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Chapter 15

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15-Names of Various Siddhi and Their Characteristics

Krishn said - "Hey Uddhav, When Saadhak (who does this Praanaayaam and meditation - see the previous page) meditates upon Me controlling his Indriyaan, Praan and Man, then several Siddhi appear before him." Uddhav Jee asked - "Hey Achyut,  What kind of meditation gives what kind of Siddhi? How many are they? Since you give Siddhi to Yogee, therefore you tell me about them." Krishn said - "There are 18 types of Siddhi. Among them 8 Siddhi reside mainly in Me. Among those 8 Siddhi, 3 Siddhi are of body - (1) Animaa, (2) Mahimaa, and (3) Laghimaa. One Siddhi is of Indriya - (4) Praapti. The fifth Siddhi (5) Praakaamya gives the power of experiencing worldly and Divine materials according to one's wish. To execute the Maayaa and its actions according to one's wish is called (6) Eeshitaa Siddhi. Living with pleasures but not to indulge in them is called (7) Vashitaa Siddhi. And whatever pleasures one desires, enjoying them up to their limit is the 8th Siddhi - (8) Kaamaavasaayitaa". These 8 Siddhi naturally resides in Me and to whoever I give anyone, he gets it only partly.

Besides these 8 Siddhi, there are 10 other Siddhi too - (9) Victory over hunger and thirst in body; (10) Seeing very far things; (11) Hear very far sounds; (12) To be physically present wherever one wishes to go; (13) Taking any Roop (form) according to one's own wish; (14) Entering in another's body; (15) Leaving body whenever somebody wants to leave it; (16) Seeing Devtaa's activities with Apsaraa; (17) Whatever one thinks or intends to do, doing it; (18) Everybody obeys one at every place without any objection. These 10 Siddhi can be achieved by developing Sat Gun in a special way.

(19) To know about past, present and future; (20) Not to be controlled by joy or sorrow, love or jealousy etc; (21) To read somebody's mind; (22) To control the power of Agni, Soorya, water, poison etc; (23) Not to be defeated by anybody - only a Yogee can achieve these 5 Siddhi . 

All these Siddhi are achieved by Yog. Now which Yog helps to achieve which Siddhi, and how; listen to it.

(1) Animaa - Hey Uddhav, The minutest amount of Panch Bhoot is my body only. Whosoever Saadhak meditates and worship on My that Tanmaatraa body, means absorbs himself in that body, he gets "Animaa" named Siddhi - atomic power - means he can enter even stone.

(2) Mahimaa - I am also present in Mahat-Tattwa and in that Roop, I am the center of all kinds of behavioral knowledge. Whoever Saadhak meditates My that Roop, he gets "Mahimaa" named Siddhi. And in the same way I am in Aakaash etc Panch Bhoot also, so whoever Yogee meditates up on me in whichever Bhoot he also gets "Mahimaa" Siddhi of that Bhoot (Prithvi, Aakaash, Jal, Agni, or Vaayu).

(3) Laghimaa - Whosoever Yogee meditates on Vaayu etc 4 Bhoot's Paramaanu, considering it My Swaroop, he achieves "Laghimaa" Siddhi. He can get the power of being as minute as Paramaanu of Kaal, not of Prithvi's Paramaanu.

(4) Praapti - Who considers Saatwik Ahankaar as My Roop and meditate on that, he becomes the Swaamee of all Indriyaan and achieves "Praapti" named Siddhi.

(5) Praakaamya - Who meditates My Mahat-Tattwa Sootraatmaa (A-Vyakt Janmaa, or hidden born) Swaroop, he achieves "Praakaamya" Siddhi. This helps him to have all kinds of desirable pleasures.

(6) Eeshitaa - Who meditates on My Kaal Roop, Vishwa Swaroop, he achieves the power on bodies and beings. This Siddhi is called "Eeshitaa".

(7) Vashitaa - Who meditates on my Naaraayan Swaroop (Tureeya, or Bhagavaan), My natural characteristics start appearing in him and he achieve "Vashitaa" Siddhi.

(8) Kaamaavasaayitaa - Nir-Gun Brahm is also Me. Who meditates My that Brahm Roop he gets Param Aanand (ultimate joy) "Kaamaavasaayitaa" Siddhi, and his all desires are destroyed.

(9) My that Roop which is the Swaamee of "Shwet Dweep" is very pure and is very Dhaarmik (religious), whosoever meditates that Roop, he gets free from hunger, thirst, birth, death, sorrow and love - these six things; and he attains my pure Swaroop.

(10 Door Shravan - I am the Aakaash, Aatmaa (Praan) in all, who meditates on my that Roop, he achieves "Door Shravan" (to be able to hear far sounds) Siddhi, and can hear and understand the language of various beings present in the sky.

(11) Door Darshan - Who can intercept eyes in Soorya, and Soorya in eyes and meditate on that joint thing, his sight becomes very minute, and he achieves "Door Darshan" Siddhi (who can see far things) and thus he can see the whole world.

(12) Manojav - Who joins his mind and body (along with Praan Vaayu) with Me and then meditate on Me, he achieves "Manojav" Siddhi. This Siddhi can take one's body wherever he wants to go.

(13)  When a Yogee wants to take any Devtaa's body, he can take that Roop, because he has absorbed his Chitta (heart) in Me. So whosoever imagines that he is in that [Devtaa's] body, then his Praan takes the Vaayu Roop and enters in another's body. But if he wants to leave his body then he should press his anus with his heel and then take Praan Vaayu to heart, chest, throat and forehead sequentially. And then leave the body by absorbing it in Brahm through Brahm Randhra. And if he wants to roam around in Devtaa's places, then he should imagine My Pure Sattwa Swaroop. By doing this beautiful women come to him riding on their Vimaan.

(14) Who has stabilized his mind in My Satya Sankalp; then at whatever time, whatever he intends to do, his wish is granted.

(15) I am the Swaamee of both "Eeshitva" and "Vashitva", that is why nobody can ignore My orders. Therefore who meditates on My that Roop and creates the same feelings in his mind, other people can also not ignore his orders.

(16) Whose mind is purified meditating on Me with the effect of my Bhakti, he can know birth, death, and other past, present and future events.

(17) As the creatures of water do not have fear of water, in the same way who has offered his mind to Me, nothing like Agni, Jal etc can destroy his body

(18) Who meditates on My Avataar with Shree Vats etc marks and Shankh, Chakra, Gadaa, Padm etc things and flags and divine umbrella, he becomes invincible.

In the same way whoever thoughtful man worships Me and meditate upon Me through Yog, he achieves all those Siddhi which I have described. Hey Uddhav Jee, Who has control on his Praan, mind and Indriyaan, who is very disciplined and meditating on my Swaroop, no Siddhi is difficult for him. But the good people say that who are practicing Bhakti Yog and Gyaan Yog, who are getting absorbed in Me, to achieve these Siddhi is a kind of obstacle for them, because in doing so they waste their time.

Whatever Siddhi is achieved through medicines, Tapasyaa, Mantra etc, all those can be achieved through Yog also, but the ultimate aim of Yog - my Swaroop or my Lok etc, cannot be achieved through any other means except meditating up on Me. Brahm Gyaanee have told many means - Yog, Saankhya, Dharm etc. I am the only Swaamee of all of those and all Siddhi."



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