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Vasudev was the father of Krishn. He was a very good friend of Kans, that is why to strengthen his relationship with him Kans married his most beloved sister Devakee to him. When he was married to Devakee, Kans himself drove her chariot to her in-law's house. The were happy that an Aakaashvaanee (Divine voice) said - "To whom you are taking happily to her in-law's house, the same Devakee's eighth child will kill you."

Hearing this Divine voice he got very angry, and got ready to kill Devakee then and there. Vasudev had to intervene and with great difficulty he got succeeded to stop Kans to kill his sister. he said - "You should not kill her; one, she is a woman, a Kshatriya should not kill a woman; second, she is your beloved sister; third, she is newly married. I promise you that I will give you all her children as soon as they will be born. But now you leave her alone."

Vasudev Jee always spoke truth so Kans agreed and imprisoned them in his prison. According to his promise Vasudev Jee gave his all children to Kans whom he killed the and there. Unfortunately the 7th child was transferred to his another wife Rohinee's womb and nobody could now where Devakee's 7th child went. People saw her pregnant, but then they saw her without child also.

Kans was waiting for the eighth child, but Krishn played His Maayaa and got Himself transferred to Nand Jee's house in Gokul and asked Vasudev to bring Nand and Yashodaa's daughter, who was born on the same day in Nand's house, back to prison. When Kans' guards informed him that Devakee's child has born, Kans immediately came but got very disappointed to see a girl. He did not want any risk so he tied to kill her also, but she flew in the sky saying that, "What is the use to kill me. Your killer has already born in Gokul."

Vasudev and Nand Jee were the grandsons of the same Naanaa.

After that Kans tried his best to kill Krishn but his all efforts failed. At last he had to call Him to Mathuraa. Krishn and Balaraam (Devakee's 7th child from Rohinee) came there, killed Kans and freed their parents Vasudev and Devakee and Raajaa Ugrasen (Kans' father). All got very happy to see Krishn and Balaraam. Later Vasudev sent both of them to Saandeepan Rishi for their education.

Who was Vasudev?
Vasudev Jee was the incarnation of Maharshi Kashyap himself and his wife Devakee was the incarnation of Aditi, and his another wife Rohinee was the incarnation of Kadroo.

When Krishn was born, He showed His Chatur-bhuj Roop to both Vasudev and Devakee and said to Vasudev Jee - "Three lives before, in Swaayambhoo Manvantar (the 1st Manvantar), you were Sutapaa named Prajaapati Your wife was Prishni. In that life you and Prishni did severe penance for 12,000 years to see my Chatur-bhuj Roop. At that time also, pleased with your penance I showed you my Chatur-bhuj Roop. At that time Prishni asked me a son like myself. When I bestowed that boon to her, I said "So be it" three times, so I had to be born as her son three times.

First time I was born from Prishni's womb as Prishnigarbh; then I was born from Aditi as Vaaman; and the third time I am coming now. You cannot recognize my Avataar Roop by my human being form. Now I tell you the path of Mukti (Moksh). If you meditate on me in my Bhagvaan form leaving the Putra Moh (love of son), then only you can attain Mukti in this life only." But Devakee did not want Mukti, she had only the feelings of motherhood, so she asked Bhagvaan only for the feelings of motherhood and the relationship of mother and son between her and her son. Bhagvaan said - "So be it." and said - "Because of the effect of my Maayaa, you will not remember all this and you will feel the affection and pains of motherhood."

Vasudev and His Family
Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/15 says that he had several wives and gives their names and the names of their children like this  [According to Harivansh also Vasudev Jee had 14 wives, some say he had 16 wives] -

(1) Bhadraa,
(2) Devakee - 8 sons - Keertimaan, Sushen, Bhadrasen, Riju, Sammardan, Bhadra, Balaraam and Krishn.
(3) Devarakshitaa - 9 sons - Gad etc
(4) Dhritdevaa - Viprashth
(5) Ilaa - Uruvalk etc
(6) Kaushalyaa - 1 son- Keshee
(7) Madiraa - Nand, Upnand, Kritak, Shoor etc
(8) Pauravee - 12 sons - Bhoot, Subhadra, Bhadruvaah, Durmad and Bhadra etc
(9) Rochanaa - Hast and Hemaangad etc
(10) Rohinee - Balaraam, Gad, Saaran, Durmad, Vipul, Dhruv, Krit etc
(11) Sahadevaa - 8 sons - Puruvishrut etc
(12) Shaantidevaa - Shram and Pratishrut etc several sons
(13) Shreedevaa - 6 sons - Vasu, Hans, Suvansh etc
(14) Upadevaa - 10 sons - Kalpvarsh etc

Now, the statement that Jaraa, the hunter who killed Krishn, was the son of Vasudev, occurs in Harivansh, Critical Edition, BORI, Vol. I, Section 98, Shlok 23 --
turyo samavabhad veero vasudevaan mahaabala:
jaraa naam nishaadaanaaM prabhu sarvadhanushmataam

This is the place where it is also mentioned that Paundrak Vaasudev is also another son of Vasudev.

Unfortunately two such great important names are missing from this list.
But belief is that Jaraa who killed Krishn was the incarnation of Baali, Sugreev's brother, of Sat Yug and TretaaYug.
It is said that when Raam killed Baali from hiding, He bestowed a boon to him that Baali would also kill Him, in Krishn Avataar in Dwaapar Yug, from hiding that is how Jaraa killed Krishn from a far away place.



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