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Preface-1-Introduction to Mahaabhaarat
Preface-2-How and When Was Mahaabhaarat Written?
Preface-3-Why Was Mahaabhaarat Written?
List of Incarnations -
An easy table to find out who was incarnation of whom  in Mahaabhaarat.

Mahaabhaarat Kathaa
There are two versions of MBH Kathaa here

According to KM Ganguli - the only available translation of full Mahaabhaarat on the Internet -

(1) Aadi Parv (2) Sabhaa Parv (3) Van Parv (4) Viraat Parv (5) Udyog Parv (6) Bheeshm Parv,
(7) Drone Parv (8) Karn Parv, (9) Shalya Parv, (10) Sauptikaa Parv, (11) Stree Parv, (12) Shaanti Parv
(13) Anushaasan Parv, (14) Ashwamedh Parv, (15) Aashramvaasik Parv (16) Mausal Parv, (17) Mahaaprasthaanik Parv (18) Swargaarohanik Parv

According to Other Books

Geetaa is an important boon in itself, that is why it has been given here separately.

Krishn is not the part of the Mahaabhaarat, still He is the hero of the Mahaabhaarat. Here are the details of His life before appearing in Mahaabhaarat scenes.

This section contains some stories which are out of the main stream of Mahaabhaarat, although they are from Mahaabhaarat only. They can only be accessed either from here, or from relevant contexts in the main story, or from the " Stories on the Index to Mahaabhaarat".

This section presents many Mahaabhaarat stories with a different perspective which you might have not felt.

Index to Mahaabhaarat
This is a new feature in this site. It is like a book index. Topics are given with the references of pages where they appear. Visit this page, you may find it useful in searching your desired topic.

There are a few general items covered here - a few Articles on various topics, some Doubts
- I have written some doubts or questions which arose in my mind, maybe some readers also have similar doubts, some Parables, Quiz, Questions and some Teerth.

Related Sites and Discussions
It lists MBH-related sites and the pieces of information from some useful discussions in MBH users group. Read the discussions, you will enjoy them.

These notes are not ordinary notes to explain terms from Mahaabhaarat Kathaa. There are some additions too by manipulating ideas and facts expressed and described in it. So even if one does not have a chance to go to this page from the text, one must go to this page from here and read all the pages. It might increase the knowledge and broaden the outlook of the reader.


Biographies : Witnesses to Mahaabhaarat and Raamaayan
Over 450 detailed biographical sketches of witnesses of Mahaabhaarat and Raamaayan are give here, but includes many others too.

Most comprehensive database of names with brief description about them is prepared under the section "Dictionary of Hindu Religion". This list has been prepared of all possible names with minimum and necessary information about them. There are over 1,500 names listed here. By far this list is not complete and more names will be added in future. Any contributions, corrections, or omissions are welcomed.

Religious Dictionary
As its name depicts, it contains many Hindi and Sanskrit words and information used in Hindu religious sources -
Avataar (Incarnation) - Stories of all incarnations of Vishnu etc
Dictionary of Words - Meanings and explanations of religious and some non-religious terms
Genealogies - We have two main genealogies - Solar Dynasty (Soorya Vansh) and Lunar Dynasty (Chandra Vansh). Here are the lists of the kings in both the dynasties according to various sources.
History of India - Here is a brief history of India to understand the religious literature better
Literature - This section gives a brief description of Hindi, Sanskrit, English and foreign literature.
Locations - Names of places, rivers, mountains etc to understand Hindu religious literature better. It is not limited to the words used in my own site but may be used to understand this literature from other sources also.
Names - A brief description of more than 1,500 names from Hindu religious literature
Sketches - This section gives many biographies related to Hindu Dharm,
Sketches of Sant - Biographies of some popular Sant (saints)

Tidbits - This section gives some consolidated information about Hindu religious events and history of India.


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