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Chapter 13



13-Vansh of Raajaa Nimi

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Hey Pareekshit, [Ikshwaaku had three sons, Vikukshi, Nimi and Dandak (see Ikshwaaku Vansh). Till now I told you about Vikukshi's Vansh] His another son was Nimi. He started a Yagya and appointed Vashishth Jee as his Ritwij, but Vashishth Jee said - "Indra has already appointed me as his Ritwij, so after I have completed his Yagya I will come back to your Yagya, so wait for me."  Hearing this Raajaa Nimi became silent and Vashishth Jee went to do Indra's Yagya. Thoughtful Nimi thought that life is short, so he started his Yagya and till Guru Vashishth Jee returns appointed another Ritwij.

When Guru Jee returned he found that Nimi had not listened to him and had already started his Yagya. So he gave Shaap to Nimi that "he is very proud of his knowledge and thoughtfulness, therefore his body should fall down." Vashishth Jee's Shaap was not according to Dharm, therefore Nimi also gave Shaap to Vashishth Jee that "You did not respect Dharm because of your Lobh (greed), therefore your body should also fall down". After saying this Nimi left his body through Aatm Vidyaa. Our great-grandfather Vashishth Jee also left his body and took birth from Mitraavarun and Urvashee.

The Muni who were present there in Yagya kept Raajaa's body in sweet smelling things. When Satra Yaag (the Yagya Nimi was doing) was finished and Devtaa came to take their share, they prayed to them - "You can do many things, if you are pleased, then make Nimi's body alive again." Devtaa said - "So be it" At that time Nimi said - "I don't want the bondage of the body. One day we have to leave this body, so learned people do not want this body, therefore I also do not want this body again." Devtaa said - "Hey Muni, Then Raajaa Nimi may live without body in the eyes of living beings. He can meditate living there in his subtle body. When their eyelids will rise and fall then Nimi's existence will be known."

Muni thought that without Raajaa there will be disorganization among the people, so they churned the body of Nimi through which a son was born. Taking birth like this he was named Janak. Because he took birth from Videh (Vi = without, and Deh = body; Videh = without body) he was known as Videh; and because of being born through Manthan (churning) he was called "Mithil". He inhabited "Mithilaa Puree". His son was Udaavasu, his son was Nandivardhan, his son was Suketu, his son was Devaraat, his son was Brihadrath, his son was Mahaaveerya, his son was Sudhriti, his son was Dhrishtketu, his son was Haryashwa, his son was Maru. Maru's son was Prateepak, his son was Kritirath, his son was Devmeedh, his son was Vishrut, his son was Mahaadhriti, his son was Kritiraat, his son was Mahaaromaa, his son was Swarnromaa and his son was Hriswaromaa. His son was Seeradhwaj who was tilling the land when Seetaa Jee was born from the front part (Phaal) of the Hal (Seer) that is why he was called Seeradhwaj. His son was Kushdhwaj, his son was Dharmdhwaj. Dharmdhwaj had two sons - Kritdhwaj and Mitdhwaj.

Kritdhwaj had a son named Keshidhwaj and Mitdhwaj had the son named Khaandikya. Keshidhwaj was very good at Aatm Vidyaa and Khaandikya was good at Karm Kaand. Khaandikya got frightened from Keshidhwaj and ran away. (several Puraan describe their story - 3Vishnu, 6-Shashth-4; 6Naarad, 1-Poorv-19; 8Agni, 32) Keshidhwaj had the son named Bhaanumaan, his son was Shatdyumn, his son was Shuchi, his son was Sanadhwaaj, his son was Oordhwaketu, his son was Aj, his son was Purujit, his son was Arishtnemi, his son was Shrutaayu, his son was Supaarshwak, his son was Mithilaa's King Kshemadhi.

Kshemadhi's son was Samarath, his son was Satyarath, his son was Upaguru, and his son was Upagupt. He was the Ansh of Agni. Upagupt had the son named Vaswanant, his son was Yuyudh, his son was Subhaashan, his son was Shrut, his son was Jaya, his son was Vijaya, his son was Rit, his son was Shunak, his son was Bahulaashwa, his son was Kriti, his son was Mahaavashee. All these kings of Mithil Vansh are called Maithel."



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