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Chapter 23

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23-Favor to Yagya Braahman's Wives

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Once Gwaal Baal said to Shree Krishn - "We are very hungry. Do something for us."  Krishn said - "Friends, At some distance from here, some Vedvaadee Braahman are doing Aangiras Yagya with the desire of Swarg. You go to their Yagyashaalaa and bring some Bhaat (rice) from them. Use Balaraam's and my reference to them." When Krishn said this, they went to those Braahman, bowed and said - "We are Gwaal Baal from Brij and we have come to you by the order of Krishn and Balaraam. They are here nearby and they are hungry. They want that you should give some Bhaat to them." But the Braahman did not pay attention to this. In fact they were stuck in very low level pleasures and they had very little knowledge. Why? Because Bhagavaan is manifested in Desh, Kaal, various things, Various Mantra, method of doing things, Brahmaa, Agni, Devtaa, Yagya and Dharm forms. And Bhagavaan was the one who was asking food in the form of Gwaal Baal. But these fools regarded them as their bodies and disregarded Bhagavaan. So when they did not say anything, Gwaal Baal came back to Krishn and told the whole story.

At this Krishn smiled and said - "Don't worry. Sometimes success comes in several efforts. This time you go to their wives and tell them Raam and Shyaam have come here." They will give you as much food as you will want. So this time they went to their wives and said the same thing as Krishn said to them to tell to Braahman wives. Braahman wives got very pleased to hear this. They took all kinds of eatables and got ready to take them to their Bhagavaan. They arrived there with food and saw Krishn and Balaraam. Krishn also understood that they have come there because they love Him. So He welcomed them and asked them to return to their places, because those Braahman were Grihasth and they will complete their Yagya only along with them.

Braahamn women said - "Shyaam, You should not say that. Shruti say that whosoever attains Bhagavaan, he does not come back in this world. We have disobeyed our relatives so that we can wear Tulasee Maalaa fell from your feet. Now our husbands, sons, parents, brothers, friends will not accept us, so now we are in your refuge. We do not have any other shelter. Please do something so that we do not have go to others for protection."  Krishn said - "Nobody will insult you, even the whole world will respect you, because now you are mine. Therefore you go now and always remember me from your heart. You will soon get me."

Pareekshit, At this all Braahman women went back to their Yagyashaalaa. Their Braahman did not see any fault in them. One woman was stopped by her husband when she wanted to go to Krishn, so she meditated on the Roop of Bhagavaan whatever she had been hearing so far and left her body through Karm. Krishn first fed Gwaal Baal with those four types of food brought by Braahman women, then He ate it Himself.

When Braahman came to know that Shree Krishn Himself is Bhagavaan, they repented. They thought that they sinned by disobeying Krishn and Balaraam. When they saw the love of Bhagavaan in their wives and saw their sin, they abused themselves - "Our knowledge is useless. We are born in a high Kul (family). We took Gaayatree Deekshaa, we studied Ved, but then what is the use of all that? All this did not work for us.

Although these are women, still they have immense love towards Bhagavaan. They broke their Moh (intense love) of Grahasthee with that love which doesn't get cut even by death. They had neither proper Sanskaar, nor they did any Tapasyaa, nor they are fully pure, nor they have good Karm also. In fact we have forgotten what is good for us and what is bad. Lakshmee Herself serves the feet of that Bhagavaan then why should that Bhagavaan ask for food from anybody? The same Bhagavaan Vishnu has taken Avataar in Yadu Vansh as Shree Krishn. We had heard that, still we could not recognize Him because of our foolishness." They got very sad thinking thus. They wanted to go to have Darshan of Krishn and Balaraam but because of Kans's fear they could not go."



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