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Chapters 12-14

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12-Mukti to Aghaasur

Shuk Dev Jee said - "One day Krishn started for the forest with Gwaal Baal very early in the morning. When they reached in forest they let go their animals for grazing and they themselves started playing various games. Whose even the dust of feet is unavailable to Yogee, the same Bhagavaan plays daily with Gwaal Baal.

A great Daitya Aghaasur (Agh means Paap, and Asur means Raakshas or Demon) came there. Aghaasur was the younger brother of Pootanaa and Bakaasur and Kans sent him to kill Krishn. When he saw Krishn and Balaraam he thought - "Oh, He is the one who has killed my brother and sister. I will not leave Him today. I will kill Him along with Gwaal Baal." So he changed himself into a python whose size was like one Yojan long Parvat (mountain). He opened his large mouth like a door of a cave. His tongue looked like a red colored road. His breath was like storm and eyes were like fire. Children thought this was something like a decoration piece of Vrindaavan. They imagined him as a decorative python and entered his mouth. Krishn thought - "These children are taking the real python as a fake python." Till then they had already entered his mouth, but the python had not swallowed them, because he was waiting for Shree Krishn to come inside. So Krishn also entered his mouth. Now the python was about to swallow all of them that Krishn started increasing His body size so much that he got restless. His eyes came out and his soul also left his body. Then all children came out of his body. A light came out of his body and entered in Krishn's body. Not only Gwaal Baal but Devtaa, Gandharv, Brahmaa Jee etc also prayed Him. Gwaal Baal told their parents this incident in Krishn's 6th year, while it happened in His 5th year.

Soot Jee said - "Hey Shaunak Jee etc Rishi, When Pareekshit heard these incidents of his life-giver Krishn's life, he expressed his desire to listen more of His Leelaa, so he asked - "You said the Gwaal Baal told His Leelaa of His 5th year in 6th year in Brij. So tell me that how one time Leelaa can be present in another time.

13-Brahmaa's Moh (Confusion) and Its End

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Hey Pareekshit!  You are very lucky that is why you have asked such a beautiful question. When all Gwaal Baal had come out of Aghaasur's mouth, Krishn brought them to the bank of Yamunaa and said - "See this place is very beautiful. Let us eat our food here." Everybody took out his food and starting eating it. While eating food Gwaal Baal lost themselves looking at Krishn, because Krishn was looking so beautiful and charming while eating and their animals went astray, far from them in the forest. When Gwaal Baal woke up from their trance they got worried about their animals. Krishn said - "You don't stop eating food, I go and bring animals back." And He went to search for them still holing food in one hand.

Brahmaa Jee was still in the sky. In fact he was surprised to see the Mukti of Aghaasur, so he thought that I should see more of His Leelaa. So first he moved animals from there, and after when Krishn had left His Gwaal Baal for searching their animals, he took the Gwaal Baal also somewhere else and he himself disappeared from the sky. After all he was the child of Jad Kamal (unconscious lotus). Shree Krishn did not find their animals, so He came back where He left His Gwaal Baal, but He did not find His friends there either. Immediately He knew that this is Brahmaa Jee's act, so He changed Himself into both Gwaal Baal and animals. Nobody knew this secret. In the evening they entered Brij and did the same activities as those children used to do. 

Hearing the sound of Vanshee (Bansee or flute), mothers came out of their houses and took their children inside and started feeding their milk. In the same way calves also went to their mother cows and drank their milk. [Thus both mothers - human and cow - fed their milk to only Shree Krishn, or in other words only He suckled the milk of so many human and cow mothers.] Thus almost the whole year passed and Krishn acted in several forms. Once when there were five nights remained in completing one year, and Krishn was in the forest grazing their calves, at that time cows were grazing on the peak of Govardhan Parvat. They could see their calves grazing near Brij, so without caring for Gwaalaa, they rushed towards them. Gop tried their best to stop them but couldn't stop them. When they reached at that place where cows went, then they saw their own children too along with the calves, so they forgot their anger and loved their children.

Now Balaraam Jee noticed that the children and calves who have not been drinking their mother's milk are getting more love everyday. How did it happen. Then he saw from his Gyaan Drishti (inner eyes), and found that only Krishn was present in the form of Gwaal Baal and calves. Then he said to Krishn - "Bhagavan, These Gwaal Baal and calves are neither Devtaa nor Rishi then why you have taken so many forms separately?" At this Krishn told him about Brahmaa's action.

Till then Brahmaa Jee had come back to Brij from Brahm Lok. According to his time measurement only one Truti had passed. He saw Krishn playing with His Gwaal Baal and calves as he left them one year before. He thought I made them sleep on my Maayaa bed and since they have not awaken up, then where these Gwaal Baal and calves have come from?" Then he saw both of them critically but could not differentiate between the real ones and the fake ones. Whose Maayaa controls everybody, Brahmaa Jee wanted to control Him by his own Maayaa? Brahmaa Jee was thinking thus, that all Gwaal Baal and calves looked to him in the form of Krishn. There was no difference between conscious and unconscious. Seeing all this his all Indriyaan got stunned. Although Brahmaa Jee has all kinds of knowledge, but still he was unable to understand Bhagvaan's Divine Roop and His eyes got closed. Bhagavaan understood that now Brahmaa Jee was unable to understand His anything, so He drew His Maayaa back. Then Brahmaa Jee got Brahm Gyaan and he opened his eyes. First he saw directions, then Vrindaa Van and then he saw Krishn carrying food in His one hand in search of calves as he left them one year ago.

As soon as Brahmaa Jee saw Him, he jumped out of his ride Hans (swan) and fell onto His feet and prayed Him.

14-Brahmaa Jee's Prayer

[There are 40 Shlok of Brahmaa Jee's prayer here] Shuk Dev Jee said - "After praying and circling Him three times, He went to Satya Lok. He sent Gwaal Baal and calves to their place. Krishn bade farewell to Brahmaa Jee and came to the bank of River Yamunaa along with calves. Although one year had passed but they felt it like only half a moment had passed. They all welcomed Krishn and started eating again. Then when they went home they told the story of killing python by Krishn.

Pareekshit asked - "Krishn was another person's son, then how come that Brij people loved Him so much?" Shuk Dev Jee said - "Everybody loved himself the most. Whatever love is for one's own son, wealth or for any other thing that is because most things are dear to them. This is the reason that all living beings love their souls the most and not their son, or wealth, or house etc. Who do not differentiate between body and soul, they also do not love their physically-related father, or son, or friend in the same way as they do their own soul. When Gyaan makes this clear that this body is not "I", rather "this body is mine", then one does not love his body like he loves his soul. For the same reason, in spite of being this body being old and weak, we always hope to live more. This proves that all living beings love their soul most. Krishn is the soul of all souls. Who knows the real form of Krishn, everything is Bhagavaan Swaroop for them in this world.

Who listen and tells this story he attains all - Dharm, Arth, Kaam and Moksh."



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