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Chapter 53

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53-Kidnapping of Rukminee

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Bhagavaan held Braahman's hand and said - "As Rukminee loves me, I also love her. So I will certainly come and take Her." He came to know that Her Swayamvar was only day after tomorrow, so He ordered His Saarathee - "Daaruk, Bring my chariot soon." Daaruk yoked Shaivya, Sugreev, Meghpushp and Balaahak named four horses in Bhagavaan's chariot and brought it immediately. Krishn asked the Braahman to climb on the chariot, then climbed up himself and arrived in Vidarbh Desh from Aanart Desh in one night. Kundinpur Raajaa Bheeshmak was busy in making arrangements to marry Rukminee to Shishupaal.

Rukminee was given bath and was adorned with fine clothes and jewelry. Braahman protected her with Saam, Rig and Yajur Ved Mantra and did Havan with Atharv Ved to pacify bad planets. Bheeshmak gave gold, silver, clothes, jaggery with sesame seeds and cows to Braahman in alms. In the same way Chedi King Damghosh also did marriage related ceremonies for his son Shishupaal. Then they reached Kundinpur with their Chaturanginee (in which all four types of warriors are there - on Rath, on elephants, on horses and on foot) army. Bheeshmak welcomed them and made arrangements for their stay. In this procession Shaalv, Jaraasandh, Dantvakra, Vidoorath and Paundrak etc several friends of Shishupaal were also present, and they all were in the opposite camp of Shree Krishn and Balaraam Jee. And Rukminee must be married to Shishupaal was their main intention. If Krishn will come to take Rukminee then they will fight with Him, that is why they brought their army.

Balaraam Jee got this news, but when he heard that Krishn alone has gone to kidnap Rukminee then he got scared of a fight. So he also set off for Kundinpur with his Chaturanginee army to help Krishn. Rukminee was waiting for Krishn, that Braahman sent by her to Krishn came and informed her that Krishn had already come here. She just bowed to the Braahman (means that she offered all wealth of the whole world to him).

At the same time Bheeshmak also heard that Krishn and Balaraam have also come there to see his daughter's Swayamvar, so he welcomed them also. He offered appropriate respect to them and arranged a place for them. When people of Vidarbh Desh heard about coming of Shree Krishn, they came to see Him and talked among themselves that "He is the only person worthy to be Rukminee's husband". They were talking like this that Rukminee Jee started for Devee's temple. Many soldiers were appointed for her safety and protection. She was keeping Maun (quiet) and was surrounded by many friends and maid-servants.

After arriving at the temple, She did Aachman, washed her feet and entered the temple. She prayed to Bhavaanee - "Hey Maa, I bow to you and your son Ganesh Jee sitting in your lap. Bless me so that I can have Shree Krishn as my husband."  Then She worshipped her with all kinds of things - water, incense, flowers, fruits etc. After taking Prasaad she broke her Maun Vrat (silence) and came out of the temple holding a hand of one of her friends. She was walking forward very slowly waiting for Shree Krishn, that she saw Him. Krishn lifted her from amongst the crowd and put her on His chariot and started. Jaraasandh an other kings could not tolerate this insult."

54-Rukminee Vivaah

Shuk Dev Jee said - "So they all got ready and followed Krishn riding their vehicles. There was a great fight among them and many soldiers of Jaraasandh's army were killed. Shishupaal was very sad with the news that Krishn had kidnapped his would-be wife. Jaraasandh tried to console him - "See, Krishn has defeated me with my 23 Akshauhinee army 17 times, only the 18th time I could win Him, even then I am neither sad nor happy, because I know that Kaal Bhagavaan does this according to one's fate. This time their very small army has defeated us, this is only Kaal's game. When Kaal will be favorable to us then only we will win them." At this Shishupaal and other kings went back to their capitals and own cities.

Rukmee was very jealous with Krishn, he could not tolerate this at all. He took one Akshauhinee army and followed Krishn vowing that if he could not kill Shree Krishn and could not bring his sister back, he would not enter his capital. So he went to fight, had fought but got defeated. Krishn wanted to kill him, but He found Rukminee was trembling with fear and was holding His feet. Seeing this Krishn dropped the idea of killing him, but made him ugly by shaving his mustache and beard and hair and tied him with his own cloth.

Balaraam Jee untied him and freed him and said to Krishn - "This is not good for you. This action is not good for us. Shaving head, mustache and beard is just like killing somebody." Then he said to Rukminee - "Please don't feel bad from our side because everybody bears the results of his actions."  Again he said to Krishn - "If any relation commits any killing-like crime then also one should not kill him. He should be freed, because he is already dead because of his crime." Then he again said to Rukminee - "Both eyes and beauty are illuminated due to Soorya, therefore eyes and beauty are neither together nor separated. Being born, living, growing then dying are all characteristics of the body, not of the soul, as in Krishn Paksh only Moon's Kalaa (aspects) are waned and waxed, not the Moon itself."

Hey Pareekshit,  When Balaraam Jee explained everything to Rukminee Jee, then she got consoled. Everything else except the life of Rukmee was destroyed. He was very much insulted, so he inhabited a very big Nagaree named Bhojkat, because he had already vowed that he would not enter Kundinpur without taking Rukminee back. Krishn brought Rukminee to Dwaarakaa and married her. All Kuru, Srinjaya, Kaikaya, Vidarbh, Yadu and Kuntee etc Vansh people were enjoying on that occasion."



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