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Chapters 30-33

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30-Krishn Virah (Separation from Krishn)

Shuk Dev Jee said - "As Bhagavaan disappeared from among the Gopee, they went mad and started imitating Krishn. They forgot themselves as a Gopee and became like Krishn. Then they started searching for Krishn. They went from one bush to another and asked His whereabouts. They said - "Hey Peepal (a holy tree of India), Hey banyan, Have you seen our Krishn anywhere? He has stolen our heart and has hidden Himself from us. Did Balaraam Jee come this side? Hey sister Tulasee, You are very soft-hearted and well wisher of everybody. You love Bhagavaan and He loves you. Have you seen your Shyaam Sundar? Hey Maalatee, Hey Joohee (a popular sweet smelling flower of India)!  We are sure you must have seen our dear beloved Maadhav. Did He touch you while going from here? Without Him our life is lonely. We are losing ourselves. Tell us how to get Him. Hey Prithvi, What type of Tapasyaa you have done so you seem to be very happy. Is this the reason of your happiness because He touched you with His lotus feet? or because of measuring you when He took Vaaman Avataar?" Hey Pareekshit, Gopee were searching Him in this way. Then they started imitating Krishn's various Leelaa. [His many childhood Leelaa which they were remembering, ave been described here]. 

Then they saw the footprints of Shree Krishn. So they followed those marks, but they noticed that there were some other woman's footprint also beside them. They felt jealous with that woman. After going to some distance they couldn't see the woman's footmarks, So they guessed that: "Shree Krishn must have noticed that her feet were pricked by grass blades, so He must have lifted her. Well, whosoever went with Shree Krishn, she must have thought that she was the only lucky woman to whom Krishn is giving so much respect and love. So she must have got mad and said to Krishn - "I am tired now, I can't walk further, please lift me up." Shyaam Sundar must have said - "OK, now you sit on my shoulder." But at the same time they saw their friend unconscious, so they guessed again: "and as she must have wanted to sit on His shoulder, Krishn must have disappeared. So she would have started crying and got unconscious because of Krishn's disappearance." So they woke her up. She told them everything that happened. And all came back to the bank of Yamunaa.

31-Virah Geet of Gopee

Now they started singing Virah Geet (see Ras) in Krishn's separation - "We are waiting for you. Don't make us wait for long time. Now you come back. We are your servants, so don't be angry with us. We are yours only. We are living for you only. Our life is yours. Please come back, don't trouble us." etc. etc.

32-Bhagavaan's Appearance and Consolation to Gopee

At the same time when they were so desperate to see Him, Krishn appeared among them. They all got up as if they had got a new life. One touched His hands, other one kept His arm on her shoulder, other one kept His lotus feet on her chest, yet other one just watched Him without blinking her eyes. Their all sorrows were gone. As Shruti of Karm Kaand started teaching Gyaan Kaand, Gopee also rose above their desires. They spread their Dupatta (a cloth to be worn to cover the upper body of women in India, Pakistan,  Bangla Desh - about 1 1/4 yard wide and 2 1/2 yards long) for Him to sit. Whatever beauty is there in three Lok (Swarg Lok, rithvi Lok, and Pataal Lok) and three Kaal (past, present, future) that is only a minute part of Bhagavaan. He is only Aashraya (resting place) for them.

Garud thought for a while and sat on His arm. Although Garud sat on the arm with a considerable weight, still His arm didn't even shake a bit. Garud threw that branch on a mountain peak, ate elephant and tortoise and asked Vishnu - "Now you tell me what can I do for you?" Vishnu said - "Know me as Naaraayan. I have come here to do something good to you." And He showed him His real form. He said - "You are very mighty, You be my ride." Garud said - "I am blessed having your Darshan. I will come after taking permission from my parents." Vishnu said - "You be immortal, your Karm and grace should be like mine, you can go anywhere, your all desires should be fulfilled, and you can get the food of your liking without any problem. You will soon make your mother happy." And He disappeared. When Garud told this to Kashyap Jee, he got very happy. He said - "Today we all are blessed. Our family is also blessed in which a son like you has been born. People can't get Vishnu's Darshan even after doing severe Tap etc, but you have got Him easily. You mother is in trouble, so first you get her free, then you go to Vishnu."

Gopee said - "O Natnaagar, Some people love only those who love them; and some love to those also who do not love them; but some are those who do not love both of them. Who do you like most among these three?" Krishn said - "Sakhee (friend), Who love somebody when somebody loves them, they love them with selfish motive, so it is only exchange. Neither there is any affection, nor any Dharm in that love. Who love those who do not love them, as good-natured and gentle people by nature and parents do, their heart is filled with welfare and their behavior is truthful and with Dharm too. Some people do not love even those who love them, and those who do not love them, are useless for them. Such people are four types: (1) Who are indulged only in themselves, they don't even consider the other person's existence; (2) Who at least accept the other person's existence but they are so much satisfied in themselves that they do not have any need to go to anybody; (3) Who do not know, who loves them; and (4) Who want to put their well wishers in trouble. Hey Gopiyo, I do not behave with my lovers as I should do. I do it only because, so that they always remember me. Such as a poor man worries about his lost wealth after getting lots of riches, in the same way I also manifest myself and then disappear.

You all love me, and I love you all. You have broken those chains of your household, which are difficult even for Yogee and Yatee. If I want to return your love, service and sacrifices, I cannot do that from my external body, external life, until unending period. I am indebted to you for my whole life. You can free me from this debt, but I will always be indebted to you."


Shuk Dev Jee said - "All Gopee got relieved to hear this. Now again Shree Krishn started His Raas. This time He appeared between every two Gopee, so there was one Gopee and one Krishn, one Gopee and one Krishn.. Now every Gopee felt that her lover was with her Thus with thousands of Gopee this Divine Raas began. At that time hundreds of Vimaan (airplanes) appeared in the sky. All Devtaa came there with their wives. Divine flowers were showered. Gandharv also started singing the glory of Bhagavaan with their wives. Gopee started dancing with their Shyaam Sundar. Their bangles in their wrists, Paazeb (Paayal) in their feet and tiny Ghungharoo (bells) in their waist belts started ringing together. [Its description is given here in detail.]

Dev women were also enjoying this Raas Leelaa. Chandramaa also got surprised to see its shine and reflection. This Raas Leelaa continued for a long time. When Gopee got tired, Shree Krishn wiped their faces with His own hands, then they all entered Yamunaa waters. There also they played with water for some time. Then they went to nearby gardens. That Sharad Ritu night was very beautiful. But hearing all this one should always remember that all this was His Divine intention and Divine Leelaa. He had full control on His feelings and actions.

Pareekshit asked - "Shree Krishn is the only Swaamee of the whole Universe. He appeared on this earth with His Ansh Avataar Balaraam Jee because He wanted to develop Dharm and Maryaadaa (limitations), then why did He touch other women which is opposite to Dharm. I agree that He had all the control on His desires, even then with what purpose did He do this? Please clear my doubts."

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Sometimes Soorya, Agni, Eeshwar (high or powerful, or mighty status people) are found breaking Dharm rules and doing courageous acts. But they do not do wrong. Agni eats everything, but it does not take those things' bad characteristics. Who do not have this capacity of doing such acts, should not even think about it, leave doing it physically. If somebody does it foolishly, then he falls down from his Dharm. Shankar Jee drank the poison, but if somebody else drank it, he would have burnt himself immediately. Therefore whatever is in somebody's capacity, only he should behave in that way. These powerful souls are prideless, when they do good, they do not have any worldly selfish motive and when they do any thing bad, they do not harm themselves.

They are above selfishness and doing harm to others. You cannot link good and bad things related to human beings to Bhagavaan. Devotees feel contented after taking the dust of whoever's lotus feet, Yogee break their birth and death cycle by doing whoever's Yog, thoughtful learned people become Tattwa-Swaroop by meditating on whoever, the same Bhagavaan manifests His Swaroop (form) at the will of His devotees. Then how can one even imagine Him related to Karm bondage. The same Bhagavaan who exists in everybody's heart is doing this Leelaa with Gopee. That night was as long as Brahmaa's night. Now Brahm Muhoort was arriving so Gopee returned to their homes. [read  Raas Leelaa  for more information]



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