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Chapters 17-22

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18-Pralambaasur Vadh

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Next day they came to Brij. At one time in Summer, Raam and Shyaam were just playing around [good description of their play is given here] and were grazing their animals also; that Pralambaasur came in the form of a Gwaalaa. He came to kidnap Shree Krishn and Balaraam. Krishn recognized him but still he extended His friendship to him. Now that Asur was thinking how to kill Krishn, so Krishn said to His friends - "Let us divide ourselves into two teams and then we will play. Then they played many games in which they had to lift one another and carry him to another place. Once Balaraam Jee's team won so Krishn lifted one of them on His back and carried him to the place already fixed. Krishn lifted Shree Daamaa, Bhadrasen lifted Vrishabh, and Pralamb lifted Balaraam Jee. Pralambaasur ran away swiftly and went ahead of that point where he had to get Balaraam Jee down. Balaraam Jee was heavy so he could not run very far and he got slow. Then he appeared in his real form. First Balaraam Jee got scared, but immediately he remembered his own real form so he hit him with his fist very forcefully. Pralambaasur's head was broken into hundreds of pieces and he fell on the ground and he died immediately.

19-Saving Cows and Gope from Jungle Fire

One day their cows went very far for grazing on green grass and entered a dense forest. There they got thirsty. When Gwaal Baal noticed that their cows are not there even nearby, they went to search for them and found them in the dense forest by following marks of their feet. Suddenly that jungle caught fire. Gwaal Baal got frightened. Krishn asked them to close their eyes and drank the fire.

20-Description of Varshaa (Rains) and Sharad (Winter) Ritu

(49 Shlok)

21-Venu Geet (Vanshee songs)

Gopee talk about Shree Krishn's Vanshee. (20 Shlok)

22-Gopee's Cheer Haran (Stealing Clothes of Gopee)

Now Hemant Ritu had set in. Before one month of this (in Maagh Maas) the unmarried girls observed Kaatyaayinee Devee's worship and Vrat. They took bath in Yamunaa before sunrise and on the bank itself made an idol Devee out of sand and worshipped it with the wish that - "I should get married to Krishn". So they did it for one month. One day they went to Yamunaa to take bath, took off their clothes and started playing in water. Krishn knew all this, so He went to the bank of Yamunaa with Gwaal Baal to fulfill their wish. He alone picked all the clothes of Gopee and climbed up swiftly on a Kadamb tree. Gwaal Baal started laughing at this. Krishn said to Gopee - "O Gopee, If you want to take your clothes then come here and take them. I am not joking. I tell you the truth. Come either together or one by one."

Gopee got embarrassed hearing this and started looking at each other. They did not get out of the water. They were in the cold water up to the neck. They said - "Krishn, don't do this to us. We know that you are very dear to Nand Baabaa and to us too. Everybody admires you, but give us our clothes. We are your servants. Whatever you will say we are ready to do that, but please, don't trouble us. Give us our clothes."

Krishn said - "On one side you say that you would obey me, [and on the other side you don't come to me when I am calling you, so if you obey me] then you come here and take your clothes." So they came out to take their clothes. Krishn said - "Whatever Vrat you have taken, you have indeed followed it properly. But you have sinned towards Yamunaa and Varun Jee by taking bath like this. So now you join your hands together and touch your head and take your clothes."  They did so and Krishn gave their clothes to them. Gopee did not get angry at all this. They put on their clothes but could not go from there. Krishn said - "I know your intentions. They will be fulfilled soon. Now you go home. You have completed your Saadhanaa. In next Sharad Ritu nights you will be with me." Although they did not want to go to their homes still they returned to their homes, because now their wishes were fulfilled.

One day Krishn and Balaraam went for grazing their cows. It was summer. Sunshine was strong, but trees gave shade to them. So Shree Krishn said - "See, these trees are so great that they always do good to others. They themselves tolerate wind, sunshine, rains, cold, heat [but give comforts, shade to others]. Their life is the best, because they sustain human life. As a beggar does not go empty-handed from a good person's house, in the same way everybody gets something or other from them - leaves, flowers, fruits, shade, root, bark, wood, fragrance, gum, ash, coal, sprouts, so one should follow their life style."


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