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How Many Geetaa
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People know abut this Geetaa only - Krishn told Arjun in the battlefield, just before commencing the war, but there are many other Geetaa too. How many Geetaa you are aware of? Check the list below -

(1) Bhagvad Geetaa - Shree Mad-Bhagvad Geetaa is the most known and most popular Geetaa. It was told by Krishn, Bhagavaan Himself, to Arjun just before the Mahaabhaarat war was to start. It is in the form of dialog between Krishn and Arjun. The other two Geetaa are least known.

(2) Agastya Geetaa (Varaah Puraan)

(3) Anu Geetaa - Anu-Geetaa  -  This Geetaa is also told be Krishn to Arjun, in Mahaabhaarat, 7-postwar-7, but after the war was over. Arjun says, "Hey Krishn, I have forgotten what you said to me at that time so I wish to hear it again." Krishn smiles and says - "Paarth, That environment was different, so I am not sure that I can repeat the same Geetaa again, but I will tell you what I said at that time." This Geetaa is given in Ashwamedh Parv, Chap 16-51.

(4) Ashtaavakra Geetaa - Ashtaavakra Geetaa This Geetaa is about Adhyaatm Gyaan - A-Dwaitvaad, in the form of dialog between Raajaa Janak and Rishi Ashtaavakra. Ashtaavakra Geetaa can be read at these sites --
(1) Original in Sanskrit
(2) Ashtaavakra Geetaa - in Sanskrit with English translation side by side
(3) Ashtaavakra Geetaa - English translation

(5) Avadhoot Geetaa - Avadhoot Geetaa - This Geetaa is told by Bhagavaan Dattaatareya. A translation of this Geetaa may be read at these sites -;

(6) Bhikshu Geetaa -

(7) Bhramar Geetaa - This name I have taken from Internet. In fact Bhramar Geet name has been given to that message of Krishn which was sent by Him through Uddhav to be told to Gopee when Krishn sent him to Gopee to destroy his pride of Nir-Aakaar Brahm Gyaan. When he came back from Brij, he became the worshipper of Sa-Aakaar Brahm.

(8) Bodhya Geetaa -

(9) Brahm Geetaa I (Skand Puraan) -

(10) Brahm Geetaa II (Yog Vashishth) - 

(11) Devee Geetaa

(12) Eeshwareeya Geetaa (Koorm Puraan) -

(13) Ganesh Geetaa (Ganesh Puraan) - Ganesh Geetaa is the conversation between Ganesh and Varenya in the Uttar Khand of Gaesh Puraan.

(14) Gopikaa Geetaa (Bhaagvat Puraan)

(15) Guru Geetaa

(16) Hans Geetaa

(17) Hanumat Geetaa

(18) Harit Geetaa

(19) Kaam Geetaa - Mentioned in Mahaabhaarat, by Krishn to Yudhishthir in Ashwamedh Parv, 7/6.

(20) Kapil Geetaa (Hath Yog) - Read brief description here

(21) Mankee Geetaa

(22) Paandav Geetaa - This Geeaa is not a single Geetaa told by somebody and heard by somebody, or an original text, but it is a collection of quotations from various sources, so these verses do not belong to Paandav Geetaa or Panchdashee, thus their original source is unknown. In the Panchdashee, the verses are in a different meter. This verse is in Trishtup [consisting of eleven syllables to a quarter] Chhand (meter) and the others are in Anushtup [consisting of eight syllables to a quarter] (see Chhand for meters).
Paandav Geetaa Translation may be read here.
[Panchdashee is a large book, in 15 chapters, hence the name Panch+dashee. Its whole text is in Anushtup meter, except three verses.].

(23) Paraashar Geetaa

(24) Pingalaa Geetaa

(25) Raam Geetaa (Adhyaatm Raamaayan)

(26) Ribhu Geetaa - Ribhu Geetaa - The Ribhu Geetaa, literally “Ribhu’s Song”, is Part Six of the Shiv Rahasya. The whole of the Ribhu Geetaa is said to represent the teaching given to the Sage Ribhu by God himself in the form of Lord Shiv, the formless aspect of the Divine activity, in whom all beings and things are always already absorbed. The Sage in turn gave the teaching to his reluctant disciple Nidaagh.

(27) Rudra Geetaa (Varaah Puraan) -

(28) Sampak Geetaa

(29) Shiv Geetaa (Padm Puraan, Paataal Khand) - It contains 16 chapters in the form of dialog among Shree Raam, Maharshhi Agastya and Shiv himself.

(30) Siddh Geetaa - This Geetaa is told by Yog Vashishth.

(31) Soorya Geetaa - Teaches Vishisht A-Dwait

(32) Soot Geetaa (Skand Puraan)

(33) Sriti Geetaa (Bhaagvat Puraan)

(34) Uddhav Geetaa - This Geetaa is the last message of Krishn to His friend Uddhav just before going to His Param Dhaam. This Geetaa or message of Bhagavaan starts in Bhaagvat Puraan, 11/6 and is continued up to Bhaagvat Puraan, 11/24. This continues from Chapter 6 to 29 in its 11th Skandh - 24 chapters.

(35) Uttar Geetaa - "Uttar Geetaa, which is also a dialog between Krishn and Arjun.
[When Arjun specifically asks Krishn "how Varn is determined", he replies:
"Na jaatih karanam tata gunah kalyaan kaaranam / Vritasthamaapi chaandaalam tarn devah brahmanam viduh //
It means: Birth is not the cause, my friend; it is virtues, which are the cause of welfare. Even a Chaandaal observing the vow is considered a Braahman by the gods."

One Uttar Geetaa is from a particular edition of the Brahmaand Puraan also. It has five chapters.
Some say that it contains three chapters and is from Ashwamedh Parv of Mahaabhaarat. [But it is not in KMG version's Ashwamedh Parv]

(36) Vashishth Geetaa

(37) Vibheeshan Geetaa

(38) Vichakhyu Geetaa

(39) Vidyaa Geetaa (Tripur Rahasya) - Vidyaa Geetaa (in 20th chapter) - This Geetaa appears in Tripur Rahasya told by Dattaatreya Jee to Parashuraam Jee. Tripur Rahasya is considered as a chief book of A-Dwait, the reading of which alone is sufficient for salvation. Vidyaa Geetaa is its 20th chapter. It is in the form of the dialog of Brahmaa Jee and many Rishi. It is given here also

(40) Vritra Geetaa

(41) Vyaadhra Geetaa - In this dialog, between a Vyaadhra (fowler) and Kaushik Braahman, the Vyaadhra explains Kaushik Braahmna the way of Moksh - read this here under Kaushik Goes to Mithilaa

(42) Vyaas Geetaa (Koorm Puraan) -

(43) Yam Geetaa  (Narasinh Puraan) -

(44) Yam Geetaa (Agni Puraan)

(45) Yam Geetaa (Vishnu Puraan) - This Yam Geetaa is also in the dialog form. It is in dialog form between Raajaa Sagar and Maharshi Aurv (he was from Bhrigu's family and he brought the King up) about Vishnu's worship, duties of four Varn people, method of performing Sanskaar, and Shraaddh etc. A dialog between Yam Raaj and his servants is also given here as who is that person who cannot be taken away even by Yam Raaj. Yam Raaj says that "I cannot take those people who worship Vishnu, who take name of Vishnu and who call Vishnu at the time of their death, because Vishnu is respectable for me as He is my creator, so I cannot disregard Him."


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