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From Devee Puraan,  Brahm Vaivart Puraan
See also     Jalandhar-3;     Shankhchood,    Tulasee;    Tulasee Leaves
[A similar story goes for  Jalandhar  and his wife Vrindaa. Since in this story Tulasee becomes Gandakee River, it does not seem to be very relevant to Tulasee plant, so read Jalandhar's story for more information on Tulasee plant]

There are many stories about Tulasee. All are diverse at some point as well as are intermingled too; that is why one has to read about her in several stories.

Who Was Tulasee?
--Tulasee was the daughter of Raajaa Dharmdhwaj and Maadhavee. She was born on Kaarttik Poornimaa. Raajaa was very happy to get a daughter. Tulasee was the part incarnation of Lakshmee and had to be born on Prithvi because of the curse of Raadhaa.
--In the Puraan it is said that Tulasee is a hair of Lakshmee and in another Puraan it is said that she was cursed by Lakshmee to be born on the Earth.
--Pauraanik background for Tulasee attaining this spiritualistic importance. In fact it is Lakshmee who herself took the form of Tulasee and was born on Prithvi. There is a story about it in the Devee Bhaagvat. The Pauraanik Encyclopedia gives these legends.
--Other sources say that Tulasee was the daughter of Kaalnemi Raakshas.

Tulasee is Married to Shankchood
Tulasee still wanted to have Vishnu as her husband, so she went to Badaree Van and started doing Tap to get Him as her husband. For thousands of years she ate fruits, then dry leaves and then lived on water only. Brahmaa Jee got very pleased with her Tap and appeared before her and asked her to ask for any Var. She asked him Vishnu as her husband. Brahmaa Jee said - "Listen, There is a Shankhchood named Raakshas who was the Paarshad (attendant) of Vishnu in Go-Lok. Now he has incarnated as Shankhchood Raakshas on Prithvi because of Raadhaa's curse. You go and marry him. The time will come when you will become Hari Priyaa again. Take this Raadhaa Kavach and do Anushthaan of this Kavach." Tulasee got very happy to hear this.

Later she saw a youth in her dream who was adorned in beautiful ornaments and had sandalwood paste on his body. Soon Shankhchood came to Badaree Van and was able to attract Tulasee towards him. Brahmaa Jee came and asked them to marry according to Gaandharv method. So they did and started living happily.

Shankhchood was very mighty and powerful Raakshas so he was able to win Devtaa and exiled them from Swarg. Now where to go, so Devtaa went to Vishnu to request Him to kill Shankhchood. Vishnu told them that He could not kill him like that as he had the boon from Brahmaa Jee that he would not die until his armor was broken, and the armor could only be broken when his wife's Paativrat was broken, so there was only one solution to kill him that his wife's Paativrat should be broken. Well, He would find some way to break his wife's Paativrat. He thought to solicit Shiv Jee's help in this matter.

He went to Shiv Jee and told the story of Shankhchood and asked his help in killing him. He told him His plan that while Shiv would be fighting with Shankhchood, as he would be away from his wife, He Himself would try to break his wife Tulasee's Paativrat Dharm and as soon as her Paativrat Dharm is broken, Shankhchood could be killed. Shiv Jee agreed. He gave one Shool (spear) to Shiv Jee and asked him to fight with Shankhchood. In the meantime He Himself went to his wife Tulasee in disguise of Shankhchood. He approached Tulasee and invited her for amorous play. She yielded to him considering her husband, but as she was busy she felt that he was not Shankhchood, a fraud was played on her. She became grief-stricken and inconsolable. She immediately cursed him to be stone because of his stone-hard heart. Then He appeared before her in His real form.

Seeing her Lord she fell at His feet, imploring Him to forgive her. Vishnu, asked her to leave her body and allow her spirit to ascend to Go-Lok. She would, there, become one with Lakshmee. Her body here would be transformed into a holy stream in the Himaalayan ranges and will be called as Gandakee River, and Vishnu would dwell in her bosom as Shaalgraam stones; her tresses of hair would become the sacred plant called Tulasee. The bones of her husband here, Shankhchood, would become the holy conch shell of different types which would be used in the worship of Vishnu.



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