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Chapter 23



23-Anu, Druhyu, Turvasu and Yadu Vansh

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Hey Pareekshit, Yayaati's son Anu had three sons - Subhaanar, Chakshu and Paroksh. Subhaanar had a son named Kaalnar, his son was Srinjaya, his son was Janamejaya, his son was Mahaasheel, and his son was Mahaamanaa. Mahaamanaa had two sons - Usheenar and Titikshu. Usheenar had four sons - Vrishaadarbh, Suveer, Madra, Kaikaya. Usheenar's brother Titikshu had the on Rushdrath, Rushdrath had the son named Hem, his son was Sutapaa and Sutapaa had the son named Bali. Bali's wife produced six sons from Deerghtamaa Muni - Ang, Vang, Kaling, Suhm, Pundra and Andhra. They inhabited six countries with their own names in East. Ang's son was Khanpaan, his son was Divirath, his son was Dharmarath and his son was Chitrarath. 

This Chitrarath became famous with the name of Rompaad. Ayodhyaa's King Dasharath was his good friend. Rompaad didn't have any child, that is why Dasharath gave him his daughter named Shaantaa as an adopted daughter. She was married to Rishyashring Muni. Rishyashring Muni was born from a she-deer and Vibhaandak Muni. Once there was no rain for long time in Rompaad's kingdom, then Ganikaayen (dancers of Indra's court) brought Rishyashring Muni in his kingdom and it rained there. He did the Yagya for Indra Devtaa, then the childless Rompaad had a son also and childless Dasharath also got four sons through him only.

Rompaad's son was Chaturang and his son was Pritulaaksh. Pritulaaksh had three sons - Brihadrath, Brihatkarmaa and Brihadbhaanu. Brihadrath's son was Brihanmanaa, and his son was Jayadrath. Jayadrath's wife's name was Sambhooti. She gave birth to Vijaya, his son was Dhriti, his son was Dhritivrat, his son was Satkarmaa and his son was Adhirath. Adhirath didn't have any child. One day he was taking bath in Gangaa River that he saw a box carrying a newborn child. This child was Karn who was flowed into Gangaa by Kuntee because he was born to her when she was unmarried. Adhirath took him and brought him up as his own son. Karn's son was Vrishsen.

Yayaati's son Druhyu had one son named Babhru, his son was Setu, his son was Aarabdh, his son was Gaandhaar, his son was Dharm, his son was Dhrit, his son was Durmanaa, and his son was Prachetaa. Prachetaa had 100 sons. They became the king of Mlechchh (non-Hindu) in North.

Yayaati's son Turvasu had the son named Vanhi, his son was Bharg, his son was Bhaanumaan, his son was Tribhaanu, his son was Karandham and his son was Marut. Marut was childless, so he adopted Puru Vanshee Dushyant as his son. But Dushyant returned to his own Vansh, because he wanted to be a king of Kingdom. 

Now I tell you about Yayaati's eldest son - Yadu. Mahaaraaj Yadu's Vansh is very pious and can wash away sins of all humankind. Who will hear this history will get Moksh. Bhagavaan Himself appeared in this Vansh as Avataar. Yadu had four sons - Sahastrajit, Kroshtaa, Nal and Ripu. Shastrajit had a son named Shatjit and Shatjit had three sons - Mahaahaya, Venuhaya, Haihaya. Haihaya had the son named Dharm, his son was Netra, his son was Kunti, his son was Sohanji, his son was Mahishmaan, and his son was Bhadrasen. Bhadrasen had two sons - Durmad and Dhanak. Dhanak had four sons - Kritveerya, Kritaagni, Kritvarmaa and Kritanjaa. Kritveerya's son was Arjun. 

Arjun was the lone Emperor of seven Dweep. He learned Yog and Animaa-Laghimaa etc Siddhi from Bhagavaan's Ansh Avataar Dattaatreya Jee. This is true that nobody can be at par with Kaartveerya Arjun in Yagya, alms, Tapasyaa, Yog, knowledge of Shaastra, bravery etc. Sahastrabaahu Arjun enjoyed all kinds of pleasures with his six Indriya for 85,000 years, still neither he became weak, nor he felt his wealth decreasing, rather if somebody remembered him he could get his lost money too. He had 1,000 sons but only five survived. All others were killed by Parashuraam Jee. His five sons' names were - Jayadhwaj, Shoorsen, Vrishabh, Madhu, Oorjit.

Jayadhwaj's son was Taaljangh, and Taaljangh had 100 sons. They were all called Taaljangh's Kshatriya. Raajaa Sagar killed all of them with the power of Maharshi Aurv. Among those 100 sons, the eldest was Veetihotra, his son was Madhu. Madhu had 100 sons. Among them the eldest son was Vrishni. Hey Pareekshit, Because of the same Madhu, Vrishni and Yadu, this Vansh became famous with the names Maadhav, Vaarshney, and Yaadav Vansh.

Yadu's son Kroshtu's son was Vrijinvaan, his son was Shwaahi, his son was Rusheku, his son was Chitrarath, and his son was Shashbindu. Shashbindu was a great Yogee and mighty king. He had 14 gems (elephants, horse, chariot, woman, arrows, treasure, Maalaa, clothes, trees, power, Paash, Mani or gems, Chhatra, Vimaan) in his kingdom; he was a Chakravartee Raajaa and invincible in war. He had 10,000 wives and his each wife had 100,000 children i.e. he had a total of one billion children. Among them Prithushravaa etc six sons were main. His son's name was Dharm, his son was Ushanaa. He did 100 Ashwamedh Yagya. Ushanaa's son was Ruchak. Ruchak had five sons - Purujit, Rukm, Rukmeshu, Prithu, and Jyaamagh. Jyaamagh's wife's name was Shaibyaa. Jyaamagh did not have any children for long time, but he did not remarry because of his first wife. Once he kidnapped Bhojyaa named girl from his enemy's house. When Shaibyaa saw her riding on her husband's chariot, she asked her husband - "Who is this at my place?"  Jyaamagh replied - "This is your son's wife." At this Shaibyaa said smilingly - "I cannot bear a child, and I do not have a co-wife either, then how can she be my son's wife?" At this Jyaamagh said - "Queen, when you will have a son then she will be his wife." Vishwedev and Pitar seconded this statement. Then Shaibyaa became pregnant and she gave birth to a beautiful boy named Vidarbh, he married Bhojyaa."



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