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Chapter 55

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55-Birth of Pradyumn and Killing of Shambaraasur

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Pareekshit, Kaamdev is the Ansh of Bhagavaan Vaasudev. He was burnt by the anger of Rudra Bhagavaan. He was born again as the son of Vaasudev from Rukminee Jee and became known as Pradyumn.  He was not less in any respect than his father. He was not even 10 days old that Shambaraasur took him from the delivery room of Rukminee Jee and threw him in the sea and went to his home. He knew that Pradyumn was his future enemy. In the sea a very large fish swallowed the baby Pradyumn. Fisherman caught that fish also along with other fishes. He presented that large fish to Shambaraasur. Cook brought that fish to kitchen and cut it with an axe. They found a baby inside the stomach of that fish. They gave that baby to Maayaavatee - the maid-servant of Shambaraasur. She was very surprised to see the baby.

Then Naarad Jee told her everything, that the baby was Kaam Dev, was born to Krishn and Rukminee, and was swallowed by the fish. Now that Maayaavatee was Rati herself, the wife of Kaamdev. She had been waiting for her husband's rebirth since the day he was burned. So the same Rati was appointed by Shambaraasur to cook food. When she knew that this child was her husband, she started loving him. Pradyumn became a handsome young man in a very short time. He was so handsome that whosoever saw him got attracted to him. Rati used to do all actions as if she were his wife and served him well. Noticing her changing behavior, one day Pradyumn said  - "Devee, You are my mother. Why do you behave like this. I can see that you don't behave like a mother but like a beloved."

Rati said - "You are the son of Bhagavaan Naaraayan Himself. Shambaraasur stole you from Rukminee's delivery room. You are my husband Kaam Dev and I am your wife Rati. When you were not even 10 days old, he brought you from there and threw in the sea. There a large fish swallowed you and I have got you from the stomach of that fish only. Shambaraasur knows many kinds of Maayaa, that is why it is very difficult to win him. You kill your enemy with your Mohan etc Maayaa. Your mother is very sad after you have disappeared from the room." Then Rati taught him Mahaa Maayaa Vidyaa and said - "This Vidyaa destroys all kinds of Maayaa."

Now [after learning all kinds of Maayaa] Pradyumn went to Shambaraasur and invited him for a fight. Shambaraasur came out with his Gadaa in his hand. Both used their Gadaa to fight then Pradyumn thought to use his Mahaa Maayaa. Shambaraasur also used his Taksh, Gandharv, Pishaach, Naag and Raakshasee Maayaa, but all his Maayaa did not work at all against Pradyumn's Mahaa Maayaa. Then Pradyumn picked a sword and cut his neck from his body. After this Maayaavatee Rati who knew flying in sky took her husband through sky way to Dwaarakaa Puree. Together they looked like clouds with lightening. When they reached Bhagavaan's palace, seeing Pradyumn all women took him as Shree Krishn and hid in their palaces. Soon they knew that he was not Shree Krishn, so they came out of the palace to see this beautiful couple.

Then Rukminee Jee came there. Seeing this couple, She remembered her lost son. She thought, "Who is this man? Who is that fortunate who had bore him? And who is this fortunate girl who is his wife? I also had a son like him. If he had been alive today, he could also have been like him. But since this man has got his physical structure like Krishn, I am sure he is my son."

The then Krishn came there with His parents Vasudev and Devakee. Bhagavaan Krishn knew everything, but He did not speak anything. In the meantime Naarad Jee also arrived there and told everything, from Pradyumn's being stolen to coming here. All women welcomed him as if he came to life after dying. Devakee, Vasudev, Krishn, Balaraam, Rukminee and other women got extremely happy. Pradyumn was also so much like Shree Krishn that even his mothers mistook him as Shree Krishn and they thought about him with that perspective."



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