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Chapters 21-24

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21-24-Kardam Jee and Devahooti

Vidur Jee said - "Hey Maitreya Jee, Manu's Vansh has been considered very respectable because from that the sexual reproduction started. So now you tell me about his Vansh. You told me that Swaayambhuv Manu's sons Uttaanpaad and Priyavrat ruled the seven-Dweep (island) Prithvi; and their daughter Devahooti was married to Kardam Muni. Tell me about her."  Maitreya Jee said - "When Brahmaa Jee ordered Kardam Rishi to produce children, then he did Tapasyaa on the bank of Saraswatee River for 10,000 years. Then in the beginning of Sat Yug Shree Hari appeared before him. Kardam Jee prayed Him. Bindusar is that Teerth that is filled with Saraswatee River water and where the drops of tears fell from Bhagavaan's eyes seeing Kardam Rishi's Tap. Kardam Jee welcomed him and asked the reason to come there.

Bhagavaan said - "For whichever purpose you have done this Tap, I have made all arrangement for that. Manu is living in Brahmaavart and is now ruling the Prithvi with seven seas. He with Shataroopaa will come to you with the proposal of one of his daughters for marriage day after tomorrow. You accept that girl. She will give birth to nine girls, then Mareechi etc Rishi will produce children from them. I will also be born as your son by my Ansh Kalaa and then will write Saankhya Shaastra." After saying this Shree Hari went to His Lok. He heard Saam Ved Richaa coming out of Garud's wings. And Muni Kardam Jee stayed back there only at Bindu Sarovar (pond) according to the instruction of Shree Bhagavaan. As Shree Hari told Kardam Jee, Manu and Shataroopaa came to Kardam Jee.

Manu said to Kardam Rishi hesitantly - "Bhagavaan has created you to protect Ved and has created us to protect you. Thus Braahman are said to be His heart and Kshatriya are said to be His body. This is my daughter and the sister of Priyavrat and Uttaanpaad and wish to have you as her husband. I offer you my daughter to you, please accept her. You are ready to marry, therefore please accept her as your wife." Kardam Jee said - "I will accept this girl married to me according to Ved. Who can refuse your such a beautiful daughter? Once she was playing ball on her palace's roof. At that time seeing her Vishwaavasu Gandharv fell from his Vimaan (airplane). The same girl is requesting me to accept her. In this situation who is that who will not accept her? Who have not worshipped Lakshmee Jee's feet, they cannot even see her. I will surely accept her but with one condition, I will live with her only until she will have a child, and after that I will go for Sanyaas. Because I regard Him the greatest."

Manu, Shatroopa and Devahooti all agreed up on this. He gave his daughter to Kardam Rishi. At the time of returning from there Manu wept bitterly but then he returned to their Barhishmatee Nagaree where Varaah Bhagavaan's fur fell as He shook His body at the time of bringing Prithvi up. In Manu's palace, in the morning Gandharv used to sing daily but Manu used to listen to Hari Kathaa only. He used to enjoy pleasures but they did not move him from his righteous path. Thus he finished his term of 71 + Chatur-Yug. He wrote Dharm also for all kinds of people which is famous as Manu Sanhitaa. Now you listen to the story of Devahooti."

Maitreya Jee said - "Hey Vidur Jee, After her parents left, Devahooti served Muni Kardam very well. She considered him above Bhagavaan so she always served him with high hopes. She served him so well that she forgot to take care of her own body also. After some time Kardam Rishi got so pleased with her services that he gave her all the powers earned through his Tap and Yog. He gave her Divine sight also to see them. Other pleasures are destroyed even by Hari's one look, therefore they are nothing in comparison to these pleasures. He said - "You may enjoy them. We are King, so we can have them easily."

Devahooti also got pleased with the result of her services. Then she expressed her desire to have a child. Kardam Jee then created a beautiful Vimaan (airplane) in which all kinds of pleasures were there. When Devahooti didn't look at it with appreciation then he asked Devahooti to take bath in Bindu Sarovar (pond) as it was created by Vishnu Bhagavaan and was to fulfill all wishes, and stepped up in the Vimaan.

When she stepped into Bindu Sarovar, she was wearing a very dirty cloth, her hair was sticky and her body was also dirty, but as she took a dip into that water she found one thousand maids waiting for her in that Sarovar. They all helped her in taking bath, getting dressed and wearing jewelry etc. They gave her several kinds of tasty foods and drinks also. Then she saw her face in the mirror and found herself very beautiful. And as she thought about Kardam Rishi she found herself with him. She was very surprised to see this. Kardam Jee took her to Vimaan first and then he climbed himself too. Then they roamed around for many years to come. They were in the valleys of Kuber's Meru Parvat for many years. Then they came back to their Aashram.

There Kardam Jee enjoyed Devahooti in nine forms. Thus she gave birth to nine girls together. After this Kardam Jee got ready to go to Sanyaas. Devahooti's eyes filled with tears, she said - "Bhagavan, You have fulfilled your vow still I am in your shelter, so make me fearless. You are going. I will have to search grooms for these girls. Besides, after that who is going to take care of me, because all these girls will go to their husbands' houses. Please make some arrangement for me too. Till now whatever time I have spent, it was all useless. I think I was robbed because in spite of getting you as my husband I did not desire to be free from the world." 

Maitreya Jee said - "When Kardam Jee heard this, he remembered Bhagavaan's words so he said to her - "Sumukhee, Don't you worry about that. Pray to Bhagavaan and Vishnu Himself will born to you and deliver you Brahm Gyaan." Devahooti did as she was told for a long time. When the time came Vishnu Bhagavaan appeared in that house. He was named as Kapil. Then Brahma Jee came with Mareechi etc Rishi and said to Kardam Rishi - "I am very pleased with you. You have fulfilled your duty. These nine girls will expand your family. Now you marry them with Mareechi etc Rishi." Then he said to Devahooti - "Hey Princess, your son is the Avatar of Naaraayan. He will spread your glory in the whole world. His name will be Kapil." After this Brahmaa Jee went away.

Kardam Jee obeyed Brahmaa Jee and married his nine daughters to Mareechi etc Prajaapati - 
(1) Kalaa named daughter to Mareechi, 
(2) Anasooyaa named daughter to Atri Rishi, 
(3) Shraddhaa named daughter to Maharshi Angiraa, 
(4) Havirbhoo named daughter to Pulastya Rishi, 
(5) Gati named daughter to Pulah, 
(6) Kriyaa named daughter to Kratu, 
(7) Khyaati named daughter to Maharshi Bhrigu, 
(8) Arundhatee named daughter to Maharshi Vashishth and 
(9) Shaanti named daughter to Atharva Rishi. [Atharvaa Muni was the brainchild of Maharshi Bhrigu]

Shaanti may be known as Chitti also, as in Bhaagvat, 4/1 Atharvaa Muni's wife's name is given as Chitti. It seems strange that two sisters were married to father and his son - Khyaati to Maharshi Bhrigu and Shaanti to his brainchild Maharshi Atharvaa.

After his daughter had gone with their husbands, Kardam Jee went to his son and said to Him in a lonely place - "Hey Prabhu, I am free now from  all the three Rin (debts) so I want to go for Sanyaas." Bhagavaan said - "Whether it is Vaidik Karm, or worldly Karm, my words are standard, that is why when I said "I will incarnate in your house", I am born here. I tell you, you may go now for Sanyaas and I will deliver the knowledge of Saankhya Yog to my mother so that she will attain Moksh." Kardam Jee touched His feet and went to forest. When the time came he got Bhagavaan's Parampad.

25-33-Kapil Muni and Devahooti

After Kardam Muni had left for forest, Kapil Jee lived in Bindusar Teerth with his mother. One day Kapil Jee was doing meditation sitting on his Aasan after taking bath, that Devahooti recalled Brahmaa Jee's words so she went to him and said - "I am in the darkness of ignorance, do something to end my Moh with this world." Then Kapil Jee told her about many things - importance of Bhakti Yog, creation of Mahat-Tattwa, how to get Moksh, Ashtaang Yoga, secrets of Bhakti and importance of Kaal, how people fall in lower Gati who are after worldly pleasures, what is the Gati of Jeev in Manushya Yoni (human species), etc (25-33 Adhyaay). His sermons and knowledge ended her Moh with this world. She prayed to Bhagavaan Kapil Jee. Kapil Jee said again - "Hey Maa, If you will follow my sayings wholly, you will attain my Parampad." After saying so he went away. Devahooti took Samaadhi with Yog and in a short period of time she attained the Parampad of Bhagavaan. At the place Devhooti took Samaadhi, it became famous as "Siddh Pad".

[These 9 Adhyaay, 25-33, are very spiritual and with very deep meanings. They are not given here.]




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