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Chapter 12

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12-Bhakti Yog

1. Arjun said - "Who are better Yog knower between the two, who continue to worship your Sa-Gun Roop continuously, or the other ones who pray to the Nir-Gun Brahm?"

2. Krishn said - "Who concentrate in me, meditate on my Sa-Gun Roop all the time with Shraddhaa, I regard them more among Yogee.

3-4. But whoever Yogee, after controlling his Indriyaan, pray to beyond mind and Buddhi, omnipresent, not describable, immortal, immovable, shapeless Brahm all the time, come to me.

5. Who love Nir-Aakaar (formless) Brahm, effort is main in their action, because who have pride of their body have to do hard labor to pray to Nir-Aakaar [Brahm].

6. But who are faithful to me, offer their all Karm to me, and pray to my Sa-Gun Roop continuously (see also Geetaa, 11/55 for its detailed explanation).

7. Hey Arjun, I take those my beloved Bhakt, who meditate on me, across this world sea in the form of death.

8. You set your mind on me and you fix your Buddhi on me, after this you will dwell in me, there is no doubt about it.

9. Hey Dhananjaya, If you cannot set your mind on me, you make efforts to attain me by Abhyaas Yog.

10. If you cannot do even Abhyaas Yog, then you intend to do Karm and offer them to me. Thus by doing Karm for me, you will attain me.

11. If you cannot do all above to attain me, then controlling your mind and Buddhi leave the desire of fruits of Karm. (see Geetaa, 9/27 for its details)

12. Gyaan is better than doing Abhyaas (practice) without knowing its meaning; meditation of my Swaroop (form) is better then Gyaan; and leaving the fruits of all Karm is better than meditation on me; because by leaving [fruits of Karm] one immediately gets peace.
Note - Renunciation here refers to discarding of all finite loci including Sankalp (or expectations of fruits or results for one's action). That is exactly logic or objectivity. "Peace" above is equanimity. Equanimity is Moksh. Mathematics is said to be logical. It loses such status when a mathematical process leads to either infinity or an imaginary number (square root of -1). Both are unreal. It is immaterial that the mathematician can handle such

An astronomer is deluded when he speaks of a black hole or a singularity with infinite density. Similarly the wave function in Quantum Mechanics is invalid because it has an imaginary number. The Max Born solution to avoid this by squaring the wave function is a sleight of hand. A square of a number that (the square) is negative is equally unreal. The name 'imaginary number' means the absence of reality. Regarding spirituality one should avoid self-delusion.

13-14. Who is kind to everybody without any selfish motive, is without any jealousy, loves everybody, is detached, is of forgiving nature and without pride, stable minded in dualities, makes fearless to culprits, is contented, has offered his mind and Buddhi to me, such Yogee is very dear to me.

15. Who doesn't arouse anybody's emotions; and who himself doesn't get emotional; and who is not happy, jealous, fear and is without other emotions, such Bhakt is dear to me.

16. Whoever is without any desire, clean from inside as well as outside (see Geetaa, 13/7 for its explanation), intelligent, indifferent, and free from sorrows, that Bhakt who has left the beginning of everything, is dear to me.

17. Who neither gets happy, nor becomes jealous, nor gets sad, nor desires [for anything] and who has left every kind of auspicious and inauspicious Karm, that Bhakt is dear to me.

18. Who regards friend and enemy, cold and heat, and comfort and pain alike and is detached..

19. who regards insult and admiration alike, is thinker, is contented to live in any condition, and has no attachment with dwelling place, that stable minded person is dear to me. 

20. But whoever people follow the above mentioned Dharm with desireless heart keeping Shraddhaa and surrendering to me, those Bhakt are very dear to me. 

End of Chapter 12 - Bhakti Yog

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