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Chapter 22



22-Paanchaal, Kaurav and Magadh Kings

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Hey Pareekshit,  Divodaas' son was Mitreyu. He had four sons - Chyavan, Sudaas, Sahadev and Somak. Somak had 100 sons, among them the eldest was Jantu and the youngest was Prishat. Prishat's son was Drupad who had a daughter named Draupadee and a son named Dhrishtdumn and other sons. Dhrishtdumn's son was Dhrishtketu. All these were born in Bharmyaashwa's Vansh (descendents) and were called Paanchaal.

Ajameedh's second son was Riksh. His son was Samvaran. He was married to Soorya's daughter Tapatee. She gave birth to the King of Kuru Kshetra - Kuru. Kuru had four sons - Pareekshit, Sudhanvaa, Jahnu, and Nishadhaashwa. Sudhanvaa had a son named Suhotra, his son was Chyavan, his son was Kritee, his son was Uparichar Vasu, his sons were Brihadrath etc. Among them Brihadrath, Kushaamb, Matsya, Pratyagra and Chedip etc. became the kings of Chedi Desh. Brihadrath's son was Kushaagra, his son was Rishabh, his son was Satyahit, his son was Pushpvaan, and his son was Jahnu.

Brihadrath's second wife produced two pieces of body. She got frightened seeing that so she threw them outside the palace. Then a Raakshasee named Jaraa came there in search of food and she picked up those pieces. She said happily - "Jiyo, Jiyo (live, live)" and joined them together in a playful mood. That child got complete and got life and lived and was named as Jaraasandh (Jaraa was the Raakshsee's name and Sandh=Sandhi or joining; means who was joined by Jaraa). Jaraasandh's son was Sahadev, his son was Somaapi, his son was Shrutshravaa.

Kuru's eldest son Pareekshit did not have any child. Jahnu's son was Surath, his son was Vidoorath, his son was Saarvbhaum, his son was Jayasen, his son was Raadhik and his son was Ayut. Ayut's son was Krodhan, his son was Devaatithi, his son was Rishya, his son was Dileep, and his son was Prateep. Prateep had three sons - Devaapi, Shaantanu and Baahleek. Devaapi abandoned his kingdom and went to forest, therefore his younger brother Shaantanu became the King of Hastinaapur. In his previous life his name was Mahaabhish. In this life also whosoever he touched he became young from old. He reflected immense peace also. Because of these powers only he was called as Shaantanu. Once Indra did not rain for 12 years in his kingdom. On asking the reason, Braahman said - "Because you have accepted the kingdom before your elder brother, that is why you will not have rain in your kingdom. So if you want your kingdom green and prosperous then you return your kingdom to your elder brother as soon as possible."

When Braahman said thus, he went to his brother and requested to accept the kingdom. But the minister of Shaantanu, Asmaraat, had already sent some Braahman who had diverted his mind and lose Ved Maarg. As a result, instead of accepting the Grihasth Aashram, according to Ved, Devaapi insulted Ved. Therefore Shaantanu got eligible for the kingship and then only he had rain in his kingdom. Devaapi is still doing Yog Saadhanaa and is living in Kalaap Graam. When in Kali Yug, Chandra Vansh will end, then in Sat Yug, he will start it again.

Shaantanu's younger brother was Baahleek, his son was Somdatt. Somdatt had three sons - Bhoori, Bhoorishravaa, and Shal. Shaantanu had a son named Bheeshm from Gangaa. He remained lifelong Brahmchaaree. He was very knowledgeable, devotee of Bhagavaan and knower of Dharm. He was a very good warrior. He even satisfied his Guru Parashuraam Jee in fight (read "Parashuraam Jee and Bheeshm"). Shaantanu and Daashraaj's daughter Satyavatee had two sons - Chitraangad and Vichitraveerya. Chitraangad was killed by a Gandharv named also Chitraangad. The same Daashraaj-Kanyaa Satyavatee and Maharshi Paraashar had a son, my father, Bhagavaan's Ansh Avataar Shree Krishn Dwaipaayan Vyaas Jee before her marriage to Shaantanu. He guarded Ved. Pareekshit, I studied Bhaagvat from him only. This Puraan is a very big secret and deep that is why he didn't teach it to his other disciples - Pail etc and considered only me as an eligible student for it.

Shaantanu's second son was Vichitraveerya married to Kaashee Raaj's two daughters Ambikaa and Ambaalikaa. Bheeshm Jee kidnapped both of them from their Swayamvar. Vichitraveerya got so much indulged in his two wives that he developed tuberculosis and died childless. Then on the request of mother Satyavatee Bhagvaan Vyaas Jee produced two sons from His younger brother's widows - Dhritraashtra from Ambikaa. and Paandu from Ambaalikaa. He produced the third son from their maidservant.

Dhritraashtra's wife was Gaandhaaree. She had 100 sons among whom Duryodhan was the eldest and one daughter named Duhshalaa. Paandu's wife was Kuntee. He could not produce a child because of a Shaap, therefore she produced three sons - Yudhishthir, Bheem, and Arjun from Dharm Raaj, Vaayu Dev and Indra respectively. All three were great warriors. Paandu's second wife was Maadree. She produced two sons - Nakul and Sahadev - from Ashwinee Kumaar. These five Paandav produced your five uncles from Draupadee. Yudhishthir's son was Prativindhya, Bheem's son was Shrutsen, Arjun's son was Shrutkeerti, Nakul's son was Shataaneek and Sahadev's son was Shrutkarmaa. Besides, Yudhishthir had a son named Devak from Pauravee; Bheemsen had two sons named Ghatotkach from Hidimbaa and Sarvagat from Kaalee; Sahadev had Suhotra from Parvat-kanyaa Vijayee; and Nakul had Naramitra from Karenumatee. Arjun had Iraavaan from Naag-kanyaa Uloopee and Vabhruvaahan from Manipur king's daughter. Vabhruvaahan was considered the son of his Naanaa (maternal grandfather), because this had been decided before. Arjun had Abhimanyu, your father, from Subhadraa and you were born from Abhimanyu and Uttaraa. Pareekshit, At that time Kuru Vansh was destroyed. Ashwatthaamaa's Brahmaastra had already burned you but Shree Krishn saved you.

Your sons are here - Janamejaya, Shrutsen, Bheemsen and Ugrasen. They all are very mighty. When you will die because of Takshak's bite, then Janamejay will be very angry and will do the Sarp Yagya. He will appoint Kaavasheya Tur as his Purohit and will do Ashwamedh Yagya and will win the whole Prithvi and worship Bhagavaan through Yagya. His son will be Shataaneek. He will get training of weapons from Kripaachaarya. He will learn Ved and Karm-Kaand from Yaagyavalkya Rishi. Shataaneek will have Sahastraaneek, his son will be Ashwamedhaj, his son will be Aseemkrishn and his son will be Nemichakra. When Hastinaapur will be destroyed in Gangaa Jee, then he will live in Kaushaambee Puree.

Nemichakra's son will be Chitrarath, his son will be Kavirath, his son will be Vrishtimaan, his son will be Raajaa Sushen, his son will be Suneeth, his son will be Nrichakshu, his son will be Sukheenal, his son will be Pariplav, his son will be Sunaya, his son will be Medhaavee, his son will be Nripanjay, his son will be Doorv, and his son will be Timi. Timi's son will be Brihadrath, his son will be Sudaas, his son will be Shataaneek, his son will be Durdaman, his son will be Vaheenar, his son will be Dandpaani, his son will be Nimi, and he will have the son named Kshem. Thus I told you about the origin of both Braahman and Kshatriya Vansh that is Som Vansh (Chandra Vansh). Even the great Devtaa and Rishi respect this Vansh. This Vansh will end with Raajaa Kshem in Kali Yug.

Now I tell you about the would-be kings of Magadh Desh. Jaraasandh will have Sahadev, his son will be Maarjaari, his son will be Shrutshravaa, his son will be Ayutaayu, his son will be Nirmitra, his son will be Sunakshatra, his son will be Brihatsen, his son will be Karmjit, his son will be Sritanjay, his son will be Vipra, and his son will be Shuchi. Shuchi will have Kshem, his son will be Suvrat, his son will be Dharmsootra, his son will be Sham, his son will be Dyumatsen, his son will be Sumati, his son will be Subal, his son will be Suneeth, his son will be Satyajit, his son will be Vishwajit and his son will be Ripunjay. They all will be the kings of Brihadrath Vansh. They will rule within 1,000 years."



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