himself, he married Kumbhkarn to Virochan's granddaughter Vajrajwaalaa, and Vibheeshan to Gandharv Raaj's daughter Saramaa.

Thus all three brothers started living happily with their wives. Later Mandodaree gave birth to one son whose name was Meghnaad who later became known as Indrajeet. As he was born he made a sound like cloud's roar, that is why he was called as Meghnaad. Pleasing to his parents, Meghnaad started growing among beautiful women in Raavan's palace.






















Megh means clouds and Naad means sound, so Meghnaad means the sound of  clouds. In fact, when he was born he made such a sound that is why he was named as Meghnaad.




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