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10-Shree Raam Leelaa

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Hey Pareekshit, Khatwaang's son was Deerghbaahu and he had a son named Raghu. Raghu's son was Aj and Aj's son was Mahaaraaj Dasharath. On the request of Devtaa, Shree Hari took Ansh Avataar (part incarnation) in His four forms in Dasharath's house as his sons - Raam, Lakshman, Bharat and Shatrughn. Shree Raam abandoned the kingdom of Ayodhyaa to keep His father's promises and roamed around in forests. His feet were so soft and tender that He could not tolerate even the touch of Shree Jaanakee Jee's soft hands. When the same feet got tired of walking in forests, Lakshman Jee and Hanumaan Jee massaged them to make them feel better. He had to tolerate the separation from His beloved wife because of devouring Shoorpanakhaa's (Raavan's sister) ears and nose. Then He built a bridge over the sea and killed Raakshas in Lankaa.

Shree Raam killed Maareech etc Raakshas in Vishwaamitra's Yagya. When Seetaa Jee's Swayamvar was taking place in Janak Puree, He lifted Shankar Jee's bow which was brought there by 300 people with great difficulty. Who lives on the chest of Bhagavaan, the same Lakshmee Jee took Avataar as Seetaa Jee. Raam broke the bow and married Her. When He was coming back to Ayodhyaa, He met Parashuraam Jee, who emptied Prithvi from Kshatriya 21 times, on the way. Bhagavaan destroyed His pride too. Mahaaraaj Dasharath ordered Him for exile because he was bound to his promises made to his youngest queen Kaikeyee so he was bound to follow the path of Satya (truth).

In the forest, He deformed Shoorpankhaa and killed her people and brothers - Khar, Dooshan, Trishiraa etc Raakshas who were 14,000 in number. When Raavan heard this, he kidnapped Seetaa Jee through sending his Maamaa (maternal uncle) Maareech in the form of a golden deer. When Raam went to hunt for it, he took Raam very far and when Raam killed him, he cried,  - "Haa Lakshman, Haa Seetey" in Raam's voice. When Seetaa Jee heard this, She sent Lakshman to help Raam. Lakshman never wanted to to go but She said very critical words to Him so he had to go. And this was the time that Raavan kidnapped Her.

Raam knew that He wouldn't find Seetaa in the Parn Kutee (a cottage made of leaves), so He started looking for her around in the forest. On the way they met their father's friend Jataayu. He was about to die. He told them that Raavan had taken Seetaa towards South, and he died. Raam did his last rites and walked onward. On the way He killed Kabandh Raakshas, extended friendship with Sugreev through Hanumaan. Then He killed Sugreev's elder brother Baali who had taken Sugreev's kingdom and wife. Sugreev helped Him to find Seetaa Jee then Raam went to seashore with His army and built the bridge on the sea.

When Raam declared the war with Raavan, Raavan sent Nikumbh, Kumbh, Dhoomraaksh, Durmukh, Suraantak, Naraantak, Prahast, Atikaay, Vikampan etc Raakshas army and his son Meghnaad and in the end his brother Kumbhkarn to fight with Raam. When Raavan saw that his army was decreasing continuously, he himself came riding on his Pushpak Vimaan. Then Indra's Saarathee Maatali came with a very strong Rath for Shree Raam Jee. Then Raam killed Raavan. Raam delivered Gyaan to Mandodaree (Raavan's wife) and calmed down her. With the permission of Shree Raam Vibheeshan performed last rites of Raavan and his relatives with Pitra Yagya method. Raam got Seetaa Jee back through Vibheeshan, He gave the kingdom of Lankaa and one Kalp age to Vibheeshan. His 14 years were over so He came back to Ayodhyaa with His brother and wife and Sugreev and Hanumaan.

When Raam came to know that Bharat had been living on the porridge cooked in cow urine, He got very sad. But everybody was very happy to see everybody anyway. Raam accepted the throne of Ayodhyaa. During His ruling period there was no mental worry, physical illness, old age, sorrow, fear, tiredness etc to anybody. Even the people who did not want to die, did not die."

11-Shree Raam Leelaa-2

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Hey Pareekshit, Raam considered Braahman as the Swaamee of the whole Universe. So He gave East to Hotaa, South to Brahmaa, West to Adhwaryu, and North to Udgaataa and the center piece of land to Aachaarya. Seetaa Jee also had only very few clothes and jewelry. When Braahman saw that Raam regarded them very much they got very pleased and returned the whole earth to Shree Raam.

Once Raam was roaming around to know about His people that He heard somebody saying to his wife - "You are a bad character woman. You have lived in somebody else's house. Raam can keep such a woman but I cannot."  Hearing this for themselves, Raam abandoned Seetaa Jee and she used to live in Vaalmeeki Muni's Aashram. She was pregnant at that time. She gave birth to two sons - Lav and Kush. Lakshman also had two sons - Angad and Chitraketu. Bharat Jee also had two sons - Taksh and Pushkal; and Shatrughn also had two sons - Subaahu and Shrutsen. Bharat killed millions of Gandharv. Shatrughn killed Madhu's son Lavan Raakshas in Madhu Van and habited Mathuraa Nagaree there. Seetaa Jee handed over her sons to Vaalmeeki Jee and she herself went inside the Earth from where she came.

Hearing this Shree Raam got extremely sad. He ruled then for 13,000 years. then He went to His Lok. Nobody can be like Bhagavaan, then how can somebody be more than Him. In this situation it is not a big matter for Him that He killed Raakshas with weapons or built bridge on sea. He does not need monkeys to kill His enemies. But all this was His Leelaa only. His kingdom was full of everything - wealth, beauty, happiness. Many men and women used to serve Him."

12-Remaining Kings of Ikshwaaku Vansh

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Hey Pareekshit, Kush's son was Atithi, his son was Nishadh, his son was Nabh, Nabh's son was Pundareek and Pundareek's son was Kshemdhanvaa. Kshemdhanvaa's son was Devaaneek, his son was Aneek, his son was Vajranaabh. Vajranaabh was the Ansh of Soorya. His son was Khagan, his son was Vidhriti, and his son was Hiranyanaabh. He was the disciple of Jaimini and was a Yogaachaarya. Yaagyavalkya of Koshal Desh was his disciple and learned Adhyaatm Yog from Hiranyanaabh. Hiranyaabh's son was Pushya, his son was Dhruvsandhi, his son was Sudarshan, his son was Agnivarn, his son was Sheeghra and his son was Maru. Maru got Siddhi through Yog Saadhanaa. He still lives in Kalaap village. In the end of Kali Yug, when Soorya Vansh will end, he will again continue it. Maru's son was Prasushrut, his son was Sandhi, his son was Amarshan, his son was Mahaswaan and his son was Vishwasaanh, his son was Brihadwal. Hey Pareekshit, Your father Abhimanyu killed this Brihadwal in the MBH war. These are the names of the past kings of Ikshwaaku Vansh. Now you listen to its future kings - 

Brihadwal's son will be Brihadran, his son will be Urukriya, his son will be Vatsavriddh, his son will be Prativyom, his son will be Bhaanu and Bhaanu's son will be an Army-chief Divaak. Divaak's son will be Sahadev, his son will be Brihadashwa, his son will be Bhaanumaan, his son will be Prateekaashwa and his son will be Suprateek, his son will be Marudev, and his son will be Sunakshatra, his son will be Pushkar, his son will be Antariksh, his son will be Sutapaa, and his son will be Amitrajit. Amitrajit will have Brihad Raaj, his son will be Barhi, his son will be Kritanjaya, his son will be Rananjaya, his son will be Sanjaya, his son will be Shaakya, his son will be Shuddhod, his son will be Laangal, his son will be Prasenjit and his son will be Kshudrak. Kshudrak's son will be Ranak, his son will be Surath and his son will be the last king of this Vansh - Sumitra. After him this Vansh will end in Kali Yug."



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