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Chapters 8-10

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8-Naming Ceremony and Other Leelaa

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Yadu Vanshee's Purohit was Gargaachaarya Jee. He was a great Tapaswee. On the request of Vasudev Jee, one day he came to Gokul. Nand Jee got very happy to see him. He greeted him and asked affectionately - "What can I do for you? Your all desires are fulfilled. You are very good at knowing Brahm, so name my these two children." Garagaachaarya Jee said - "I am known as the Purohit of Yadu Vansh, so if I do the naming ceremony of your children, then people will think that this is Devakee's son. Kans will misunderstand it. Since he has already heard from Devakee's daughter that his killer has already born somewhere, he always thinks that Devakee's eighth child cannot be a girl. If I do the naming ceremony of your son, and Kans kills Him thinking that this might be Devakee's son, then it will be a great injustice to the child."

Nand Jee said - "You just simply do the naming ceremony in the Goshaalaa (where cows are kept) in a lonely place. Leave others, even my own relations and friends will also not be able to know it." Then Gargaachaarya Jee did the naming ceremony of both the children (Balaraam and Krishn) secretly. He said - "Because He is Rohinee's son, His name will be Rohineya. He will give joy to his relatives, friends, so his another name will be Raam. He is very powerful that is why his one of the names will be Bal. And because he will not discriminate between Yaadav and you people and will develop friendship even if they will fight, that is why He will be called as Sankarshan.

And because of this Shyaam Varn (dark complexion) boy, who takes the body in every Yug - in the past Yug, He was of white, red and yellow Varn, this time He is of Shyaam Varn - His name will be Krishn. Hey Nand Jee, Your son had been born to Vasudev Jee's house also, those who know this secret will call Him Vaasudev too. Your son has many names and many forms, so according to those forms He will have many names. I know all those names, but ordinary people do not know them. He will do good to you. This was in previous Yug, when there was no king on Prithvi. Robbers were on their prime, then your this son protected the gentle people. He is like Naaraayan in qualities, wealth, beauty, glory and powers. You take care of Him carefully." Instructing thus Gargaachaarya Jee went back to his Aashram. Hey Pareekshit, After some time Raam and Shyaam started crawling in Gokul's lanes. When they grew a little more, they started playing with calves and other Gwaal Baal. Gopee and Yashodaa used to worry about them. After some time they used to play in other Gopee's houses.

One day Gwaal Baal were playing with Shree Krishn, that they saw Him eating soil, so they came to Yashodaa and told her that Kanhaiyaa has eaten soil. Yashodaa held His hand and said - "Why did you eat soil?" Krishn said - "Maa, I have not eaten soil. They are telling lies, see my mouth." and saying thus He opened His mouth wide. Yashodaa saw the whole Universe in His mouth - Aakaash (sky), directions, Soorya, Chandra, Kaal, Jeev, Jal, Pavan etc etc, even she saw herself there. She got frightened and remembering Bhagavaan closed her eyes. When she opened her eyes, Krishn was smiling. The same Bhagavaan whose glory is sung by all Ved, Upanishad, Saankhya Yog etc is now Yashodaa's son to whom she is scolding on eating soil."

Pareekshit asked - "What kind of Tap or anything else Nand Jee did that Bhagavaan Himself suckled on Yashodaa's breasts. Those Leelaa were not seen by Vasudev and Devakee but by Nand and Yashodaa. What is the reason for it?" Shuk Dev Jee said - "Nand Jee was a Vasu in his previous life. His name was Drone and his wife's name was Dharaa. To obey Brahmaa Jee's orders, he said - "When we are born on Prithvi, then we should have unlimited Bhakti in Krishn Bhagavaan." Brahmaa Jee said - "So be it." So both of them came on Prithvi as Nand and Yashodaa.

9-Tying Shree Krishn With Ookhal

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Hey Pareekshit, Once (in Kaartik Maas) Yashodaa herself was churning yogurt for her Kanhaiyaa. At that time, Krishn came to drink milk so Yashodaa put her breast in His mouth. In the meantime milk was about to boil on stove, so she left Krishn half-satisfied and rushed to take milk off the stove. Krishn got angry at this. He broke the yogurt Matakee (mud pot) and started eating the old butter. When Yashodaa came back, she saw that yogurt Matakee was broken and Kanhaiyaa was not there. Smilingly she searched Him over and found Him standing on the Ookhal (pestle) kept upside down and feeding butter to monkeys. She got scared of His action so she looked hear and there too. When Krishn saw Yashodaa coming with a stick in her hand, He jumped down from the Ookhal and ran away from there. Finally she caught Him.

Now He was standing as a criminal in front of His mother. When Yashodaa saw her son frightened, she was filled with so much love for Him that she threw the stick, but thought to punish Him by tying Him with a rope. Yashodaa did not know His glory. Who is neither inside, nor outside, who has neither any beginning nor any end, Yashodaa is trying to tie the same Bhagavaan with Ookhal, only because He is in the form of human being. So when she started tying Him up, she found the rope falling short by two fingers only. She brought another piece of rope and again tried to tie Him, but again it fell short only by two fingers. As she brought more longer ropes pieces but all ropes fell short only by two fingers. Then she added one or more to the previous one, still all ropes fell short only by two fingers. Yashodaa started sweating but could not tie Him to the Ookhal. [Seeing mother troubled] Bhagavaan Himself got tied. By tying Himself, He showed to the world that He is under the control of His devotees. Milkmaid Yashodaa received whatever pleasures from Mukti-giver Mukund, even Brahmaa Jee could not get it being His son, Shankar Jee being His soul, and Lakshmee Jee being His wife.

After that Yashodaa got busy in her house chores. Now Krishn thought to give Mukti to two Arjun trees who were the sons of Yaksh Raaj Kuber. Their names were Nalkoobar and Manigreev. They were very proud of their wealth and beauty, that is why Naarad Jee gave them Shaap and they became Arjun trees."

10-Mukti to Yamalaarjun

Pareekshit Jee asked - "Tell me why Naarad Jee gave Shaap to them?" Shukdev Jee said - "Nalkoobar and Manigreev were the sons of Swaamee of wealth Kuber Jee. They were the servants of Rudra too, so they became very proud. One day they were sitting on the bank of Mandaakinee River and drinking Vaarunee wine. They had lost their senses. There were many women also. They entered the river with women and started playing with them. By chance Naarad Jee came there. Seeing Naarad Jee Apsaraa got embarrassed and being scared of his Shaap they started putting on their clothes quickly but these Yaksh did not wear their clothes, so he gave them Shaap - "You have lost your senses in spite of being the sons of Kuber and did not think that you are naked in front of a Rishi, that is why now you go and become trees. You will still remember Bhagavaan. After passing 100 divine years, you will see Krishn, then you will get Mukti from that Yoni and will go to your Lok." After saying this Devarshi Naarad went to the Aashram of Nar-Naaraayan. These two men then appeared as trees and together they were known as Yamalaarjun.

So remembering Naarad's incident, Krishn moved towards those trees and started coming through the space between those trees and came out to other side, but the Ookhal behind Him got slanted in this process so it stuck between those trees. As He pulled the Ookhal from between the trunks of those trees, both the trees got uprooted and fell. Two Siddh Purush came out of those trees, fell on His feet and prayed Him. Bhagavaan said - "Your pride is destroyed now, you can go to your Lok." They bade farewell and went away to their Lok.

11-Krishn Goes to Vrindaavan and Mukti to Vatsaasur and Bakaasur

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Hey Pareekshit, As the trees fell on the ground, everybody came there to see as what had happened. They saw the two old Arjun trees lying on the ground and Krishn was pulling the Ookhal from between them, still tied to it. Some children were playing there. They told them that it was the work of Kanhaiyaa. He was going through the space between the trees pulling Ookhal. Ookhal was stuck and trees fell. Two people came out of the trees and went away soon. But the people did not agree with their statement and Nand Jee untied Him from Ookhal.

One day a fruit-seller woman was selling her fruits. Hearing her call Bhagavaan took some grains in His little hands and ran to buy fruits. Hands were very small so all the grains fell from His hands on the floor on the way while He was running to the door to buy the fruits. But the woman filled His both hands with fruits. When she got home, her basket of fruits was filled with jewels.

One day Krishn went to the bank of Yamunaa while playing and played there for a long time. Then Rohinee called them but they wouldn't come. Then Rohinee sent Yashodaa to bring them. So Yashodaa called them - "Come and have some food. You ate in the morning, now is the time to eat again. Brij Raaj has already sat down to take his food, so you also come to eat". When they got there they were given a nice bath and were put on nice clothes and jewelry. Then she asked them to give cows in alms as it was their birth Nakshatra.

When Nand Jee and other elderly Gop saw that there had been many incidents related to Krishn in Brij then they got worried about Him as what to do. There was one Gop named Upnand. He was very knowledgeable. He said - "If we want the welfare of Brij people then we should move from here. First this Krishn was saved from Pootanaa, then He was saved from the carriage, then He was taken into sky, then He was saved from falling of those two old big trees. We should take them as the blessing of Bhagavaan. There is a place Vrindaavan nearby, if everybody agrees we can go there." Everybody agreed upon this and left for Vrindaavan.

After some time Raam and Shyaam were so grown up that they started grazing calves. One day they were grazing their animals. that a Daitya (Vatsaasur) came there to kill them. Krishn saw that he had changed himself into a calf and got mixed up among His animals. He pointed to Balaraam Jee from His eyes and reached close to him. Krishn caught him with his tail and hind legs, gave it circles in the air and threw him on a tree. Daitya got killed and everybody there praised him for this.

Hey Pareekshit, Who take care of everybody in Tri-Lok, they were working as shepherds on Prithvi. They woke up early in the morning, took breakfast food with them and went to graze animals. One day Gwaal Baal took their animals to a pond to make them drink water. They saw a very huge living being there. It was like a broken piece of a mountain. They got frightened to see it. Actually it was Bakaasur (Bak Asur) who came in the form of a crane. His beak was very sharp and he himself was very mighty. He immediately swallowed Krishn. All other Gwaal Baal got fainted seeing this. When he was swallowing Krishn, Krishn became so hot for his mouth that his mouth started burning, so he immediately spit Him out. Then he ran towards Him to kill Him with his beak. In the meantime Krishn held both parts of his beak in His both hands and pulled them apart. Thus He killed him. Seeing this Gwaal Baal got very surprised and told this incident to their people.



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