Gayatri Siddh Peeth
Shree Raam - Gayatri Dhaam
Kharesar Dhaam, Kanpur, UP, India

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Gayatri Siddh Peeth  
Gayatri Siddh Peeth

This site is devoted to Gayatri Siddh Peeth located near Kanpur, UP. This is an ancient Spiritual Siddh Sthaan, although not very well known like Haridwar, Rishikesh, Varanasi and Prayag etc. There lives a great saint who attained Self-realization through Gayatri Mantra. His name is Maharshi Upendra Bahadur Singh. A book about his life has been published which is written  by Dr Ram Bahadur Singh telling about many good things which happened to people by his blessings.  Many changed their evil and bad ways of life to be good. Many predictions were made by him, including Indira Gandhi's assassination, Rajiv Gandhi's  ascension to the Prime Ministership of India, and how he helped many people to achieve material and spiritual gains in their lives.

An other site has been built for this Gayatri Siddh Peeth. It carries many photos of the activities going on there.

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Contact Information  

Address of Aashram in India

Gayatri Siddh Peeth
Village Kharesar
Post Gayatri Siddh Peeth
Distt Kanpur 209 214   UP, India

Mobile: 941-517-4551


For further information contact

Pundit Naresh Pal Manku
738 Grand Marais East
Windsor, ON N8X 3H8   Canada

Home Phone: 519-966-3216

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