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Chapter 34-37

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34-Moksh to Sudarshan and Shankhchood

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Once Nand Baabaa and other Gop went to Ambikaa Van on the festival of Shiv Raatri. There they took bath in Saraswatee River and worshipped Pashupati Bhagvaan Shankar Jee and Bhagavatee Ambikaa Jee. They gave alms too. All wanted to please Shankar Jee so on that day they observed fast, and they all slept on the bank of the River Saraswatee. There lived a very large python. On that day he was very hungry, so he came that side where all Gop were sleeping and caught sleeping Nand Jee. Nand Jee cried - "Son Krishn, come soon, this python wants to eat me." Krishn came rushing and He just touched it with His foot. All the inauspicious Karm of that python were destroyed immediately and at the same moment he appeared assuming a very beautiful body. Divine light was coming out from his body. Bhagavaan asked - "Who are you and why did you get this Yoni?" 

The man said - "Before being this python I was a Vidyaadhar. My name was Sudarshan. I was very handsome and I had a lots of wealth, so I roamed around on my Vimaan. One day I teased an ugly Rishi of Angiraa Gotra [Ashtaavakra Muni - He was slanting from eight places in his body, that is why his name was Ashtaavakra], so he gave me Shaap to be born in python Yoni. This was the result of my sins. Today you have touched me so I have got Mukti from this Yoni. Now please permit me to go to my Lok." And he went to his Lok. When Brij people saw this they got very surprised.

One day Shree Krishn and Balaraam Jee were strolling with Gopee in the night. Stars and the Moon were rising, evening was just falling, flowers were blooming and spreading their sweet smell all around, so they started singing. Gopee also started dancing. There came a Yaksh named Shankhchood. He took a Gopee and ran towards North. Gopee started crying. Both, Krishn and Balaraam Jee, ran towards him. When Yaksh saw them coming, he left Gopee then and there and ran to save himself. Balaraam Jee took the charge of Gopee and Krishn ran after him. He wanted to take Choodaa Mani from his head, so He hit him on his head and his head fell off from his body with the Mani. He came back with that Mani and gave it to Balaraam Jee in front of everybody.


When Krishn went to graze His cows, then Gopee used to pass their time with great difficulty. They used to remember Him every moment and talked about Him, His expressions etc. Before they used to feel embarrassed in front of their husband, brothers, sons etc but later they forgot everything and remembered only Krishn. {There is a good deal of description of Krishn's expressions and His daily chores here.]

36-Moksh to Arishtaasur and Kans Sends Akroor Jee to Brij

When Krishn was entering Brij, Brij people were very happy at that time. At that time Arishtaasur named Raakshas came there in the form of a bull. He was very huge making a great noise while coming. His tail was straight and he had broken many boundary walls, trees etc. Animals were so scared of him that they ran away. All Brij people came to Krishn for their protection. Seeing this Krishn called the bull and said to him - "Who are you scaring to? Animals and Gwaalaa? Come here, I am here." He came towards Krishn. Krishn held his two horns with His hands and pushed him 18 feet backward. He again came towards Krishn, but this time He killed him.

When Krishn had killed Arishtaasur, Naarad Jee went to Kans in Mathuraa and said - "Kans, The girl who went to sky was Yashodaa's daughter and the boy who is Shree Krishn in Brij, is Devakee's son and Balaraam Jee is Rohinee's son. Vasudev had sent them to Nand Jee because of you. They have killed your many servants." Hearing this Kans started shaking with anger. He immediately picked his sword to kill Vasudev Jee, but Naarad Jee stopped him to do so. Then Kans again imprisoned Vasudev and Devakee.

After Naarad Jee had left, Kans called Keshee and order him to kill both boys. After this he called Mushtik, Chaanoor, Shal, Toshal etc wrestlers and elephant drivers and said - "Vasudev's two sons, Balaraam and Krishn, are in Brij. They are supposed to kill me, therefore when they come here you kill them in wrestling and you elephant driver!  keep your Kuvlayaapeed elephant ready at the gate and when my enemies pass from there kill them crushing by elephant. Do it on this Chaturdashee."

Then he called Akroor Jee and said very politely - "You are very knowledgeable and respectable for me. Because this work is very important that is why I am assigning this job to you. You go to Nand Raay Jee in Brij and there live two sons of Vasudev Jee. Bring them here along with Nand Jee. When they will be here, I will get them killed by my elephant. And if they escaped, then my wrestlers will kill them. After they will be killed all their relatives will be very sad, then I will kill them myself. My friend Akroor Jee!  Then we will rule without any obstacle. Jaraasandh is my old father-in-law, Vaanar Raaj Dwivid is my friend, Shambaraasur, Bhaumaasur (Narakaasur) and Baanaasur are nothing for me. Just go and bring them. They are still children. I will not take much time to kill them. Just tell them that there is Dhanush Yagya, so they should do its Darshan and visit the capital of Yadu Vanshee Mathuraa as well."

Akroor Jee said - "This is perfectly right. Human being should do his duty without considering about its success or its failure."

37-Moksh to Keshee and Vyomaasur and Naarad's Prayer

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Once Keshee Raakshas came in Brij running in the form of a horse. Krishn came to face it and killed it after a brief fight. Then Naarad Jee came and prayed Bhagavaan - "Your Swaroop is not the subject of heart and speech. You don't need anything else to do this because you yourself are able to do everything. This is good that you have killed him, now, day after tomorrow, I will see you killing Chaanoor, Mushtik etc wrestlers, Kuvalayaapeed elephant and even Kans. You will bring Kalp Vriksh from Swarg. You will marry many girls, you will help Nrig in Dwaarakaa. You will bring Syamantak Mani from Jaambvaan along with Jaambvatee. You will bring back Braahman's son from your Dhaam. You will kill Paundrak - Mithyaa (fake) Vaasudev, you will burn Kaashee Puree. You will kill Shishupaal and Dantvakra in Yudhishthir's Raajsooya Yagya. I will see everything. then you will become Kaal in the form of Saarathee of Arjun. I greet you." Then with the permission of Krishn he went away.

One day Krishn was playing hide and seek with His friends. At that time Vyomaasur Raakshas came in the form of a Gwaal Baal. Vyomaasur was the son of Maya Daanav and he himself was a skilled Maayaavee (creator of Maayaa). So he played as a thief and took many children playing as sheep. he threw them in a cave and covered the door of the cave with a large rock. When Krishn came to know this, then next time when he was taking the children, Krishn caught him. On being caught, Vyomaasur showed his real form, but Bhagavaan caught him so tightly that he could not escape and He killed him by twisting his neck. Then Krishn went to the cave and brought all children back.



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