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Dhritraashtra Sees His Sons

Janamejaya said - "Tell me what the great feat Vyaas Jee accomplished at the request of Dhritraashtra? For how many days Yudhishthir stayed in the forest? What did they eat while they were living there? Tell me everything." Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Paandav and all others stayed there for about one month eating various kinds of food and drinks. Towards the end of that period Vyaas Jee came there. They discussed many topics related to religion, Rishi, Devtaa, Asur etc. Then seeing Dhritraashtra grieved for his sons, Vyaas Jee asked him - "I know that you are very grieved for your sons, even Gaandhaaree, Kuntee, Draupadee and Subhadraa are also in the same boat. Let all the deities, Gandhrav, Rishi witness the power of my penance which I have acquired through these long years. Tell me what wish I grant you today? I am powerful enough to grant you a boon."

Dhritraashtra said - "I am lucky that I get your favor. I am meeting so many powerful Rishi. I have no fear of my end, I love my children and remember them. I always think about the wicked acts done by my son. He always troubled Paandav. I am sorry that because of him the whole earth has become empty of Kshatriya. Leaving their wives and parents here they all have gone to the abode of the king of the dead. What end has been attained by those men? What end has been attained by my sons and grandsons? I always think about the slaughter of Bheeshm and Drone. Because of the desire of kingdom that my foolish son caused the whole Kuru family to be destroyed. Thinking of all this, I have no peace of mind."

Hearing this Gaandhaaree, Kuntee, Draupadee and Subhadraa also remembered their sons and other members. Gaandhaaree with folded hands said to Vyaas Jee - "Sixteen years have passed for this king grieving for his children. With the power of your Tap you can create new worlds, then what to say about showing this king his children who are now in the other world. This Krishnaa has lost her all children and kinsmen. Subhadraa also grieves for her son deeply. This widow of Bhoorishravaa also weeps for her husband. Somdatt was also slain along with his father. A hundred sons of this son of yours are also slain in the battle, their hundred widows weep for them. What was their end? Through your grace only we all will become free from grief." Vyaas Jee saw that Kuntee was also grieved for her secret-born son, so he asked her - "Tell me Kuntee, what are you thinking, what do you wish to say?"

Kuntee said - "You are my father-in-law, that is why you are the deity of my deity. Hear the truth I say to you. Once Durvaasaa Muni came to my father's palace. I satisfied him by my sincere and pure hearted services, and also by refusing to notice many wrongs he did. I was not angry at all, although there were many occasions to be angry with him. He got pleased with me and granted a boon to me. He said - "You must accept this boon." I replied "So be it". He said to me - "You will become the mother of Dharm Raaj and other deities will also obey you." And he disappeared from my sight. I was very surprised to hear this. I always remembered that Mantra the Rishi gave to me.

One day I was sitting in my room and I saw the rising Sun, I recollected the Mantra, and without knowing that I was committing a sin, I summoned the deity with just girlish nature. The deity came to me, he divided himself in two parts, with one part he remained in the sky and with another part he stood on Earth. I got trembled seeing him before me. He asked me - "Ask me a boon". Bowing to him I asked him to leave. He replied - "I cannot come to you fruitlessly. I shall consume you and the Braahman too who has given you this Mantra." Protecting the faultless Braahman, I said - "Then give me a son like yourself." Soorya Dev entered me with great energy and said to me - "You will have a son." and went away. I continued to live in my room only, and because of fear of my father I threw my son Karn in the waters. Once more, by the grace of that god I became virgin, as Durvaasaa Rishi told me. Although he knew me that I was his mother but foolishly I did not accept him. This burns me. Whether it is sinful or not, but I have told the truth. I wish to see him. Let this king's wish also fulfill today whichever wish he has in his mind."

Vyaas Jee said - "There is no fault of yours in this. The deities are possessed of great Yog, they have the capability to enter other's bodies. They can get children by thought alone. They can have children by word, by sight, by touch, and even sexual union also. These are the five methods they can have children. Since you are a human being only that is why you are not at fault at all. For those that are mighty, everything becomes, pure, meritorious, and their own for them." [Tulasee has also said the same thing - "Samarath ko nahin dosh gosaaeen"].

Vyaas Jee said to Gaandhaaree - "You are blessed, tonight you will see your sons, grandsons, brothers, friends, and fathers, as if they have risen from sleep. Kuntee will see Karn, and Subhadraa will see Abhimanyu. Draupadee will also see her sons, and kinsmen. In fact I was thinking about this before you asked me. You should not worry about those men, they died only observing their Dharm. Without them the work of Devtaa could not be accomplished, that is why they had to come on Earth. They were all parts of Devtaa, Gandharv, Apsaraa, Pishaach, Raakshas, Rishi. It is heard that the king of Gandharv, named Dhritraashtra, incarnated as intelligent Dhritraashtra. Paandu sprung from Marut. Vidur and Yudhishthir both are the parts of Dharm Raaj. Arjun is ancient Rishi Nar. Krishn is Naaraayan Himself and the twins are Ashwinee Kumaar. Karn was Soorya. And Abhimanyu, born to Subhadraa, was Som (Chandramaa). Dhrishtdyumn, who sprung along with Draupadee, was the part of Agni. Shikhandee was a Raakshas. Drone was Brihaspati himself, and Drone's son is born from the part of Rudra. Know that Bheeshm, Gangaa's son, was one of the Vasu. Thus all were the portions of deities and after accomplishing their work they have gone gone back to Heaven. Let us go to Bhaageerathee, you will see all those who have been slain in the battle there only. All proceeded towards Bhaageerathee, and took their seat wherever they pleased. They passed that day as it were a whole year waiting for the night."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "When night came, all finished their evening rites and came to Vyaas Jee. Dhritrashtra sat along with Paandav and Rishi. Then Vyaas Jee summoned all the deceased warriors, from both sides. A deafening roar was heard arising from the waters. There were Viraat, Drupad with their sons and forces; sons of Draupadee, Abhimanyu, Ghatotkach, Karn, Duryodhan, Shakuni and the other children of Dhritraashtra including Dushaasan, Bhagdatt and Jaraasandh, Bhoorishravaa, Shalya, Shal, Vrishsen with his younger brother. There were Lakshman (son of Duryodhan), son of Dhrishtdyumn, sons of Shikhandee, Dhrishtketu with his younger brother and many more others appeared. They were all clad in their mail and sitting in the vehicle they were using at the time of battle. Each was waited upon the band of Apsaraa.

At that time Vyaas Jee gave Dhritraashtra Divine sight so that he could see them. Equipped with celestial strength and knowledge, Gaandhaaree also saw all her children. That wondrous scene looked like a  picture painted on canvas. Seeing all that Dhritrashtra filled with joy.

Then those people met with everybody with prescribed rules. All of them were happy at hearts and were looking like Devtaa moving in Heavens. Paandav met with Karn, Abhimanyu, children of Draupadee. All of them reconciled with each other. Thus they passed the whole night in happiness. There was no grief, no sorrow, no fear, no discontent. At the end of the night they took leave to go to where they came from. And within the twinkling of the eye that large crowd disappeared from their sight. They plunged into the waters of Bhaageerathee and went to their Lok - Varun, Soorya, Kuber Brahm Lok etc.

Vyaas Jee said - "Now whoever wants to be with her husband should plunge into Bhaagerathee." Hearing this the women took the permission from their father-in-law and plunged into Bhaageerathee. Thus those women joined their husbands. At that time Vyaas Jee granted boons to all of them whatever they wished for. Who reads or listens to this Parv surely attain the highest goal.


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