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Vrat and Festivals

India is a country of Vrat (fasts), festivals and celebrations. It has a very rich historical and cultural background. Each Indian Vrat or festival has a proper meaning, reason and significance behind its celebration. Fun, food, fair and enjoyment are the aspects of the festivals, which set the festive mood. This section section on Vrat and Festivals is divided in the following sections --

This section lists many important Hindu festivals celebrated mostly in northern part of India.

Festival Vrat
This is the list of those festivals on which a Vrat is also observed, such as Karavaa Chauth, Nava Raatri etc

This section is devoted to Vrat (fasts) of various kinds -
Day Vrat - here are the day Vrat, Monday, Tuesday etc
Festival Vrat - these are festival Vrat where festivals are celebrated along with fasts
Maas Vrat - all Lunar months are given with their Vrat and festivals
Tithi Vrat - all Tithi (Lunar day) are given here with their importance and festivals
Miscellaneous Vrat - a few odd uncommon Vrat are given here
Vrat Kathaa - many Vrat stories are given here

Miscellaneous Topics
--Recipes - some recipes used in Poojaa, festivals and Vrat
--Rudraaksh - about Rudraaksh

Description of some temples is given here.

Vrat and Festivals in Puraan
Agni Puraan, 18;   
Agni Puraan, 19;   

Use this part to see the meaning of any term used in Poojaa and Vrat



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