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Chapters 9-12



9-Distribution of Amrit by Mohinee

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Pareekshit, While fighting each other for Amrit, Asur saw a very attractive beautiful woman coming towards them. They asked her - "O Beautiful,  Who are you? What do you want to do here? We are the sons of Kashyap Jee. We have worked very hard for this Amrit. You kindly distribute this among us without any favor." Bhagavaan said - "I am Kulataa. Why do you trust me, because knowledgeable people do not trust women, because the friendship of dogs and women indulged in adultery is not stable. They both are in search of new preys."

But Asur trusted Mohinee and gave the pitcher in her hands. Mohinee took the pitcher and said - "Now whatever I do, if you agree on it, then I can distribute this Amrit." Asur could not understand her, so they agreed. Everybody kept fast for the day, did Havan, put on their new clothes and jewelry and sat on their Kush Aasan facing toward east. Then came Mohinee to distribute Amrit.  Bhagavaan thought not to give Amrit to Asur because they are cruel by nature, so she asked all of them to sit in two rows, Asur on one side and Devtaa on the other side. Now she started giving Amrit first to Devtaa. Since Asur had already agreed that they would not speak, they did not speak anything. But Raahu Daitya observed this and he did not like this, so he came towards Devtaa's side and sat there in disguise of a Devtaa between Soorya and Chandramaa. He also drank Amrit along with Devtaa so he became immortal. Immediately Soorya and Chandramaa reported about his presence in disguise of Devtaa to Mohinee, so Mohinee took out His Chakra out and cut his neck. Since the Amrit could not go below his throat, so his lower body fell down but his head became immortal. Brahmaa Jee made it a planet. The same Raahu, on the day of Poornimaa and Amaavasyaa attacks on Chandramaa and Soorya respectively to take his revenge from them. When Devtaa had drank Amrit, then Bhagavaan changed His Mohinee Roop to His own Roop and went away.

Hey Pareekshit, See, Devtaa and Daitya both worked together for the same thing, at the same time, but results were different for them. Whatever human being does for his own body or relatives is useless because the distinction is in its root. But if he does something for Bhagavaan it becomes useful for everybody.

10-Dev Asur Sangraam (Dev Asur War)

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Hey Raajan,  Bhagavaan gave Amrit only to Devtaa and went away to His Lok. Asur got very angry at this and attacked Devtaa. This war is known as Devaasur Sangraam. On one side was Daitya Raaj Bali, Virochan's son, on a Vimaan named Vaihaayas, built by Maya Daanav, with his other army chiefs; and on the other side was Indra, riding on his Airaavat elephant with his Lokpaal. Bali was surrounded by Namuchi, Shambar, Baan, Viprachitti, Ayomukh, Dwimoordhaa, Kaalnaabh, Praheti, Heti, Ilval, Shakuni, Bhootsantaap, Virochan, Hayagreev, Shankushiraa, Kapil, Megh-Dundubhi, Taarakaasur, Shumbh, Nishumbh, Jambhaasur, Utkal, Arisht, Arishtnemi, Maya Daanav, Paulom, Kaaleya, and Nivaatkavach etc Daitya. They all participated in Saagar Manthan but they did not their share of Amrit. These Asur had defeated Devtaa, not only once but several times.

Raajaa Bali was fighting with Indra, Taarakaasur was fighting with Swaamee Kartikeya, Heti was fighting with Varun, Praheti was fighting with Mitra, Kaalnemi with Yam Raaj, May Daanav with Vishwakarmaa, Twashtaa with Shambaraasur, Virochan with Savitaa, Vrishparvaa with Ashwinee Kumaar, hundred sons of Bali with Soorya, Raahu with Chandramaa, Pulomaa with Vaayu, Jambhaasur with Mahaadev, Mahishaasur with Agni Dev, Durmarsh with Kaamdev, Shukraachaarya with Brihaspati Jee and Bhaumaasur (Narakaasur) with Shani Dev.

Indra was very swift in destroying Raajaa Bali's weapons. Then Bali spread his Maayaa. A burning mountain appeared over Devtaa and burning stones and trees etc started falling down on Devtaa. This Maayaa killed many Devtaa. Then poisonous snakes and insects came to bite them, lions and wild pigs also started attacking elephants of Devtaa. In a few moments black clouds appeared in the sky, winds started blowing and flames started falling from clouds. Since Asur remained hidden so that Devtaa could not attack them.

Indra thought to destroy this Maayaa but could not think of any way to do it. Then He thought of Shree Hari. As Shree Hari appeared there, Asur's Maayaa disappeared. Kaalnemi Daitya saw Bhagavaan appearing there, so he threw his Trishool at Him. It was about to touch Garud's head that Bhagavaan caught it and killed Kaalnemi and his lion from the same Trishool. There were two very powerful Daitya - Maalee and Sumaalee (see Note 1). Bhagavaan killed them too. Maalyavaan also wanted to hit Him with his Gadaa, but Bhagavaan cut his neck with His Chakra.

11-End of Dev Asur Sangraam

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Indra said to Bali - "You want to win us with Maayaa? Save yourself from my hundred edged Vajra." Bali said - "Who fight under Kaal's effect they have to get something - life or death, victory or defeat. That is why learned people are not happy on their victory, nor they are sad on their defeat. You don't know this fact, because you consider yourself as a doer, therefore you are of a lower category according to Mahaatmaa's point of view." Hearing this Indra got ashamed of himself. In the meantime Raajaa Bali aimed many arrows together at Indra. Then Indra used his Vajra and Bali fell on the ground from his Vimaan. Indra came to kill him, but Jambhaasur hit Indra and Airaavat with his Gadaa. Airaavat got unconscious and Indra's Saarathee Maatali brought a chariot for him with 1,000 horses. Jambhaasur admired Maatali's action and threw his Trishool at Indra. Indra cut his neck with His Vajra.

When Jambhaasur's family heard the news of his death from Naarad Jee, his brothers and friends - Namuchi, Bal, Paak etc - came to fight with Indra. They aimed so many arrows at Indra that he was all covered with them. But then he came out of the arrows, and he killed them with his Vajra. Jambhaasur's brother Namuchi was still alive. He aimed his Trishool at Indra with the intention to kill Him. Indra broke it into pieces while it was on its way and used his Vajra, but surprisingly it could not do anything. This was a strange thing for Indra, because this Vajra killed Vritraasur and it could not harm Namuchi at all. Indra got scared at this. He thought if the Vajra could not kill an ordinary Asur then this Vajra is useless for him and now he should abandon it. Then Aakaashvaanee said - "This Daanav cannot be killed with dry or wet thing, so think of any other way. I have given him this Var."

So Indra thought and thought and came on to this idea that sea foam is neither dry nor wet. So he cut his neck with sea foam. Brahmaa Jee observed that all Asur are dying then he sent Naarad Jee to stop this war. So Indra stopped the war. Remaining Asur took all dead bodies to Astaachal Parvat where Shukraachaarya gave life to all of them with his Sanjeevan herb. Bali knew that all these things happen in the world so he did not worry about this defeat.

12-Mahaadev is Attracted to Mohinee

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Hey Pareekshit, When Mahaadev heard that Shree Hari appeared as a woman to give Amrit to Devtaa and confused Asur, he had a desire to see His that Roop, so he came to Shree Hari with Satee and his Gan. He prayed and expressed his desire to see his Mohinee Roop. Bhagavaan said smiling - "Shankar Jee, At that time Amrit Kalash was in Asur's control so to help Devtaa I had to appear as a woman. But my that Roop is very sexy. If you really want to see it, I can show it to you, but mind it will arouse your sexual desires." Shankar Jee agreed. He was overconfident about himself.

Immediately Bhagavaan disappeared and Shankar Jee sat there with Satee looking just around. He was still in his thoughts that he saw a very beautiful garden in front of him. and a very beautiful woman who was playing with a ball in it. While playing with the ball she saw towards Shankar Jee and Shankar Jee immediately got attracted to Her. He looked at Her without blinking his eyes and forgot everything including himself, leave Satee and Gan aside. Mohinee confused Shankar Jee's all wisdom and knowledge. Now he proceeded towards Her without any shame in front of Satee. Mohinee was already without any clothes and when She saw Shankar Jee coming towards Her, She acted to be shy. Now She was going here and there and Shankar Jee was following Her. At one time he caught Her and embraced Her in spite of Her unwillingness. But She freed Herself from Shankar Jee's grip and ran away from him, but Shankar Jee kept following Her all the time. At that time it seemed that Kaam Dev had defeated Shankar Jee. In this process Shankar Jee's semen fell on the Earth because of Mohinee's Maayaa. Wherever it fell, those places were filled with gold and silver. After that Shankar Jee came to his senses that Bhagavaan'a Maayaa has deceived me and immediately he drew himself away from that scene. 

Bhagavaan saw that Shankar Jee was not sad at all at this episode, then He appeared in His own Roop and said - "Hey Shankar Jee,  In spite of being confused by My Maayaa, you are still in yourself, this is very good. My Maayaa has no end. Even the greatest people who have controlled their Indriyaan cannot come out of that Maayaa. Who else can be like you who can come out of My Maayaa after getting into it. Now My Maayaa will never delude you."

Then Shiv Jee went back to Kailaash Parvat with Satee and his Gan. Shankar Jee described this event to Satee - about this Vishnu's Maayaa Mohinee and said - "You have already seen His Maayaa. I have so much Gyaan and I have defeated Kaamdev, but still I got deluded, then other living beings are completely ignorant of this, how can they come out of it. If they get deluded, they are not at fault. When I got up from my 1,000 years of Tapasyaa, then you asked "Who do you meditate on?" So He is the one who I meditate upon - neither Kaal can control Him nor Ved can describe Him."



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