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Gayatri in a Man's Life
By Sushma Gupta

Shiv says to Paarvatee in Mahaanirvaan Tantra (verses 85-87) - "The Brahm Saavitree (or the Vaidik Gayatri), though known as Vaidik, should be called Taantrik also, and is appropriate in both observances. It is therefore, O Devee, That I have said  that when the Kali Age is in full sway, the twice-born shall alone be entitled to the Gayatri, but not the other Mantra. In the Kali Age the Savitri should be said by the Braahman, preceded by the Taaraa (Aum) and by the Kshatriya and Vaishya preceded by the Kamalaa (Shreeng) and Vaagbhav (Aing) Beej respectively."

Upanayan Sanskaar

In ancient times Gayatri had an important place in a man's life. A child used to be initiated into the pursuit of secular knowledge like astronomy, philosophy, mathematics etc by performing his Upanayan Sanskaar and then handing him over to a good Guru who could accomplish this task. This initiation of a student by the teacher, entailed various functions, such as selection of Guru, auspicious time, preparation, wearing of special garments, the girdle, the sacred thread (Yagyopaveet), presenting of deer skin, the staff, Savitri Mantra, Sacred fire (Agnihotra) and alms etc.

Later on the conception of Upanayana underwent a change in the course of time and the mere initiation of the child by the teacher became a sacred lore. The original idea of initiation for education got overshadowed by the mystic significance of Upanayan which led to the idea of second birth (Dwij) through the Gayatri Mantra. The initiation, which marked the taking over of the charge of the student by the Guru, revolved around the establishment of connection between the student and Savitri (through the Gayatri Mantra) performed by the Guru and his teaching of this Mantra.

The most important part of this ceremony is the wearing of the sacred thread to the accompaniment of the recitation and teaching of the Gayatri Mantra which is one prayer that is the crux of the whole Vaidik wisdom. The wearer of this thread is supposed to be constantly reminded of his commitment to the secular and spiritual goals which he has set upon himself on this solemn occasion.

The Present Situation

Under the present situation, most people perform this Sanskaar at the time of marriage, keep the Yagyopaveet aside, because they cannot maintain the sacredness of the thread and the rules to wear it - although 100% people do not come under this category, but still most people do it; and proceed with Grihasth Aashram. Thus children just go to school without taking the Deekshaa of Gayatri Mantra. So this Mantra has gradually disappeared from people's life. For the same reason they don't even know the Gayatri Mantra, leave alone its pronunciation, meaning, importance or method of recitation.

What Does Gayatri Do

One who recites Gayatri Mantra with full devotion it activates 24 divine qualities in the devotee :
13-Power of retention


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