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Chapters 42-44

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42-Favor to Kubjaa, Breaking the Bow and Fear of Kans

Shuk Dev Jee said - "When Krishn went a little further, He smelled a very sweet smell all around, He saw a young woman. She was beautiful but she had a Koobad on her back that is why she was called Kubjaa (hunchback). She was carrying a pot of sandal paste and other sweet smelling pastes. He asked her - "O beautiful lady, Who are you? And for whom you are taking these pastes? Give some to us also. This will do good to you."  Kubjaa said - "O Handsome! I am the loving maid-servant of Kans. My name is Trivakraa (her body was crooked at three places that is why her name was Trivakraa. Tri means three and Vakra means crooked). I supply this paste there. Kans likes my pastes, but the best person to have this is only you, nobody else." So she gave the paste to both brothers. Krishn got very pleased with her. He intended to make her all right. He pressed Kubjaa's both feet with His both feet, and raised her body by pushing her chin upward with His two fingers. Immediately she became all right and became a very beautiful woman. And she had a desire to have Shree Krishn. She said - "Come, Let us go home, now I cannot leave you here because you have moved my heart. Pity on me." Krishn said - "Your house is the means of curing mental illness of worldly people. I will come there definitely."

Then they arrived at the Dhanush Yagya. There He saw a very wonderful bow, like a rainbow. It was Shankar's bow. It was decorated with many things and many soldiers were guarding it. In spite of stopping by them Krishn picked that bow, pulled its string and the bow was broken into two pieces. Kans also heard the sound of its breaking. He got worried hearing that. The guards tried to catch them but Krishn killed them with the pieces of broken bow. He killed other people also sent by Kans. They again started roaming around in the lanes of Mathuraa and came back to their place where they were staying, in the evening. Then they ate food and slept.

When Kans heard that Krishn and Balaraam had broken the bow without any difficulty, he could not sleep the whole night. He dreamed many dreams which indicated his death, such as when he saw his face in a mirror he saw his body without head; or there is nothing in between but still he saw the flame of lamp and light of Moon and stars double-shaded; or he saw a hole in his shadow; or he could not listen to anything when he clogged his ear holes. In the morning Kans started the celebrations of Dhanush Yagya with wrestling. He called Nand etc Gop and they offered him gifts.

43-Moksh to Kuvalayaapeed Elephant

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Krishn and Baalraam also arrived at the Rangshaalaa hearing the sound of trumpets etc. They saw Kuvalayaapeed elephant at the gate. Then they said to its driver (Mahaavat) - "Give us the way otherwise I will kill both of you, you and your elephant." The driver did not do so so He went forward and the elephant took Him on his trunk, but He slipped out. In the end He killed the elephant as well as his Mahaavat.

After killing the elephant, Krishn entered the Rangbhoomi carrying elephant's tusks. Everybody saw Him with according to his or her own feelings. When Kans saw Krishn, he understood that when He had killed Kuvalayaapeed, then it is difficult to kill Him. All people sitting around were so happy to see both children that they forgot to blink their eyes and talked among themselves about their events occurred in Brij. Then Chaanoor said to them - "We have heard that you are a very good wrestler. Let us have a wrestling session. Raajaa Kans will like it."

Krishn said - "We are also the people of Kans, so we should also try to please him. We will definitely wrestle with our counterparts." Chaanoor said - " You are neither children, nor adolescents, you are a brave man so come and wrestle with me and Mushtik will wrestle with Balaraam Jee."

44-Moksh to Chaanoor, Mushtik etc Wrestlers and Kans

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Many women were also present there. When they saw that young children were coupled with fully matured wrestlers, they said among themselves - "This is very injustice in Kans' kingdom that such young tender children are asked to wrestle with these huge wrestlers." Devakee and Vasudev Jee were hearing this [perhaps they were near to that place where these women were talking]. They got very sad because they did not know their sons' powers. Eventually Krishn and Balaraam killed all Chaanoor, Mushtik, Koot, Shal, Toshal etc wrestlers. The remaining ones ran for their lives seeing all this. Everybody got very happy to see this, but Kans got angrier.

He ordered to stop all instruments to play and ask his people to throw these children out of the city, to snatch all money of Gop and to imprison Nand Jee, to kill Vasudev and Ugrasen, because even though Ugrasen was his own father, but he was with Vasudev. Kans was talking like this that Shree Krishn jumped and climbed up on the stage where Kans was sitting. When Kans saw Him in front of him he jumped from his throne and stood up, and picked his sword and shield. He was about to kill Krishn, that Krishn jumped over him and he died instantly. Bhagavaan Krishn brought his body pulling down. Kans got the same Swaroop as of Bhagavaan which is difficult even for Yogee.

Kans had Kank and Nyagodh etc eight younger brothers. They rushed towards Krishn and Balaraam to take revenge of the killing of their brother, however, Balaraam Jee killed all of them. All brothers' wives wept bitterly at the death of their husbands. Krishn is the life-giver to the whole world. He consoled them and did their last rites. Then He got released His parents and greeted them by touching their feet. But they could not hug Him because they took Him as Bhagavaan and how could they take Him as their son?"



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