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Mahimaa of Gayatri?
By  Sushma Gupta

In Padm Puraan, Srishti Khand, Naarad Jee asked his father Brahmaa Jee - "Hey Pitaa, What are the characteristics of Gayatri? What is the importance of its each letter and how are her birth, feet, and Gotra decided?

Brahmaa Jee said - "Putra, Gayatri Mantra's Chhand is Gayatri, and Devtaa is Savitaa (Soorya or Sun). Gaayatri Devee's complexion is fair, face is Agni and Rishi is Vishwaamitra (Vishwaamitra wrote this Mantra). Her Shikhaa is Rudra and heart is Vishnu. Her main use is at the time of Upanayan Sanskaar. Gayatri Devee is born in Saankhyaayan Gotra and the three Lok are her three feet. Prithvi is situated in her stomach area. A Dwij (Braahman, Kshatriya or Vaishya) gets Swarg Lok if he establishes Gayatri's 24 letters in 24 parts of his body from his feet to head. And if he obtains the knowledge of all the 24 letters, he reaches near Vishnu.

Now I tell you another certain characteristic of Gayatri. That is an 18 letter Mantra from Yajur Ved. It starts from "Agni" and ends at "Swaahaa". One should do the Jaap of this Mantra 100 times standing in water. It destroys millions of sins and who does the Jaap of this Mantra, he gets my Lok. This Mantra is :--

Om Agneyr Vaakpunsee Yajurvedan Jushtaa Somam Pib Swaahaa

In the same way if somebody does the Jaap of Vishnu Mantra, or Maaheshwar Mantra, Devee Mantra, Soorya Mantra, Ganesh Mantra and other Devtaa's Mantra, a human being becomes sinless and gets good Lok.

Any Braahman, who does the Jaap of Gayatri Mantra daily, is like Brahm, one should worship him. One should donate him something on every holy day. This gives good Lok to the donor. Whoever Braahman studies himself, teaches others and tells about Dharm, good behavior, Shruti, Smriti, Puraan Sanhitaa to others, he is like Vishnu on this Earth. His powers are never destroyed. A human being gets Vishnu Dhaam by worshipping such Braahman.

Who does Nyaas (establishes) Gayatri's 24 letters in his body and does Jaap with Praanaayaam, he gets freed from all kinds of sins of his millions of births. Therefore Hey Naarad, you should do the Jaap of Gayatri Mantra with Praanaayaam.

Naarad Jee asked - "What is the form of Praanaayaam? Who are the Devtaa of each letter of Gayatri Mantra, and in which parts of the body are they established ? Please explain me this."

Brahmaa Jee said - "In every living being's anus lives Apaan Vaayu and heart lives Praan Vaayu. Therefore contract the anus and by Poorak Kriyaa one should unite Apaan Vaayu with Praan Vaayu. After that he should do Kumbhak - means throw out that Vaayu by Rechak Kriyaa. With this process one should do Praanaayaam Mantra's Jaap three times each. A Dwij should do the Jaap of Gayatri Mantra after doing three Praanaayaam. Who does the Gayatri Jaap like this, his all sins are destroyed.

Now you listen to the names of Devtaa attached to each letter of Gayatri Mantra :--

First letter's Devtaa is Agni
Second letter's Devtaa's is Vaayu, 
Third letter's Devataa is Soorya
Fourth letter's Devtaa is Viyat (Aakaash)
Fifth letter's Devtaa is Yam Raaj
Sixth letter's Devtaa is Varun
Seventh letter's Devtaa is Brihaspati
Eighth letter's Devtaa is Parajanya
Ninth letter's Devtaa is Indra
Tenth letter's Devtaa is Gandharv
Eleventh letter's Devta is Pooshaa
Twelfth letter's Devtaa is Mitra
Thirteenth letter's Devtaa is Twashtaa
Fourteenth letter's Devtaa is Vasu
Fifteenth letter's Devtaa is Marut Gan
Sixteenth letter's Devtaa is Som
Seventeenth letter's Devtaa is Angiraa
Eighteenth letter's Devtaa is Vishwedev
Nineteenth letter's Devtaa is Ashwinee Kumaar
Twentieth letter's Devtaa is Prajaapati
Twenty-first letter's Devtaa is all Devtaa
Twenty-second letter's Devtaa is Rudra
Twenty-third letter's Devtaa is Brahmaa, and
Twenty-fourth letter's Devtaa is Vishnu.

When somebody gets the knowledge of these Devtaa, he knows all about speech. Who knows them he gets Brahm Pad free from all sins.

How to Do Nyaas (Establish) of the 24 Letters in Body Parts

One should establish all 24 letters from his foot to head.
 1. Tat - in big toe of foot
 2. Sa - in ankle
 3. Vi - in both Pindalee
 4. Tu - in both knees
 5. Rv - in both thighs
 6. Re - in anus
 7. Nya - in testicles
 8. M - in waistline
 9. Bha - in navel area
10. Rgo - in stomach
11. De - in both breasts
12. Va - in heart
13. Sya - in both hands
14. Dhee - in mouth
15. Ma - in Taaloo
16. Hi - in front part of nose
17. Dhi - in both eyes
18. Yo - in both eyebrows
19. Yo - in forehead
20. Nah - in east side of face
21. Pra - in south side of face
22. Cho - in west side of face
23. Da - in north side of face
24. Yaat - in head 
Whoever establishes these letters in his body parts thus, he becomes like Brahmaa, Vishnu and Mahesh.

In Sandhyaa Kaal

Hey Naarad, Now I tell you another Nyaas (establishment) for Sandhyaa time :--

Om Bhoo - in heart
Om Bhuvah - in head
Om Swaha - in Shikhaa
Om Tat Savitur Varenyam - in whole body
Om Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi - in eyes
Om Dhiyo Yonah Prachodayaat - in both hands

After this, touch the water after pronouncing the following :--

"Om Aapo Jyoti Rasoamritam Brahm Bhoorbhuvah Swarom"

Who does the Jaap of this 12 Omkaar Mantra three times with Kumbhak Kriyaa at Sandhyaa time and then do the Jap of 24-letter Gayatri Mantra, he is the Lord of all knowledge and gets Brahm Pad. One should do it again like this :--

Om Bhooh Paadaabhyaam - touch both feet
Om Bhuvah Jaanubhyaam - touch both knees
Om Swah Katyaam - touch waistline area
Om Mahah Naabhau - touch navel area
Om Janah Hridaye - touch heart
Om Tapah Karayo - touch both hands
Om Satyam Lalaate - touch forehead

and then pronounce the Gayatri Mantra and touch the Shikhaa.
Who knows this Gayatri with all these Beej (seed), he has the knowledge of four Ved and three types of Jap (oral, from heart and mental); and who doesn't know this Gayatri, he is regarded as a Shoodra. One should not give any donation on Shraaddh done towards Pitar to such a Braahman.

Once I compared the four Ved with Gayatri, Gayatri was proved higher than Ved, because Gayatri is supposed to give Moksh. If one pronounces Gayatri 10 times a day, it destroys sins of present life; if 100 times a day, then it destroys the sins of previous life also; and if 1,000 times, it destroys the sins committed in three Yug. Whoever Braahman does the Jaap of Gayatri three times a day for one year, his all sins of millions of lives are destroyed. A man becomes pure and holy

Who does the Jaap of Vaasudev's Mantra and greets Vishnu's feet daily, he is worthy of Moksh. I don't have the ability to describe the qualities of Braahman. Who is the Other Being who is in the form of Universe, His Shaap can destroy everything and his Var can give you everything."


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