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Geetaa Jayantee

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Geetaa Jayantee

On the auspicious occasion of Geetaa Jayantee I pray Lord Krishna to bless all the humanity. It is religious to know about the circumstances under which Geetaa came into being and the message it spreads for the solace, peace, freedom, salvation and perfection of all human beings at all times.

The Legend of Geetaa Jayantee
The resplendent legend of Geetaa Jayantee is associated with the epical Kuru Kshetra War that took place between the two brotherhoods - Kaurav and Paandav. After several endeavors to reconcile the differences, the war of Kuru Kshetra took place, which was the fateful fracas between close relatives of the same blood. Watching his loving Grandsire Bheeshm and Guru Dronaachaarya as opponents, Arjun's heart melted down in pain and concern. He was unable to compose himself and fight for the right cause. This ensued in a long conversation between Arjun and his mentor and charioteer Lord Krishn. This is when the Lord offered his priceless teachings to Arjun and lifted up his spirit to accomplish his responsibility as a warrior. Thus "Shreemad Bhaagvat Geetaa" was composed which holds the ultimate non-secretarial philosophy of Hindu religion.

Geetaa Jayantee By Swami Shivananda
The Geetaa Jayantee, or the birthday of the Bhagvad Geetaa, is celebrated throughout India by all the admirers and lovers of this most sacred scripture on the Maargsheersh Shukla Ekaadashee (11th day), according to the Hindu Lunar almanac. It was on this day that Sanjaya narrated to King Dhritaraashtra the dialogue between Shree Krishn and Arjun, and thus made the glorious teachings of the Lord available to us, and to people of the world, for all time.

The Geetaa Jayantee marks one of the greatest days in the history of mankind. Nearly 6,000 years ago on this day a dazzling flash of brilliant light lit up the firmament of human civilization. That flash, that marvelous spiritual effulgence, was the message of the Bhagvad Geetaa, given by the Lord Himself on the battlefield of Kuru Kshetra. Unlike ordinary flashes of light which die away after a split-second, this brilliant flash of that memorable day has continued to shine through the centuries, and even now illumines the path of humanity on its onward march to perfection. The Geetaa is the most beautiful and the only truly philosophical song. It contains sublime lessons on wisdom and philosophy. It is the "Song of Celestial". It is the universal gospel. It contains the message of life that appeals to all, irrespective of race, creed, age or religion.

The Geetaa was given to us about 6,000 years ago through Arjun, by Krishn, the Lord incarnate. The teachings are based on the Upanishad, the ancient, revealed metaphysical classics of India. The Geetaa shows a way to rise above the world of duality and the pairs of opposites, and to acquire eternal bliss and immortality. It is a gospel of action. It teaches the rigid performance of one's duty in society, and a life of active struggle, keeping the inner being untouched by outer surroundings, and renouncing the fruits of actions as offerings unto the Lord. The Geetaa is a source of power and wisdom. It strengthens you when you are weak, and inspires you when you feel dejected and feeble. It teaches you to embrace righteousness and to resist unrighteousness.

The Geetaa is not merely a book or just a scripture. It is a living voice carrying an eternally indispensable and vital message to mankind. Its verses embody words of wisdom coming from the infinite ocean of knowledge, the Absolute Himself. The voice of the Geetaa is the call of the Supreme. It is the divine sound explained. The primal source of all existence, all power, is the manifested sound, Om. This is the Divine Word. It is Naad Brahm, whose unceasing call is : "Be ye all ever merged in the eternal, unbroken, continuous consciousness of the Supreme Truth." This is the sublime message that the great Geetaa elaborates and presents in all comprehensiveness and in a universally acceptable form. It is verily this message of the Bhagvad Geetaa that I wish to recall and re-proclaim with emphasis to you.

To be always conscious of the Divine, to ever feel the Divine Presence, to live always in the awareness of the Supreme Being in the chambers of your heart and everywhere around you, is verily to live a life of fullness and divine perfection on earth itself. Such constant remembrance of God and such an attitude of mind will release you forever from the clutches of Maayaa and free you from all fear. To forget the Supreme is to fall into Maayaa. To forget Him is to be assailed by fear. To live in unbroken remembrance of the Supreme Truth is to remain always in the region of Light, far beyond Maayaa's reach. Mark carefully how the Geetaa stresses again and again this lofty message.

The Lord declares: "Keep thou thy mind in Me, in Me place thy reason".
In another verse He says: "Therefore, at all times remember Me and fight. You will surely attain Me, having thus offered yourself."
And yet again: "Perform thou action, remaining united with Me at heart."
The Geetaa guides you to glory with the watchwords: "Be thou divine-minded, devoted to Me as your goal, and let your subconscious mind be divine."
The Lord gives the following firm assurance also: "I become the savior from this mortal world for those whose minds are set on Me."

Such is the most illuminating message of the Geetaa, seeking to lead man to a life of perfection even while performing his ordained role here. Long has this message been neglected by man. Forgetting the Lord, the world has turned towards sense indulgence and mammon. A terrible price has been paid. O man, enough of this forgetfulness! The Lord has warned you against heedlessness: "If, out of egoism, thou wilt not hear, then thou shalt perish."

It is a matter of great regret that many young men and women of India know very little of this most unique scripture. One cannot consider oneself as having attained a good standard of education if one does not have a sound knowledge of the Bhagvad Geetaa. All post-graduate knowledge, all research in universities is mere husk or chaff when compared to the wisdom of the Geetaa. Live in the spirit of the teachings of the Geetaa. Mere talks or lectures will not help you in any way. Become a practical "man-of-the-Geetaa".

Sapt Shlokee Geetaa
The Geetaa may be summarized in the following seven verses:--
1. "Uttering the one-syllable Om, the Brahman, and remembering Me, he who departs, leaving the body thus, attains the Supreme Goal."
2. "It is meet, O Lord, that the world delights and rejoices in Thy praise; the demons fly in fear to all quarters, and all the hosts of Siddh bow to Thee."
3. "With hands and feet everywhere, with eyes, heads and mouths everywhere, with ears everywhere, He exists in the world, enveloping all."
4. "Whosoever meditates on the omniscient, ancient ruler of the whole world, minuter than an atom, the supporter of all, of form inconceivable, effulgent like the sun, such a one goes beyond the darkness of ignorance."
5. "They, the wise, speak of the indestructible Ashwatth, having its roots above and branches below, whose leaves are the meters or hymns; he who knows it is a knower of the Ved."
6. "And I am seated in the hearts of all; from Me are memory and knowledge, as well as their absence. I am verily that which has to be known by all the Ved; I am indeed the author of Vedaant, and the knower of the Ved is I."
7. "Fix thy mind on Me; be devoted to Me; sacrifice to Me; bow down to Me; having thus united thy whole Self with Me, taking Me as the Supreme Lord, thou shalt verily come to Me."

Read the whole Geetaa on Sundays and other holidays. Study carefully again and again the verses in the second discourse, which deal with the state of the Sthit Pragya (a perfected Yogee and sage). Also study the eight nectarine verses in the 12th discourse. The study of the Geetaa alone is sufficient for the purpose of scriptural study. You will find in it a solution to your all problems. The more you study it with devotion and faith, the deeper will your knowledge become, the more penetrative would be your insight, and the clearer your thinking. Even if you live in the spirit of one verse of the Geetaa, all your miseries will come to an end and you will attain the "goal of life" immortality and eternal peace. None but the Lord can bring out such a marvelous and unprecedented book, which grants peace to its readers, and which guides them in the attainment of supreme bliss. The teachings of the Geetaa are broad, sublime and universal. They do not belong to any particular cult, sect, creed, age, place or country. They are meant for all. They are within the reach of all. The Geetaa has a message for the solace, peace, freedom, salvation and perfection of all human beings.

Take a resolve on Geetaa Jayantee that you will read at least one discourse of the Geetaa daily. Recite the 15th Discourse before taking your meals. This is done at the Shivananda Aashram. Keep a small pocket-sized edition of the Geetaa with you at all times. Mark a few verses in it which inspire you. Everyday, while you are waiting for your bus or train, or whenever you have a little leisure, pull out the book and read these verses. You will be ever inspired. May you all lead the life taught by the Geetaa! May the Geetaa, the blessed Mother of the Ved, guide and protect you! May it nourish you with the milk of the ancient wisdom of the Upanishad.

Glory to Lord Krishn, the Divine Teacher! Glory to Ved Vyaas, the poet of poets, who composed the Geetaa! May His blessings be upon you all.


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