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Chapter 14

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14-Importance of Bhakti Yog and Method of Meditation

Uddhav Jee asked - "Hey Krishn, Brahm Gyaanee sages (who know about Brahm) tell several means for self-welfare. All are good or is there any one which is better than others? But you have told me only Bhakti Yog as the independent means, because this causes to meditate upon you leaving everything else." Krishn said - "Hey Uddhav, This Ved Vaanee (words of Ved) disappeared at the time of Pralaya. When the time of Creation came, then I delivered it to Brhmaa Jee from my Sankalp (intention). This also describes Bhaagvat Dharm. Then Brahmaa Jee delivered it to his eldest son Swaayambhuv Manu, and Manu delivered it to Bhrigu, Mareechi, Pulah, Atri, Pulastya and Kratu - seven Prajaapati. Later their descendents got it from them only. Devtaa, Daanav etc all of these have different nature (their desires) because of the different proportion of Sat, Raj and Tam Gun, therefore all are different in their Buddhi (intellect) also. That is why they all interpret the meaning of Ved Vaanee differently. This Ved Vaanee is so Divine that one can easily interpret it in several ways. So because of these two reasons, the person who takes it, interprets it according to his own Buddhi. Even some people oppose Ved too.

Whoever interprets Ved, he, according to his own Buddhi or ideas, tells it others. For example, critics will tell the means of self-welfare as Dharm; literary people will tell about fame; sexologist will tell about sex; Yogee will tell about Satya (truth); Tyaagee (who have left many things) will tell about Tyaag (to leave things); and worldly people will tell about Bhog (enjoyment); Karm Yogee will tell about Yagya, Tap, alms Vrat etc. But all these are Karm, so whatever Lok one gets as a result of these Karm, they are all for taking birth and death. When the results of their good Karm are finished, they get only sorrows. Whatever happiness they get that is also momentary. Whoever is indifferent from all these pleasures and sorrows, does not feel the need of any Karm or its fruit and surrenders himself to Me, I sprout the ultimate happiness in his heart, which these worldly people can never get it.

Who has offered himself to me, he neither desires Brahmaa's status, nor Indra's status, nor even the kingdom of Rasaatal. He doesn't even desire for Yog Siddhi and Moksh. I love my Bhakt like you so much that I do not love Brahmaa, Shankar, Balaraam, Lakshmee that much. My Bhakt who has not got control over his Indriyaan and is interfered by worldly pleasures, he also does not get defeated from those pleasures because of my Bhakti. As who always thinks about pleasures and he gets indulged in pleasures; in the same way who always remembers me, he gets indulged in Me. Therefore you leave all those means and Karm results and always think about Me. This will make your heart pure also. My Bhakti makes even those people pure who are Chaandaal by birth. There is nothing in this world except Me.

Uddhav Jee asked - "How one should meditate upon you?" Krishn said - "First of all sit on an appropriate Aasan. Keep hands in your lap, and look at the front part of the nose. then clean your nerves through Poorak, Kumbhak, Rechak and Rechak, Kumbhak, Poorak methods. Praanaayaam's periods should be increased gradually and try to control your Indriyaan also along with it, Meditate Aumkaar in your heart, then take it up through Praan and stabilize Swar in that, such that it is continuous. If somebody does it ten times in one time and three times daily in this way, then he can control Praan Vaayu in one month time.

After this, he should imagine his heart as a lotus flower which is situated upside down (stem is up and the flower is upside down), after that lotus has bloomed towards upside. It has eight petals and in its center is a yellow cushion. On that cushion are Soorya, Chandramaa and Agni respectively. Then imagine My Swaroop in Agni (four arms, fish-shaped ear-rings, yellow Peetaambar, Vanmaalaa in the neck etc). Thus he should draw his Indriyaan through Man (mind) and meditate on Me or in my any body part. When it has stabilized there, then he should meditate on Aakaash and then only on My Swaroop. When one's mind is fully stabilized in Me then he should feel that one light is absorbed in another. Who meditates up on Me like this he does not indulge in Karm."



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