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Bharat (Raamaayan)

Bharat is the Raamaayan character. He was the second son of Dasharath, from his youngest wife Kaikeyee, among his four sons. His other brothers were Raam (incarnation of Vishnu), Lakshman (incarnation of Aadi Shesh) and he himself was the part Avataar of Vishnu - the incarnation of Vishnu's Sudarshan Chakra. He used to love Raam very much. It is said that he was the symbol of Dharm and idealistic behavior after Raam.

He was married to one of the two daughters of Kushdhwaj, brother of Seeradhwaj (Seetaa's father) - Maandavee. he had two sons - Takshak and Pushkal.

Bharat and Kaikeyee
Bharat went to his Naanaa's house after his marriage to Maandavee in Janak Puree. When Raam, Lakshman and Seetaa had left for Van (exile), and Dasharath had already died, he was called off from his Naanaa's place to be crowned as the King of Ayodhyaa according to his mother's wish. His mother Kaikeyee could manage the Ayodhyaa throne for him in his absence at the cost of exile to Raam for 14 years and the death of Dasharath.

But he was not for ruling. He abused his mother like anything, performed last rites of his father and immediately left for Van to bring Raam, Lakshman and Seetaa back to Ayodhyaa to rule it. But they didn't come back to keep the words of their father. So he came back with only Raam's Paadukaa (footwear). Still he does not go inside Ayodhyaa to live in palaces, rather he also lives outside the city in a hut. He lives in the same way as Raam was living in Van, rather he was living in a harder way and voluntarily. Raam's exile was by the order of His parents, but his was at his own will. His character is very high. Who can be such brother who can live like that to follow his brother?

He had so much hatred with his mother, that he didn't talk to her for the whole period of exile to Raam, he didn't go to her palace for 14 years, although he sometimes personally used to go to Ayodhyaa to ask welfare of his other mothers - Raam's mother Kaushalyaa and Lakshman's mother Sumitraa. When Raam came back from His exile and He advised him not to behave like this with his mother as it was all their Destiny, then only he started speaking with her. After Raam has come back, he wanted Lakshman to declare as the Crown Prince of Ayodhyaa, but Lakshman told Him that since Bharat's experience in ruling Ayodhyaa was more than his own, that is why he should be appointed the Crown Prince. So Raam appointed Bharat as the Crown Prince of Ayodhyaa.

Bharat Meets Guh Nishaad and Bharadwaaj Muni
As soon as Bharat comes to Ayodhyaa from his Naanaa's house and hears about his father Dasharath's death and Raam's exile, he just gets mad. Only one thought comes to his mind that if he cold bring Raam back to Ayodhyaa and crown Him as King; and for that he could do anything. On the next available opportunity he sets off to met Raam in the forest. He wants to go on foot but Kaushalyaa somehow stops him to do that because the public was also going barefoot.

On the way he meets Guh Nishaad in the same way as Raam met him. Seeing his love towards is brother Guh's heart also moves. Later h comes to Bharadwaaj's Muni's Aashram. There he has been given not only royal but a Divine treatment.

Bharat and Hanumaan
We don't hear anything of Bharat at all till - when Lakshman was hit by Meghnaad's Power and got fainted, and Sushen Vaidya asked Hanumaan to bring Sanjeevanee herb from the mountain. Hanumaan went to bring that herb. When he was coming back carrying the mountain, he flew over Ayodhyaa. As Bharat saw a large thing, somebody flying with  mountain, he immediately remembered Raam, that this might hurt Him and shot an arrow to fell it down. When that thing fell on the ground and pronounced "Raam, Raam" then only he repented for his action saying that "Oh, He is a Bhakt of Raam. What did I do this? Why did I shoot an arrow to a Raam Bhakt."

When he came to know about Lakshman's illness, he repented a lot and blamed himself for all this situation. As the Praayashchit, he offered Hanumaan a fastest conveyance to go to Raam. But Hanumaan politely declined it. [there are two versions of this incident, one, that Hanumaan accepted to fly on Bharat's arrow; two, Hanumaan declined it.] He was very much worried about Raam hearing about Raam, Lakshman and Seetaa. He abused himself for all this happening.

Bharat and Raam
After this incident we meet him only when Raam comes back to Ayodhyaa. He loved Raam so much that he took the promise from Raam that He wouldn't find him alive if Raam got late in coming back to Ayodhyaa, he would give up his life. Raam also loved him so much that He knew that He would not find him alive if He came late; so He was also not late at all in coming back to Ayodhyaa. When Raam came back, seeing Bharat's attire and living style His eyes filled with tears. Raam Himself untangled his matted hair and gave him a bath.

He went to Heaven along with Raam.

Bharat's Temple
The Koodalmaanikyam Temple in Iringalakuda, Trissur district in the state of Kerala is the only temple of Bharat in India. It holds the Deity Bharat as a sage, not as a prince. There are four ponds that are located in and around the temple. The largest of the four are Kuttan Kulam, located outside the compound on the Eastern side, and Kulipini Teertham, located inside the compound.



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