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Upendra Ji

Siddh Peethaadheesh
Shri Upendra Ji Maharaj

Shree Mahaaraaj Upendra Jee is a Siddh Yogee of a very high caliber. He does not believe in miracles, although he has connection to the astral world. He has brought many objects at different occasions from astral world in the presence of many viewers. We call these miracles. He does not acclaim knowledge of astrology but he had predicted the assassination of Mrs. Indira Gandhi and the bloodshed in the aftermath. He wrote a letter to prevent it but the letter could not reach in time.

He completed 24 Gayatri Mahaa-Purashcharan in 1982. One Mahaa-Purashcharan is the completion of Gayatri Mantra Jaap 2,640,000 times. His other Saadhanaa and Poojaa for world peace and harmony are still continuing. (See Gayatri Saadhanaa Endeavor)

NEW - Feb 2005
Recently it has been revealed that the Aasan where Shree Upendra Ji Maharaj performs his Saadhanaa in the Aashram, is a "24 GAYATRI SIDDHAASAN". An ordinary Saadhak cannot stand the electrifying vibrations of this Siddhaasan.

"1008 GAYATRI SIDDHAASAN" is also located in this Aashram somewhere which will be revealed later on.

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