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Is this True Gayatri?
By Sushma Gupta (from issplist)

Here I present somebody's views (I am not contradicting anybody), just to ponder over and to come up with the truth. If anyone reads this page, and has something to say, please do let me know on the address written at the bottom of this page.....

On pages 132 to 137 of Robert Svoboda's "Aghora II: Kundalini", the Aghori Vimalananda discusses the Gayatri Mantra. According to Vimalananda, the Savitri Gayatri is NOT the true Gayatri nor is the form used for visualization the true form of the true Gayatri. The true Gayatri is NOT taught to the masses in Kali Yug, it is the Mantra of Satya Yug and only Rishi are allowed to chant it without wreaking havoc. The true Gayatri is so powerful that even one syllable of the true Gayatri will kill most people - it channels so much energy.

Then Vimalananda goes on to tell of how one of his students (children) nagged him until Vimalananda gave in and gave him one syllable of the true Gayatri. Vimalananda told this man (who had already done plenty of Saadhanaa) to take this one syllable and chant it only eleven (11) times a day. But the student (greedy for realization) chanted it 108 times. The student realized himself to be Naaraayan and his wife as Lakshmee after that one Maalaa, but then he went into the bathroom. He stayed in the bathroom so long that his wife became frightened and asked the neighbors to break down the door. They found him with his head under the faucet of running water. His head was so overheated by the power of that one syllable. He died shortly thereafter. But he did receive Moksh, just only prematurely.

Interesting story. In any case, according to Vimalananda the True Gayatri is unpublished and only given by Sadguru to the most advanced Chelaa (disciples) and rarely at that.

Some Comments on This
(1) Whether the present Gayatri Mantra is the true Gayatri Mantra or not; and that one syllable was from the True Gayatri Mantra or not, I am not able to comment on this issue, but I don't think the word "received Moksh prematurely" is a right expression. Because, when you say that "he died and received Moksh prematurely" it doesn't sound right. Why, because Moksh means complete freedom, and where there is complete freedom, a being cannot die. Besides Moksh depends on a man's yearning and will. If it is given by nature or by maturity then Moksh is not possible at all. The only maturity taken into consideration is his will. Being strong willed is the whole essence of Saadhanaa by which one takes the great leap of Nirvaan.

(2) Either Vimalananda has conned Svoboda or Svoboda has conned his readers. A Mantra works only in its totality. One syllable wont kill any one. There are only 41 syllables (Beej) in Sanskrit. Please try repeating each one of them if you like I assure you you wont become Naaraayan. I have wondered about that part of Svoboda's book and can only come to the conclusion that it has been included for sensationalism only. Please use your common sense before believing something.

(3) regarding the secret Gayatri, I have read from different sources that there are secret Mantra in the astral areas, so I wouldn't be surprised if there is another secret version of Gayatri Mantra.

(4) I have read the book by Robert Svoboda, and in my opinion, there are different forms of the Gayatri, which is certainly true. What Vimalananda was referring to probably is the Taantrik Gayatri Mantra.    ...there are Gayatri Mantra for each and every deity.

(5) Firstly the Beej is not necessarily a single Beej of Sanskrit alphabet, it might be a combination like hasrouunnmyyy....  so that part of your argument is wrong. I think Vimalananda didn't give his disciple the Gaayatree Beej but some other Mantra  ...but what he says he is correct, that the original Gayatri Mantra is with very few people. I have cross-verified it with some Siddh telepathically contacted, that there is a Gaayatree for Sat Yug which was the original, and the Mantra is a very powerful one. However I don't know whether one syllable of any Mantra can do such things.... Maybe the whole Mantra and the visualization will bring in lot of energy. It was not written for sensationalism. Svoboda will be kicked in the butt of Vimalananda if he did. I know Vimalananda through my Aghori Guru, he was a very angry and quixotic person.



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