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Arjun Comes Back from Swarg

[3-164] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "So one day when they were waiting for Arjun, they saw Indra's chariot, driven by Maatali, illuminated the sky. they saw Arjun seated in the chariot wearung garlands and newly made ornaments. He came out of the chariot, fusr bowd at the feet of Dhaumya and at the feet of Ajaatshatru. He touched Bheem's feet also and the twins bowed to him. Then he went to Krishnaa and came back to Yudhishthir. Everybody was so happy to see Arjun. All the Paandav went around the chariot of Indra and worshipped Maatali in the same way as they would have worshipped Indra. Yudhishthir asked about the health of all the Devtaa. Maatali also greeted them and after instructing all the Paandav he ascended the chariot and went to Indra. When Maatali had gone, Arjun presented beautiful precious gems and ornaments, which were presented to him by Indra, to Draupadee. Then he told them stories of Swarg saying that in this way I saw Shiv, I got celestial weapons and all Devtaa cooperated with me because of my good behavior. After describing his stay there Arjun slept with the twins on that night.

[3-165] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Next day Arjun greeted Yudhishthir, that the sound of celestial instruments and chariot wheels was heard. They saw Apsaraa and Gandharv coming to them along with Indra. Yudhishthir went forward to welcome them and worshipped them. Arjun stood before Indra in a very humble way like a servant. Yudhishthir got very happy to see this and by worshipping Indra he felt a very high bliss, Indra said to Yudhishthir - "You will rule the Earth. Now you go back to Kaamyak Van." Who observes Brahmcharya for one year and remembers this meeting of Paandav with Indra lives for 100 years free from disturbances and lives in happiness.

Arjun Describes His Living in Heaven

[3-166] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "When Indra had left, Arjun and Draupadee greeted Yudhishthir and Yudhidhthir asked him - "O Arjun, How did you pass time in Heaven? How did you get the weapons? How did you please Indra? Have you kept the weapons securely? Did Rudra give you the weapons gladly? How did you see Indra and the wielder of Pinaak? And how did you worship them? What did you do for Indra that he said to you that "I am very pleased with you." Tell us everything in detail."

Arjun said - Listen to how did I see Shiv Jee and Indra? Learning the science you taught me, I went to the forest and practiced penance. I went to Bhrigu Tung from Kaamyak Van and spent a night there. Next day I saw a certain Braahman there. He asked me where was I going to. I told him everything. he got very happy to hear and told me to engage in penance and that I would have Indra's Darshan very soon. So I ascended Himvant mountain and began my penance. The 1st month I spent by eating fruits and roots, the 2nd month I spent on water, in the 3rd month I did not eat anything, and in the 4th month I stood with raising my arms. The most wonderful thing was that I did not feel weak at all. On the first day of the 5th month I saw a boar. he was digging the earth from his mouth. Behind him was a hunter, along with some women, carrying a bow and a sword. I took out my bow and inexhaustible quivers and shot arrow at the boar, and at the same time he also shot an arrow at him. He asked me - "Why do you break the rules of hunting? Why did you shot the arrow at him when I have already shot an arrow at him? I will destroy your pride by my sharp arrows." and he started shooting arrows at me. I also shot arrows at him but he began to multiply, but then again became one form. He changed his form several times in various forms.

When my all arrows failed, I used Sthoonkarn, Varunaastra, Shaalav and Asmavarsh weapons, b ut he swallowed all my weapons. Then I took out my Brahmaastra and shot at him, he increased his body and baffled even my that weapon. Then I got frightened and started again shooting arrows at him, but he again swallowed my arrows. My all weapons were finished so I started fighting with him duel. I found myself incapable to control him and I fell on the ground. Then he got disappeared with that woman and appeared before me in the form of almighty god with Umaa. He came to me and said - "I am very pleased with you." He returned all my weapons and asked me to ask for any boon. Tell me what can I do for you? Whatever is in your heart, tell me." I said to him - "O god, I wish to learn all those weapons you have." Shiv said - "I will give. Raudra weapon will be your servant." Then he gave me his Paashupat and instructed that this weapon must not be use at mortals, if it is used on a very small energy person, it will consume the whole universe." When he was very pleased with me, then the weapon stood beside me. At the command of him I sat down and he disappeared from the spot."

[3-167] Arjun said - "By the grace of god, I spent the night there only. In the morning I saw several Braahman standing there, I told them whatever had happened, they said - "Since you have seen the god, who is difficult to be seen by others, soon you will join Vaivaswat and other Lokpaal and will get other celestial weapons." and they went away from where they came. On the same day, suddenly a breeze started to blow, fragrant flowers started to bloom, Apsaraa and Gandharv started singing and dancing and then started descending chariots of Marut and followers of Indra and then Indra appeared on the scene along with Shachee. On his South was seated Yam and Varun was also beside him. Indra aid to me - "O Savyashachee, See us Lokpaal seated here. You have seen Shankar to do Devtaa's job. Now you take weapons from us also." I bowed to all of them and accepted weapons from them. They also felt that I was their own. After that all Lokpaal went to their own Lok, Indra also ascended on his own chariot. He said - "O Phaalgun, You have to come to Indra Lok. Even before your coming here, I knew that you would come here, so I came here. Before you visited Teerth places and now you have done this Tapasyaa, so you can go to celestial regions. Maatali will take you there."

At this I said to him - "I have a request, that you become my Guru." Indra said - "After obtaining the weapons, you will perform terrible deeds and do you want to acquire these weapons for such deeds? Because once you have got them you may use them as you wish." I said - "I will never use these weapons on mortals unless my all weapons are baffled. So, please, grant me the celestial weapons so that I can attain the regions which are attainable for warriors." Indra said - "I said this only to try you. Come to my Lok and learn all the weapons of Vaayu, Agni, Vasu, Varun, Marut, Siddh, Raakshas, Vishnu, Nairriti etc and also those are with me." And Indra disappeared from there. I saw the celestial chariot driven by Maatali, Maatali said to me - "O mighty-armed one, Come and acquire competence for the tasks you want to do. The Chief of Devtaa wants to see you." So I took the leave from Himaalaya, went round the chariot and ascended it. As the chariot began to move, Maatali looked backward at me seated there steadily, he said - "Today it is a surprise for me that seated in this chariot, you are not jerked at all. I have noticed that even Indra gets the jerk when the horses start to pull the chariot first, but you were sitting un-jerked. From this it appears to me that you are more powerful than Indra."

After saying this to me, Maatali soared the chariot in the sky and showed me other celestials' abodes coming on the way. The chariot then flew upward, and I saw Rishi Muni worshipping it. O Nar-Shreshth, Then I saw the regions which were moving at will. They were of Gandharv, Apsaraa and celestial sages. Soon Maatali showed me Nandan Van and Indra's abode Amaraavatee adorned with jewels and the trees which gave the fruits of any kind that one desired. There the Sun does not give heat or coolness, nor any fatigue is felt, nor the celestials feel any sorrow, weakness. Neither there is any anger or greed, they are always contented. There are various lakes in which lotus always bloom. Breeze is cool, fragrant and pure. Then I saw the Vasu, the Saadhya, the Marut, the Aaditya and the two Ashwinee Kumaar. They all blessed me with victory in battle, skilled in arms, strength etc. I reached before the thousand-eyed Lord. He gladly offered me his half seat and touched my body. Thus I started living in Heaven together with Gandharv and Devtaa to learn the weapons. Vishwavan's Chitrasen became my friend. He taught me entire Gandharv Vidyaa. I was happy there, well cared, learning weapons, listening to the songs, and seeing Apsaraa's dance. Although I was doing many things there, but my main objective was to learn weapons.

Arjun Kills Nivaat Kavach Daanav

When I became proficient in weapons, Indra said to me patting his horse Uchchaishravaa - "Now even the other Devtaa cannot win you, leave the people born on Earth. None is equal to you in fighting with weapons. You have learnt the full use of these weapons. Together with the five modes of their use (discharge/ withdrawal, recharge/ re-withdrawal, Praayashchit, revival - in case of they are baffled), you have obtained 15 weapons, now there is nobody who can be compared with you now. As you have finished your training, now it is the time of paying Guru Dakshinaa. First you promise to pay my fee then I will tell you what you have to pay." I said to him - "If it is in my power then consider it done." When I said this Indra smiled and said - "Now there is nothing in this world which you cannot do. My enemies are Daanav, Nivaat Kavach, who live in the ocean. if you will kill them that will be your Guru Dakshinaa. They are 30 million in number and are very notorious, besides they all are of equal might. That will be your Guru Dakshinaa."

And Indra gave me his chariot and he set this diadem on my head. He gave me other ornaments also like he had on his own body. He gave me an impenetrable armor, easy to touch, and gave me the this string for my Gaandeev. I sat in the chariot and set off on my journey as in olden days Indra himself sat to defeat Bali (the son of Virochan). Hearing the sound of that chariot all Devtaa came there and asked me - "Where are you going to?" I told them that I was going for a battle, to slay Nivaat Kavach. Please bless me." They praised me as they praise Purandar. They said - "Maghaavan has won Samvar, Namuchi, Bal, Vritraasur, Prahrid, Narakaasur riding on this chariot only, and he has fought many battles with Daitya and Asur. So you will also win Nivaat Kavach riding this chariot." and they gave me this conch, Devadatt. I also accepted it for the sake of victory. Thus I set off to kill those Daanav adorned with the armor, conch, my bow and arrows.

[3-168] Arjun continued - "As I went forward I saw the ocean. Thousands of gems were scattered on its banks. there were innumerable sea animals and inside the waters were sea shells which looked like stars. Thousand of gems were floating on waters also, it was a beautiful sight. Then I saw the Daanav's city at a short distance. Maatali frightening the city drove in that city. The Daanav thhought that I was Indra so they got moved and stood carrying their weapons. They shut the gates for their security. I blew my conch, and blew it many times that all the directions echoed by its sound. They got frightened with that sound and hid here and there. Then those sons of Diti reappeared, this time adorned with their armors and weapons and various ornaments. Maatali drove the chariot on the leveled ground, and because of the speed of the horses, I could not see anything. It was strange. Daanav started playing many types of musical instruments. They started shooting arrows at me, and then began a fierce fight between us. Brahmarshi, Siddh and Muni etc came there to see the fight and they praised me as if they were praising Indra himself.

[3-169] Arjun continued - " They were fighting with the speed of wind. I also pierced each of them with my Gandeev with 10 arrows. But they were very skilled. Maatali was also driving the chariot with great ease. Then I started burning those Daanav with Mantra inspired arrows. they also poured upon me the showers of their weapons. I shot them with thousands of arrows. Blood started oozing out from their torn bodies. So Nivaat Kavach started fighting with me  by the art of illusion.

[3-170] Arjun said - "Then I used the weapon given by Mahaadev and showered many arrows shot by it. They made a heavy rain shower on me so I used the weapon given by Indra, Vishoshan, and it soaked all water. They played some more Maayaa (illusion) on me. They showered rocks, fire and wind upon me, even they created darkness also around me. Seeing this situation, horses started to run away. It became difficult for Maatali to control them. Maatali himself fell off, his golden lash also fell off on the earth. He again and again cried - "Where are youu? Where are you?" When he had been stupefied, I also became fearful. He said - "O Paarth, I have attended many Devtaa and Raakshas fights but not this type of fight. I have never lost my senses." I pacified him - "See the might of my arms and Gaandeev now." Raakshas played another Maayaa and this time. I again decided to kill them but they got disappeared."

[3-171] Arjun said - "First they were fighting remaining invisible then appeared before me and I started killing them in thousands. But I saw no injury on them, it was strange to me. Maatali said - "I have not seen such a prowess in any Devtaa, not even in Indra." Finally they started getting killed. Then Maatali and I entered the city and seeing us their women started to run away. They hid in their jeweled palaces. Their city was very beautiful. Seeing it I asked Maatali - "Why the celestials do not live in such a city? This city is certainly more beautiful and superior than Indra's own city." Maatali said - "In olden days, even this was the city of our Lord. Later these Nivaat Kavach drove them away. They performed most rigid austerities and pleased Brahmaa Jee and asked the boon from him - that they can live here and they must be free from the danger in war with Devtaa." At this Indra asked Brahmaa Jee - "Now you do whatever you like for our welfare." Brahmaa Jee said - "You will kill them taking another body." That is why Indra has given you these weapons to kill them. Because Devtaa could not have been killed them, whom you have killed. Indra has given you these weapons so that you can kill them." After killing them I went back to Indra along with Maatali."


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